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TO BEE or NOt to BEE BB/13/13 MM

PlutO is in CAPRICORN the True BLACK CAP... PlutO returns to Sagittarius YELLOW CAPE.. ELLO ELLO SUBMarine from 8th July 8/7 2023 till 3rd January 1/3 2024
TO BEE or NOt to BEE
The God: Atum – One of the oldest gods of ancient Egypt, God Atum was the essential part of the Egyptian cosmology and sowed immortality in heaven and change on earth.
Capricorn/SATURN and Sagittarius/JUPITER BLACK/EARTH YELLOW/FIRE this is how they make the NUCLEAR ATOM ADAM ATUM POPOV PLASMA EVENT Nucleus between Jupiter and Saturn it is YOUR opportunity to merge expansion/Jupiter Contraction/Saturn YOU ARE the N/RG/RJ POWER SYSTEM to IGNITE the TOUR d'Eiffel EYE FELL

There are two main forces from above EXPANSION/JUPITER/YOUTH and CONTRACTION/SATURN/OLD AGE Expansion Jupiter is Growth LUCK Learning Experience Man Made LAW Jupiter rules ASia YELLOW/FIRE/SAGITTARIUS /Jude Paul EUROPE White/Water/PISCES/Jude Pete MUTABLE FIRE/WATER Jude Pete that's the EMPIRE JUPITER they don't want humans finding their own Government CROWN SATURN so they made Pierre/Europe Paul/Asia and now JACQUES and the Bean stalk ST MAR/TIN de TOURS is the FLESH experience of being in a human VESSEL .. St Martin de TOUR KILLS St SATURNIN/SPIRIT behind a BULL ..
Jupiter/FOX HARE WATER/FIRE REd/PIll Blue PIll PILLAR.. Saturn/CROW TORTOISE EARTH/AIR MID L PILLAR Contraction Saturn is your KARMA it's Facing FEAR and leaving all the Bright Lights of Jupiter behind, returning to simplicity and inner Truth.. Finding your true calling and no longer being afraid of being a LONE star.. Saturn is the last visible planet and your journey from LEAD to SPIRIT Merging of SUN/MOON and VENUS/MARS Mercury is your inner Messenger.. so you may connect to the 3 outer planets Neptune/imagination Uranus/conscious Mind PlutO/Subconscious Mind.. South America/AIR/RED/Aquarius North America Black/EArth/Capricorn AKA NASA and Africa/BLACK/EARTH .... SATURN Air/Earth is getting past the EMPIRE Fire/Water and finding your own Authority Responsibility and getting past BELIEF PROGRAMS DECEIT LIES FLESH Desires Needs of GROWTH its about old age and returning too SPIRIT through Hard Work and perseverance returning to natural lores and practise and leaving the fabricated existence behind Finding the WHEEL AGAIN ASTROLOGY and the WISDOM LOST...

He rode on a cherub, and flew;

he came swiftly upon the wings of the wind.

He made darkness his covering around him,

his canopy thick clouds dark with water.

Out of the brightness before him

there broke through his clouds

hailstones and coals of fire. (18:10-12)

"Wherever the spirit would go, they would go, and the wheels would rise along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels. When the creatures moved, they also moved; when the creatures stood still, they also stood still; and when the creatures rose from the ground, the wheels rose along with them, because the spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels."Ezekiel 1:20-21

Hold on tight to your COcO NUTS the Empire strikes BACK its No ordinary BJ Blow Job.. : Nova Kakhovka dam breaksLatitude 46° 45' 5.49'' N... 4/6 6/4 When I AM 64/46 chromosomes CRANE/BERRY singer died ZOMBIE at 46yrs OLd Beatle Juice.. Longitude: 33° 22' 4.1556'' E... 33/CC SPINE D DAY JOUR G NRG/J Notre DAM FELL again, its her WATERS that Break..
Sun on Aldebaran/Taurus as Mars was on Aldebaran for the falling of Notre Dame, death of Queen and floods in NZ.. 66/FF My Dads Birthday and its the CAN CAN CAEN CAEN CANNES Killer of the Flower Moon.. As Moon was on NUNKI the L/BOW of the ARCHER D'artagnan Sagittarius straight into the HEART of scorpiO Antares where full Moon was 6/3 6/4 2 days agO .. MOON rules CANCER where MARS/VENUS war/Peace sit and Mars rules ARIES where Jupiter ruler of Sagittarius/Jude PolO sits in Aries too .. MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS/Explosion and RAHU snake head North Lunar Node conjunct Jupiter!! .. all in ARIES ruled by Mars .
MOON on NUNKI the EL/BOW L/BOW of the Archer sagittarius for 6/6 D DAY Dam KakHovKa and for 3/7 7/3 ELLE Passage FULL MOON in Sagittarius on NUNKI again.. Venus also in Cancer rules Libra and Taurus where Sun sits in Taurus and Tail of the snake sits in Libra Omega.. .Neptune in Pisces Chiron in Pisces..
Moon on NUNKI Full Moon 3/7 as it was for 6/6

LOOK at that GRAND CROSS all in Cardinal Signs as PlutO retrO in Capricorn before reaching Sagittarius retrO aka BLACK/Capricorn and ELLO/YELLOW Sagittarius THE BEE i told you between NOW and full Moon in Sagittarius 7/3 followed by PlutO return in Sagittarius 7/7 last RETRO before fully in Capricorn is HUMONGOUS for the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK..
"A Grand Cross, also known as a Grand Square, occurs when four planets are all separated from one another by a square aspect 90 degrees apart, caused by two opposition aspects 180 degrees apart, therefore creating a cross configuration in the chart,


Latitude 46° 45' 5.49'' N Longitude: 33° 22' 4.1556'' E.

The DAY PlutO returns to Capricorn BLACK from Sagittarius Yellow retrO 3 January 2024

The Full Moon 6/4

8/7 th July PlutO returns to YELLO ELLO FIRE Sagittarius D'Artagnan ..

Today 6/7 7/6 Moon Conjunct PlutO

6/6 D Day Venus/Mars in CANCER

Chart of 6/6 D DAY KakhovKA Flood

D DAY 6/6 Moon on NUNKI as it will be for the Full Moon in Sagittarius 3rd July 3/7 7/3 ELLE

SAturn on the THIGH of Aquarius Ruler but THigh is JUPITER

PLease GO through PICS hard to organise them in order.. LOOK the BEAN STALK is NOT the Arbre de VIE.. is being LIT your LAMP/B POST BULB.. Marketing is so very clever NOT the NINE o Clock News My favourite.. However, as they are alchemically herding you this is the subconscious TRIGGER Black/YELLOW BEE Fleur de Lyss PlutO retrO in Capricorn/Black nearly Back to ELO/Electric Light OrchestrA for the FLEUR DE LYS CROWN of the JESTER JOKER this is MR BEAN The GREEN GOD TRIGGER for mass awakening PLASMA EVENT.. YOU ARE a BEAN STALK ELO Light Orchestra SYSTEM and they are waking you up slowly to FEED THE LIGHT of LUCY FUR .. its the FERTILITY GOD Mr TUMNUS JACQUES the RIPPER JACK and the BEAN STALK the 33 VERT ARBRE Vertebrae THE SAPIN/SPAIN SPINE/PENIS the CC/33 22 23/DNA ADN DAN ANE ROW/ANE back to front reflected AWAKENING passage all planned like this and he is your Trigger.. He is being used as the TRIGGER as the J For JOKER scorpiO constellation is the J NRG/J Jour G... People are so gullible, this is how you are subconsciously Turned on and Off like Duracell batteries.. We are here to SOFTEN the BLOW JOB you need to SEE through the games and slowly see how you are the LIGHT BULB... This 7/3 after the 6/4 Full Moon in scorpiO this is the next full Moon coming up 7/3 in Sagittarius as Sun/Mercury in Gemini and Mars/Venus on Regulus LeO this is your new GOD NRJ/G RISING MR BEAN the GARDENER ROW CHI RHO CHIRON ANE/L'âne little red-head Meaning:little red-head. Rowan is a gender-neutral name of Irish and Scottish origins, deriving from Ruadhán, meaning “little redhead.” A strong surname, Rowan is also as beloved in nature as it is in folklore. ATKIN SON Atkinson is an English-language surname. The name is derived from a patronymic form of the Middle English Atkin. The personal name Atkin is one of many pet forms of the name Adam/ATOM/ATUM/ATEM BOMB is YOU
It is the amniotic fluid that symbolises the birth of a new era The primal waters of Nun/Nu... he represented the waters of chaos out of which Re-Atum began creation. It's about the dead of Osiris and Nun (the primeval sea) took Osiris away to hide his secrets The death of Osiris threw the cosmos into chaos and made the gods weep

FULL MOON 7/3 in Merlin/Sagittarius SUN and MOON in ARTHUR GEMINI

MARS/VENUS conjunct on Regulus LeO Mercury/Sun conjunct is Castor Gemini

MOON on NUNKI 3/7 7/3 as it was for 6/6 D DAY Nova Kakhovka dam breaks

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