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The Voice is the TONE or turned to STONE

Complete MAD DAM ness to not see mouths anymore, to see Guns pointed at the third eye, to watch the young generation become part of the rising animal farm of old mac Donald's and to watch as the earthly Orchard of Lustful pleasures becomes the NORM, Grace fell and now there is but a fleeting echo of any refinement enlightenment laughter and purity left, to take the Mouth orifice and cover it is the ultimate descent into the Under Whirl of the earthly Pleasures of paedophilia and life as a DOG ... There is only one way out of here and that is through the MIR ROAR the breath of Life is the DIA FRAME UN the ability to be the Music of the WORD in and out as the Milky Way opens and shuts .. To KNEEL is to remain BENT and Neil Klims is the gateway into the GARDEN of the Flesh, the Nile Spine Hung upside so the Arse hole remains open and the VOICE becomes the Hidden Fuel ... To cover a Mouth is the ultimate sexual perversion for Psychopath's its their biggest wet dream, its complete madness and means you have lost touch with any moral compass or code to erudition, generations of children will be mentally retarded by these blind choices made in fear and mass psychosis, just to blindly carelessly carry on, like Duracell batteries ...

The Voice is the TONE or turned to STONE ....

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