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The planets are our inner organs, the heart beats fast, as our solar plexus, FIRE sun does too, each organ has a particular beat, there is nothing out there, We are directed by a conductor of different pendulum cycles, hypnotised by the film on the silver screen, this is mid EL earth it's our recovery room between worlds, we can observe the outer to find our inner, through the looking glass.. as long as we are kept focused on our outer world, Outer Gods and Outer Space we will never be in our inner Visibility, nor one with our inner self, nor in our inner LOve space, we are distracted and given a FAKE Whirl so we never stop, center and go home within. Astrologers are just musicians, they read the music of the soul, if you give a conductor music he will hear the whole orchestra with each note in his heart, if you give an astrologer your wheel they can read your soul, put words and descriptions to what they feel before they even looked, when they meet another, a good astrologer is an alchemist someone who has worked out their own wheel, and can be the observer from a focal neutral point. who can feel all the 12 archetypes, the 12 seasons the 12 basic rays and all the subtle under tones and frequencies in play, how they interact with each other around the wheel, or don't, if they are retrograde or direct. We can see the age of the soul the place of the path and the dignities and falls of the persona.. If we are not taught how to play our instrument we make funny noises and we can be carried out to sea. But a trained sailor, or a natural intuitive, surfer of the as above so below, can weave and spin to the inner beat and be in harmony and control of your vessel through self knowledge and observation of being centered through the stormy and calm waters... The outer and the inner planets is the music of the dance, each planet moves fast or slow hot or cold, having a constant effect on the changing tides of life. You can dance with the devil you can dance with Boudah, but can you integrate the shadow aspects too? that's why we have each other to be the mirrors of each other. We fell so to remember that even in this prism, of light we can reconnect to our whole, we project our light and darkness into this realm and the reflecting beams show us the way through inspiration and rejection of the others path. In the end we are are own orchestra we have all the instruments at our disposal but in different quantities and geometrical patterns that give us our outlooks and directions. Semen/Seamen have to sail in the dark through the abyss of the womb and they only have the stars to guide them, they were connoisseurs of the constellations this is how the world is run through the seven seas and our seven chakras too, our inner realm can be highjacked by the PIE wheel rats .. taken over, when we are not in vibration with each of the seven organs and planets that rule the 12 signs.... seasons.. dancing with nature, the stars is an art, but knowing that we are ALL different is essential we are not on the same paths none of us, we have to walk alone through the labyrinth of the petals and surf the waves .... The elite are astrologers, another reason for birth certificates is to have our date of birth they know what we come here to do, if we are Beta alpha or omega, the hidden forces are all astrologers weaving us as we don't know the steps of the dance to spin alone, our world is run by generational energies people go to school to learn marketing when the world is run by astrologers, architects those who know we are in a musical egg of vibration, action, reaction and solution, when unconscious whole trends are manipulated and driven, we are molded and shaped to be aligned with the ages, we have to know the constellations first. to weave out of the web, and to spin our own philosophy through observation of the invisible music the patterns and cycles they make or we are herded blindly into traps Pluto is our base note how are you tuned in to what generational bottom note and how do use that power? 

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