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We spin the TAIL into a TALE

We Open the Lion gates toGETher and nothing can stop how we choose to do it, we are being followed to mark the story .. cause as long as we KNOW we GLOW and nothing can stop us breaking the doors down and burning babyLYON down we are the purifiers the Creators and the TransmuTOR's We spin the TAIL into a TALE The Tapestry PASTRY is Ours to Weave Bake and Make

12th House Pisces the age we leave...Last corner Europe Water WHITE Feminine ... Tesla only gives us 3 6 9 Gemini VirgO Sagittarius.. The swastika is the Mutable, skull n Bone Cross spinning Right and left the LABYRINTH is the four TUNE corners of our brains hearts .. Like the web ETOILE of a spider..Tesla the spinner weaver doesnt give us the 4 TUNE OUT of here back to spirit and into the twin peaks.. he dont give us Pisces the invisible, they give us NEW AGE cAGE crap... the deception, the illusion the ethereal 5th element the deep blue sea your eyes your fish your EYE through to Aquarius you gotta see both sides of the spinning wheel Coin Pi RAT wheel to stand up straight FIXED and Cardinal Earth Twin peaks Androgynous age .

So if you have any planets in Leo or on the fixed cross, its gonna get very rowdy in the Lions DEN .. Today Cancer and Venus conjunct in cancer very sensitive stuff .. Mars leading the pack EGO in Leo already...Then on the 12th after all these days coming close Venus and Sun COMBUST in LEO ... with mars there too! 23/32 mercury joins the GANG as Jupiter after four Month RetrO has began to move forward again as Jupiter will square All the Gang DESIRE in ScorpiO going forward thats HOT for the FIXED CROSS people Aquarius ScorpiO Taurus and Leo.. Uranus also in Fire Aries... Leo is ruled by the sun and the sun rules our e Motions and how we pump our blood around the artery's we need to be full of LOve not Ego or Desire.. I have Jupiter/Desire in Leo on Regulus and on the 23/32 Mercury moves into Leo Too! we risk to be in a heat wave of pride Adolescence JOY Fun Creative outlet or just hard parties as the whole gang are on Regulus someone will have to keep me down cause i risk to turn into a Lion its a time to become true brave Lion HEARTS Leon Babylon is falling down ... Lion gates into opposite sign Aquarius is Now before G7 September 23rd in Biarritz 64th department 322 skull and bOnes last SPIN next year

5th August Sun venus prepare to go combust

26th Big party in leos Den mars Sun Venus mercury all on Regulus

Moon in Aquarius above Fomalhaut GIZA Lamb 3rd eye

12th Combust Sun and venus in leo

Leo is ruled by the sun and the sun rules our e Motions and how we pump our blood around the artery's we need to be full of LOve not Ego or Desire.. I have Jupiter/Desire in Leo on Regulus and on the 23/32 Mercury moves into Leo Too! we risk to be in a heat wave of pride Adolescence JOY Fun Creative outlet or just hard parties as the whole gang are on Regulus someone will have to keep me down cause i risk to turn into a Lion its a time to become true brave Lion HEARTS Leon Babylon is falling down

The Son/Sun fell in Libra and Lucifer was born, The LIGHT bearer, The Crow Saturn Spirit, was lost to Jupiter the FOX Flesh .. ... Read More Here ..

we ate the forbidden fruit we Lost the knowledge.. the Dragon Fell as the Eagle to become the Snake and the Scorpion ..

The Babylonians are the IRAN ARYANS The Cobra Gypsy's that know the SIGN/SIN WAVE SNAKE SEXUAL TRANSMUTATION KEY THROUGH

The labyrinth L'Etoile d'Arignee Mutable cross is 3 gemini 6 VirgO 9 Sagittarius thats the line BROKE the Monkey got CHOKED TRAP you need the last door 12 Pisces to make it into the TWIN PEAKS

Basically we the PlutO in LeO 1946 to 1968 Generations are asked to BURN the house down The Lion Gates our OURS to break down.. between now and September... This is something that can be done purely through Good INTENTION .. cause wait for it this month is gonna BURN ... and we came here for this ...Be in the FIRE of your HEART and visualise where we head... we give over the reigns now to the new gang PlutO in VirgO EARTH.. Standing very tall -- in your Male and female is gonna help the 1968 to 1986 generation PlutO in VirgO become the leaders from end of 2020 on .. the next 20yrs is theirs but they want US the PlutO in leo generation Purifiers Dragons out and they want to skip the 1968/86 generations for the Pluto in Libra and the HARRY POTTER Gang PlutO in ScorpiO they want to miss out the PlutO in Virgo 68/86 generations when its YOUR TIME Rose Marys Babies

88 Constellations ... The LIONS GATE 8/8 Today ... Its the SOUTH team Leo SUN/SOL Cancer MOON/MON The Leo teenager in chaos opposite The NORTH Twin peaks where we go now into Aquarius ORDER out of The Mother/Flood Cancer destruction into opposite Capricorn CREATION ... This Summer is the Lion gate ending there will be a Major LEON NOEL ELON event but pay no attention WALK THROUGH the Fear Porn.. Leo is the HEART and venus conjunct the sun NOW asks us to fill our hearts with LOve for we need to be prepared as BRAVE LION HEARTS and have our hearts Pumping to shine ON crazy Diamonds through the falling of Babylon LYON...Sol O Mon seal is over... Catch our HEARTS 22 they can NOT take ... 22 But I saw no temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. 23 And the city has no need for sun or moon to shine on it, because the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its lamp. 24 By its light the nations will walk, and into it the kings of the earth will bring their glory.

In the bibble babble Babylon bible we are told the lamb lies down with the lion... although the Lion has been turned into a wolf in the Mandela effect.... 5th house is Leo the age of Babylon when the pyramids and the kings and queens ruled over the babbling people... the people lay down to the Kings and Queens and our modern whirl was slowly Seth up... after the flood Cancer then into Gemini when the teachings of Thoth brought us Plato and Socrates from the Peter Pan boys the lost perverted wisdom from the fallen Son in Libra ..

Lucifer the fake intellectual light was born and Alchemy was hidden from us ... Egypt was created by the travelling Iranian Aryan gypsys... ... Giza is opposite the Sphinx...

11th house is opposite 5th that's Leo into Aquarius... because they knew when we entered the kingdom Aquarius the lamb.. we would walk through the gates of Leo the Sphinx as the equinox would at Last open the gates into the age of the twin peaks Aquarius/Capricorn...

this is what we are living now....the wolves have set up a trap to kill off the Pluto in Leo generations.. Loop Loup Wolf is the closed circuit.. the Orus Borus BORRIS last TRUMP Et .. cause we burnt down the worship to fake heroes and idols or we remained as teenagers looking for parental guidance...

we have to seek to find... we have to lose all desire.. pride and ego... Aquarius thinks of the all not themselves... The lamb Aquarius Giza is the order we find out of Sphinx Leo chaos ....beware of the wolves dressed as sheep protectors you lay down with your heart your flame you are the LION gateway back to your heart.

The Fixed CROSS Leo/Aquarius ScorpiO/Taurus .. we enter the twin peaks Saturn Rules Aquarius FIXED and Capricorn CARDINAL only Planet to rule the final merging of our Double DNA strands twin peaks is the final step of the heros journey is to make it HOME thats what DNA is the TWIN PEAKS ... However The Party Poopers want to keep us STUCK in the FLESH so they only tell you about the new age cAGE of Aquarius they dont tell you its a TWIN PEAK AGE so they took LA VACHE QUI RIT and made HER a BULL yup Taurus is FEMININE ruled by Venus the Electromagnetic HEART labyrinth BULLS EYE 🎯is not masculine then they modified the TWINS of Bulls and created FREE MARTINS thats females with XY chromosomes so MEN that have wombs like women but they are sterile and they beehive like BULLS Huxley told us that 70 percent of women would be free martins in his book A Brave new Whirl... well guess what we have been genetically modified to walk as BULLS killing HER the COW Softly ... ALDEBARAN Taurus fixed star is the Fake Philosophers stone they rejected FOMALHAUT Aquarius the True 3rd eye gateway into the twin peaks.... Most people will fall for the FLESH TRAP and will remain FIXED we enter the TWIN PEAK age FIXED/CARDINAL it takes 2 to TangO and this is how they trick us .

Havent seen this im so bored that no one knows ALCHEMY you can NOT work out the tricks without being a navigaTOR of the sky as above so below so i suppose this will explain in earthly terms for those that cant see it through the stars ... YES we are months away from 21/12/2020 Jupiter Saturn conjunction the Black LODGE the SPLIT ...and they want to keep you STUCK in the LIONS DEN the WOLF LOUP LOOP DIAC LUPIAC ....Venus TAURUS/LIBRA is COMBUST SUN/LEO the 11/12 August in Cancer MON before Sun venus mars then mercury hits REGULUS SOL o MON SEAL Black moon end of august all in LEO is their FAKE black lodge gateway... thats what this AUG BULLSHIT is about ... its about keeping us stuck on the FIXED CROSS when the big Conjunction of 2020 is on the CARDINAL CAPRICORN Twin Peaks Aquarius/Capricorn .They know Jupiter will FALL 21/12/2020 and Saturn takes back The riens this is black magic to keep us FIXED not merged double DNA twin strands.. East Aldebaran Taurus West Antares ScorpiO and North Regulus LEO they never give us the TRUE NORTH star Fomalhaut Aquarius its UPSIDE DOWN anti Christ CROSS and they know 2020 winter solstice that Jupiter Saturn will be combust to open the true 3rd eye the truth is WEST GATE is Aldebaran and East is Antares they have inverted it cause they put SOL/LeO/Sun GOLD o MON/Cancer/Moon/SILVER as North when Leo cancer is SOUTH ... Aquarius Capricorn is NORTH the true lead to GOLD gates..but they wont tell you THAT cause they made sure you never got home to ALCHEMY

We return to being androgynous this is why we can at last SEE through... We are all XX women before we fell to XY men ... This is what those who FEAR authentic merging have always done to CHEAT and have divine Rulership they needed to feel they were the TWIN PEAKS when only we can get there through wisdom all on our own Windsor Wind TSAR is The swastika right left SPIN of the Mutable CROSS Wind Mill for the Age of AIR Aquarius Fixed and Capricorn Cardinal Earth Twin peaks we enter ruled by Saturn EL PURP EL CROWN RAIN/REIGN

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