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Watching these Months unfold since i sat down in November 2018 and began speaking of this birthing process we are in, it unfolds mysteriously day by day i am pulled to check, The Planets each have a rhythm cycle and beat, its EASY to Time travel when you knew 12 thousand years ago what would be happening because they have read the story of TIME we are kept in SPACE DNA Flesh trap NO LEDGE/Knowledge That is the philosophers BS the planets is how we Go back to the Future.. This Time is all about turning lead to Gold and walking into the kingdom, its been high jacked to lead us into the underworld WRONG DOOR...The Babylonians KNEW that when the equinox was on Fomalhaut /Aquarius and Regulus/Leo we would POP our 3rd eyes naturally through the alchemical swing of being aware of as above so below... Thats what the Sphinx/Leo and Pyramids of Giza/Aquarius/LAMB ARE!! They could see all the special rituals dates in advance they knew how to read the music ... the program is an overlay of the constellation because the gypsy Egyptians and the Bolshevik Phony Baloney's Phoenicians and Babylonians hold the script....UR....They know the Below Knee Faux Knee.. I see this SO well now its impossible to have such a Grand Final as what i am watching happen from the 007 Black moon in November December on the 7th and the one coming march 7 making 777 to what we see unravel now with the 3 phases of moon on 13,14,15...Feb and This 3rd June Black Moon again on Bulls EYE Target... Everything has been a SCRIPT that we have followed blindly as 3 Blind Mice.. Not Knowing the 3 Crosses we bear, Hope faith and Charity BULL SHIT .. So you never looked above to CHECK the scenario and the DIRECTOR!!!! We walk as the Crow drops the cheese to the FOX into the DEN of the wolves,, Transhumance is not AI but sheep herding from one age into a TRAP or we see through the CRAP before that rug is pulled and they want it done before the Great conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter 2020 gateway through and the peak of this Death and Rebirth PURGE

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