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The UN Silver Gate

Alef TAV closure Aries/Taurus Mars takes his place on the wand of MERLIN right NOW ... The N aka VV or nn UN/NU is the last WAVE of the North POLARIS MayPOle Spin and Alternating Current is taken you need to find the 5th wave to get above the CRAP TRAP to leave the hamster Wheel to find your 5th body member HEAD EDD... LA N HAINE BAAL N Baleine Arthurs Merlin’s sWORD in the sTONE Taurus Silver gate way Lunar pillar where head of Snake North node is now being Closed to bring up Odin Os IRIS to kill ISIS SCorpiO using energy of Kali Moon cancer as Moon exalted in taurus and FULL tonight in VirgO and ALGOL medusa as Pisces falls under the AC killing Alternating Current for Direct Current DC to bring in the MOON TSAR MOON KEY where tail of snake MILKYWAY closes now golden gate opens on the DC Dominic CUMMINGS as Cupid Sirius Gemini and Valentine Sagittarius Altair bring up the fake 13th sign Ophiuchus as Louis the new MER LION MERLIN Sun King using the Milky Way VACHE VACC qui RIS IRIS gap as theirs the A L N aLIEn to bring in the Jolly Fake Green King and making VirgO the Black Madonna as LucyFer LA MC Marianne ERIS IRIS ....

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