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How I weave


Music is the spirals of the tones and the notes, the seasons, that accord us, knowing how to play your guitar is the seat of your ability to weave and feel, to become authentically, you. Know thy self, is all you ever needed in life.

Every chart reading takes me on an incredible visionary process of feeling your inner chemistry, from an observer’s stance. Feeling your charts is a very emotional process, i feel who you are and I feel what you feel in your daily life, I relate your story and what you have lived and will live, according to what i see and vibrate with, this takes great energy and empathy, that comes naturally to me.  As my own chart shows me, I am a later life finder of my true purpose.


I will be a long way from where I am now, in the next few yrs. You never stop learning in astrology, this is why it’s so satisfying, every reading with me you will feel the depth of my wisdom sharpen and touch you in ever more precise readings. This is why having regular readings is always beneficial as my microscopic and telescopic vision is always moving in and out with the tides of time, we can look at the Esoteric and Exoteric of your soul.


Recently my readings have become more and more psychic i can see at a glance, i take a day to two days for each reading, I enjoy telling your story in all its colours and joining the dots of what and why you have chosen your instrument tuned as it is, the planets guide me and show me but its a very deep process i prepare and then record and that is when the magic happens...


I love what I do and I love to help you, nothing makes me happier. 

Everything discussed in our chat, is confidential, for you to inhale and digest in your own way, i can record your reading too, either in your presence on skype, or if you prefer, I can do privately recorded videos. All readings are recorded with a written feed back. If you want an in depth written feed back please find that option in soul sessions below.

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