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The SOn/SUn and eLLe LL/77 is Within

To be centered we have to be The 7th letter or Chakra is the G SPOT/NOTE 7 or L to be MID eLLe EVEN 11 7/11 77/LL Dub LL TWIN PEAKS DNA merged that is what this past Mess AGE has been all about TRANSMUTATION of the BI POLE Binary PIN code we approach when the sWORD is put in the sTONE that is the G 8 Gate way or ATE crucified 8 ATE The T FIXED CROSS will end the lives of those who can not get FIXED...only few enter the narrow gateway G SPOT to become the Merged PIN CODE within... we are all Lost Children we have been on the Mutable CROSS ruled by MERCURY that rules Gemini the little boy and girl DNA caduceus TWINS of Communication close Travel and GOSSIP 3 and VirgO the presexual Girl That becomes Holistic HIGH priestess The Woman of Material alchemy The Virgin Mary and the WHORE of Babylon 6... Then Jupiter that rules Sagittarius the Religious and philosopher seeker, Traveler to far lands holder of the Fire of the Mind The ALL or NOTHING in Moderation 9 and Pisces 12.. The Illusionist Spiritual Deceptive Believer Jesus or the Gangster Drug addict escapist master of the invisible realm and the DOOR OUT to become the 13th OBSERVER and MASTER of the WHEEL of LIFE back to SPIRIT its all Expansion Jupiter HEAT and contraction SATURN COLD Ice/ScorpiO and Fire/Aries is ruled by MARS/WARS RA Thats the Fake LORD RAM isLAM Pisces is the 4th door TUNE 12 .... This is the Michael Jackson PI RATS 322 MUTABLE age that ends ruled by Mercury MJ Mick Jagger Sex Drugs and Rock n Role SWINGERS MESS AGE TRANSMUTATION MUTABLE CROSS...and Jackpot Jupiter .. MJ 322 Skull n bones Mutable Cross of St G George/Gorge Dragon Throat is our VOICE sTONE Spin The Swastika IS the Two way TANGO spin of the left right Time Warp, so to Lose the hold TIME has upon us we have to become that Mid EL L/7 BEAT ... we become FIXED and able to be SOLID and GAS transmuted by Adaptable Liquid OIL Lubrication of our joints and minds and be ONE with our lower and higher chakras Our Solar Lunar Plexus merged between heaven Father/Aquarius AIR and Capricorn/Mother EARTH we become our own MOTHER and FATHER Paternal and maternal reference we Listen to our inner voice and not the OUTER loud Speakers...Inner space holds the Outer space in PLACE ....The Fibonacci Code and TESLA is about keeping us stuck in mid swing TRIANGULATION we will become the energy supply with no where to go but the yellow brick road to Dystopia... That is the 777 Trip eLLE TRIP UR UP Crap Trap they want to keep you stuck in the 3 6 9 the LIne BROKE and the Monkey got Chocked... its is a 4 TUNE spin between Explosion and Implosion where we meet Half way between Matter and Spirit earth and heaven the flower of life and the Stars of Energy ... The Fibonacci code is LeO LEON ELON Di Vincci HANGED MAN we must be like the TWO TWIN PEAKS not a Trianary nor BInary code .. but a Quadruple P4 spinning Coin that has found both sides of the story as within so without able to remain centered and Upright upon the stormy Sea we are the 5th element we become one with the Ethereal otherwise we remain the battery supply and Free energy BEE G Bee Hive FIVE G Supply systen Bee HIVE not the all GNOWING CreaTORs of our experiences .... The G SPOT is when you have found the MID eLLe Twin Flame Path The TWIN PEAKS is ruled by SATURN Jupiter is the path of expansion before Contraction Mid L Saturn/EL and pull yourself to getHER

Inspired by the thoughts and heart vibes of Dante Francisci

Eternal Star Spirals ....

This is an article i did 3 yrs ago before i Got ALCHEMY but i did get that the flower is lineal not eternal like the stars Victoria Cotton

“Fibonacci Spiral

This is “recycling of finite energy” to create growth, not growth through self-generated power, and thus the mechanics of the Fibonacci sequence imply that it represents a growth-expansion formula for finite life, not organic eternal life.

The growth-expansion pattern of the Fibonacci sequence can be found in nature, within energy structures and biological forms of a finite nature — which includes many, but not all, life-forms on contemporary Earth.

Spiral Comparisons

The Krystal Spiral has a very regular spiral structure with simple well behaved math. It is symmetrical, centered and aligned with the Kathara Grids that generate it.

The Kathara Grids have a much richer inner structure than the squares or golden rectangles. Every Kathara Grid embraces the center and sustains a dynamic for outward expansion and back flow return to the center.

The Golden Mean & Fibonacci spirals have no direct connection to their centers. The rectangles & squares being empty have little inner structure. They need external structures to get them going. They are progressively removed from Source.

In it’s early stages the Fibonacci spiral isn’t a proper spiral. As it expands it approximates to the Golden Mean spiral, but only to a scaled down version of it. The Fibonacci spiral doesn’t have in inner spiral, i.e. it’s incapable of converging towards the center.

The Krystal Spiral is much stronger and expands more rapidly than either the Golden Mean or Fibonacci spirals. Even when the Golden Mean or Fibonacci spirals start further out the Krystal Spiral will always over take them.

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