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Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse Film That depicts the Narcissistic Masochistic PP Positive Positive Peter PAN energy of what many French men think they are..

especially in the so called intellectual circles .. the energy that is trying to HighJACK the true Kingdom we enter now....... March 13, 1781 UR ANUS was discovered Verlaine reflects on the wild relationship he had had with Rimbaud, beginning in 1871...Ur Anus is an outer planet that brings CHANGE .. Liberty Fraternity and Equality ... Ur ANUS works with Desire Jupiter VERLAINE and MERCURY PAN TRANSMUTATION RIMBAUD Main stream ARSE TROLL OGY says it rules Aquarius ... The age of Aquarius is futuristic Visionary and revolutionary so they sold you UR ANUS as their way to GET THERE .because they want to trap you in the ARSE when the BLACK HOLE is an eternal voyage Saturn is the ruler of heaven/Aquarius/MASCULINE and Capricorn/Earth/FEMININE it is a TWIN PEAK time we become androgynous again through transmutation of the sexes but UR ANUS wants to keep you TRANS Gendered in the FLESH UR ANUS works with DESIRE JACK/JUPITER and PAN/MERCURY/TWIN DNA/DAN/ADN through Intellectualism and CULT UR Leonardo DiCaprio plays MERCURY/GEMINI/ Arthur Rimbaud and David Thewlis Plays JUPITER/SAGITTARIUS/RELIGION as Paul Verlaine.... where the head of the snake Rahu is now in Gemini and the tail is now in Sagittarius as for 9/11 and Romane Bohringer Plays MERCURY/VIRGO/MM Mary Magdalene Notre Dame peau d'ANE and where we have the Solar eclipse tomorrow 2nd July , followed by Lunar eclipse 16 July Last solar eclipse was the CROSS 2017 and this solar eclipse is the BONES the Mutable ROSE MARYS Babies generation skull n Bones CROSS OVER ..... Verlaine is seduced by the 16-year-old Rimbaud's physical body as well as by the unique originality of his mind. The staid respectability of married, heterosexual life and easy, middle class surroundings had been stifling Verlaine's admittedly sybaritic literary talent. His taking up with Rimbaud is as much a rebellion and a liberation as it is a giving in to self-indulgence and masochism. Rimbaud acts as sadistically to Verlaine as does Verlaine to his young wife, whom he eventually deserts. A violent, itinerant relationship ensues between the two poets, the sad climax of which arrives in Brussels when a drunken and enraged Verlaine shoots and wounds Rimbaud and is sentenced a fine and two years in prison for sodomy and grievous bodily harm.

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