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Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate".

Persephone MIRANDA before she goes into the underworld for 6 months .. Venus Mercury Sun in Virgo for Equinox and Mars in Virgo from 24/9 ... Heaven on Earth



Miranda the TEMPEST Riders of he Storm Mutable Cross ends Mary Magdalene Falls as Notre DAME into the under Whirl

Can you TRANSMUTE the CHANGES of the TEMPest DAN T DNA Divine COMEDY? WIND in the WILLOWS WW/MM Mary Magdalene VIRGO is 13 + 13 is 26 is 8 the narrow GATE or ATE through ...the CHANGE is HERE we can surf it into our own Reality WE are the weavers of REALITY SPIN my friends

Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate". 369 Line broke monkey Got choked LEON ELON DEN

We leave 2,200yrs CATCH 22 of ILLUSION The MIR AGE MIR OR/ROR/ROAR.. PISCES/JESUS/JUPITER the MIRROR AGE Narcissist or Spiritual .. through the Looking Glass of ALICE Miranda Mary Magdalene Notre DAME/VIRGO DAME DAN DNA Merging of the OTHER HALF to enter the TWIN FLAME AGE Aquarius/Capricorn/SATURN or stuck down Under in LUST DESIRE and EGO in OZ ZION the DEN of the LEO LYON LION LEON ELON BabyLON LION ROAR BLAZE stuck in the MIR ROR ROAR ... Miranda MIR DAN ADN The TEMPEST is when you find the calm in the STORM the sWORD in the sTONE DAN T DNA The Divine Comedy is an inside Job

We are thrown right and left in the TEMPest so we are thrown to and frO in the MEDIA Frenzy and the UP and DOWN TEMPeratures and Hype so our TEMPO's are Shaken not stirred


its DAN Tes TESS TIssier the WEAVER of the Tapestry The sWORD in the sTONE The DAN T DNA Divine COMEDY of TRANSMUTATION of our TEMPERMENT those who cant take the HOT COLD HUMOURS of CHANGES The TRANSHUMANCE wont make the BOW and ARROW 🎯.. TRANSMUTATION through the Lion HEART CENTER ..ROW ROW your boat or SAIL in your SHIP we are surfing lead to Gold Spinning the TORUS Field Heart Center The elctrO magnetic Spinning Swastika Right left SPIN labyrinth to find that MID EL EVEN BEAT

Temperature Temperament THERMOMETER Thermostat of our human Vessel in the ROCKY HORROR SHOW a jump to the LEFT and a jump to the RIGHT its the TIME WARP black to White JUMPing JACK or Spinning Ying n Yang ☯️... MJ Mercury Jackson JUPITER Luke sky walker JUDE the DUDE RULE the past AGE as we leave the age of PISCES/White/Water/Feminine/Europe and Black/Earth/Feminine/Africa From MUTABLE BINARY to FIXED .. Aquarius/NASA North South America/Red/AIR/Masculine and LeO/Asia/Yellow/FIRE/Masculine..


The FOUR CORNERS is the 13th door out FOUR TUNE FOUND... Miranda and PosperO is Mary Magdalene that faces SATURN The Lord of the Rings of the TWIN PEAKS Aquarius Capricorn AIR/EARTH Male/female Inner Balance the Calm in the Storm is a place within

The sWORD in the sTONE is the T of the FIXED CROSS the Snake up the Spine of our SPIN only you can get FIXED alone ....

Divine Comedy DANTE DAN T DNA MIR ANDA MIRAGE as above so below must MERGE

Mary Ryan my Great Grandma as Persephone and Prospero MIRANDA

those who cant take the SPIN will go Mary POPins you gotta POP that 3rd Eye North star Fomalhaut Giza Through the narrow Gate wAY through the SPHINX LEO LEON ELON INTO THE heart frequency .. MID EL TWIN PEAKS

All the rest is distraction to keep you Jumping Jack Flash Gordon stay cool we are being Thrown Out into the Abyss and not all of us will come through the TEMPEST such a PEST... into the TWIN PEAK GOLDEN AGE Dont get stuck...

Saturn is lead to GOLD Lord of the DNA TWIN PEAKS 23/32 322 is 64 FOUR TUNE FOUND

Lie Your EGO/PRIDE LEON LYON LION down with the LAMB ...The Tempest is a play by William Shakespeare, probably written in 1610–1611, and thought to be one of the last plays that Shakespeare wrote alone. After the first scene, which takes place on a ship at sea during a tempest, the rest of the story is set on a remote island, where the sorcerer Prospero, a complex and contradictory character, lives with his daughter Miranda, and his two servants—Caliban, a savage monster figure, and Ariel, an airy spirit. The play contains music and songs that evoke the spirit of enchantment on the island. It explores many themes including magic, betrayal, revenge, and family. In act four, a wedding masque serves as a play-within-the play, and contributes spectacle, allegory, and elevated language. Though The Tempest is listed in the First Folio as the first of Shakespeare's comedies, it deals with both tragic and comic themes, and modern criticism has created a category of romance for this and others of Shakespeare's late plays. The Tempest has been put to varied interpretations—from those that see it as a fable of art and creation, with Prospero representing Shakespeare, and Prospero's renunciation of magic signaling Shakespeare's farewell to the stage, to interpretations that consider it an allegory of Europeans colonizing foreign lands.

Your human vessel Rocked To and FRO so you transmute lead to GOLD Riders on the STORM

Your human vessel Rocked To and FRO so you transmute lead to GOLD Riders on the STORM

The THREE Crosses is Mutable FIXED Cardinal the TRIP eLLe LLL/777 Is RA EL is 777 Lucifer IHS is Isis Horris Seth the FAKE 3 6 9 the masonic temples are SOUTH SOL O MON LEO/CANCER SUN MOON worship They make Aldebaran ISIS Taurus EAST and Antares HORRIS RA ARIES WEST its INVERTED cause they dont give you the FOURTH GIZA FOMALHAUT D'Artagnan The LAMB lies down with the LION/LEO SUN HORRIS they gave you ELON MUSK LONE SKUM when NORTH is FIXED Aquarius/Capricorn The TWIN PEAKS is NORTH you need the FOUR elements to become GOLD the FOUR TUNE right left SWASTIKA spin was demonised so you never WEAVE your own labyrinth ETOILE out of MATTER you get CHOCKED like the Monkey when the line BROKE you gotta spin the four TUNE to become SPIRIT again... they give you Isis Horris SETH IHS the three phases of the MOON the TRIP ELLE Goddess its a TRAP ... we go from Mutable cross to FIXED/Cardinal SATURN rules the TWIN PEAKS and there will be NO NEED for the sun and the moon SOL O MON Catch 22 is 2020 we enter into the KINGDOM for those who can SPIN 22But I saw no temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple. 23And the city has no need for sun or moon to shine on it, because the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its lamp. 24By its light the nations will walk, and into it the kings of the earth will bring their glory.

The Masonic MERLIN LODGE 369 TRAP South SUN MOON WEST MARS EAST ISIS IS RA EL invert the Three Crosses as the Phases of the MOON SOL O MON SEal

TRIP ELLE LLL 777 369 TRAP the Mutable cross is 3 gemini 6 Virgo Jack/JILL DNA TWIN Strands ruled by MERCURY and 9 is Sagittarius and 12 is last door Pisces the AGE we END NOW ... that is the skull n Bone PI RAT RAP TRAP the Swastika is the SPIN you need to get FIXED They want to trap you in the Visica Pisces Three Fold the line broke the monkey choked ...


VirgO Mary Autumn Equinox MIR ANDA DAN T DNA Through the wind in the Willows into the underworld the sWORD in the sTONE The Templars the TEMPest is upon us... through the storm through the MIR OR Mary Magdalene Notre DAME DAM DNA Miranda lovingly chastises Ferdinand for cheating in a game of chess. Although her tone is lighthearted, her suggestion that Ferdinand has cheated has an important symbolic resonance. Each player in a game of chess attempts to capture (i.e., kill) their opponent’s king, and as such chess is an allegory for regicide. The Tempest has already told of three separate assassination plots, including two against Prospero and one against Alonso. Each of these plots is characterized by unexpected treachery. Ferdinand’s alleged cheating at chess recalls all of these plots, and may be an ill omen for the future that otherwise seems so positive at the end of the play.

Orange 3 6 9 TRAP Skies VICTORIA down under in LION LEON OZ ZION SOUTH is n NORTH Victoria Miranda Tempest Picnic Nick Nack Paddy Wack at hanging Rock


O wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world That has such people in ’t! (V.i.)

These words form Miranda’s most famous lines. She delivers the lines in the play’s final act, upon first seeing Alonso and his company of men. Aside from Prospero and Ferdinand, Alonso and his men are the only people she has ever laid eyes on, and the sight fills her with a great deal of hope at the idea of a “brave new world” populated by such “beauteous” individuals. In the larger emotional arc of the play, Miranda’s words of wonder express optimism about the possibility of new beginnings.

MUTABLE CROSS n BONE 322 SPIN to TRANSMUTE MM/WW Wind in the Willows WILD is the WIND MM is the TRAP its The TWIN PEAK GOLDEN AGE for those who can CHANGE NOT like the leaf that clings to the tree ... Mary Magdalene MUTABLE CROSS 322 Skull n Bones is OVER dont panic get centered the rest is a CRAP TRAP

SO Much 5g Hype, you have to merge the Mirror or you will go POP i already lived it so to help you through... its all about those who can spin the Right left swastika into the HEART center Labyrinth those who get its ALL AN ILLUSION those still in FEAR will go MARY POPPINS POPOV Old video but explains a bit of the 5g CRAP TRAP ... its just death of those who cant get FIXED Video here


This is where we are NOW .. AGE ENDER 21 is nearly here ... This is the ARC of the Covenant closed in the WHEEL of the PI RATS ... catch 22 .. is V or TAV it means RESET new AGE .. and they want to rule the TWIN peaks Male/Female our inner GOLD .. The ARC is ALEF ALPHA to TAV BETA .. Because they keep you stuck in lineal time 22 alphaBET in He Brew end of cycle recycled or we break out of the mind control,... There is NO A/NOAH ALLAH to B BEAT HER /BETA the truth is SPIRALS there is only your ability to be the CONDUCTOR of your Orchestra Mind Body and Spirit.. of Planets/Organs But the PI RATS don't tell you that they don't teach you the constellations, they even have us on the wrong wheel stuck in Time and Space ... You are an electrO magnetic CURRENT/SERPENT REPENT or Swallowed Whole its a boa constructor or LIFE and if you don't find your CURRENCY you will be swept away by the CURRENT of the SEMEN They have only MATERIAL WORTH your true VALUE is when we become the Spinning Wheel and you can Spin in every direction or we are Pinned to the FIXED CROSS

a Current In physics and electrical engineering, a conductor is an object or type of material that allows the flow of an electrical current in one or more directions. Materials made of metal are common electrical conductors. Electrical current is generated by the flow of negatively charged electrons, positively charged holes, and positive or negative ions in some cases.

In order for current to flow, it is not necessary for one charged particle to travel from the machine producing the current to that consuming it. Instead, the charged particle simply needs to nudge its neighbor a finite amount who will nudge its neighbor and on and on until a particle is nudged into the consumer, thus powering the machine. Essentially what is occurring here is a long chain of momentum transfer between mobile charge carriers; the Drude model of conduction describes this process more rigorously. This momentum transfer model makes metal an ideal choice for a conductor as metals, characteristically, possess a delocalized sea of electrons which gives the electrons enough mobility to collide and thus effect a momentum transfer.

As discussed above, electrons are the primary mover in metals; however, other devices such as the cationic electrolyte(s) of a battery, or the mobile protons of the proton conductor of a fuel cell rely on positive charge carriers. Insulators are non-conducting materials with few mobile charges that support only insignificant electric currents.

CATCH 22 is 2020 THE HEART of the matter.. for VICTORIA VICTORY is ARIES ALEF TAV or ALPHA OMEGA is Lineal CRAP TRAP we swirl and whirl through the heart chakra to become WHOLE Uranus is in ARIES for 7yrs as it was 84yrs ago for WWII WW/MM Mary Magdalene ends the FOUR TUNE found or led like sheep... LEAD to GOLD .. Its all an illusion the V is YOUR PERSONAL VICTORY you become the EYE of the BEHOLDER and you MERGE the MIR ROR/ROAR ANDA DAN T DNA Divine Comedy within


Next Year 2020 is CATCH 22

Catch your HEART ART/RAT PI RAT Mutable cross ending 21/12 Grand conjunction star wars ends LUKE/JUPITER Saturn/Dark Vader DEATH or rebirth 2020 CATCH 22

when The Good Jupiter, The bad Saturn and the Ugly PlutO all in Sagittarius ruled by JUPITER LUKE SKY WALKER End the MUTABLE CROSS PISCES also ruled by Jude Jupiter JackSON so we may get FIXED SATURN to end the Transmutation of DNA tribe of DAN judgement is upon us those who cant take the STORM will be Rock HORROR SHOWERED To and FRO... Catch your HEART ART/RAT PI RAT Mutable cross ending 21/12 Grand conjunction star wars ends LUKE/JUPITER Saturn/Dark Vader DEATH or rebirth 2020 CATCH 22

Next Year 2020 is CATCH 22 when The Good Jupiter, The bad Saturn and the Ugly PlutO all in Sagittarius ruled by JUPITER LUKE SKY WALKER End the MUTABLE CROSS PISCES also ruled by Jude Jupiter JackSON so we may get FIXED SATURN to end the Transmutation of DNA tribe of DAN judgement is upon us those who cant take the STORM will be Rock HORROR SHOWERED To and FRO...

2019/2020 Jupiter joins Pluto and Saturn in Sagittarius 9th door that is the LAST To and FRO TEMPEST before end of 2020 when Jupiter is in FALL in Capricorn 10th door X Over ending Mutable Age and SATURN takes back the NORTH TWIN PEAK AGES Jupiter ends his reign of the wheel .......

2020 catch 22 Pluto saturn and Jupiter enter CAPRICORN CARDINAL EARTH Twin peak entry


The Great Conjunction 21/12/2020 V is 22 letter This mean mercury SUN little finger Ring finger and SATURN/JUPITER and Thumb MARS ..... TWIN PEAK ENTRY


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