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The SHAM RAM Vl 33 ROCK is 69

Picture from alkymiskspirituelchakraastrologi

The Whole SHAM solved GANG Game OVER ROVER The GREEN MAN JOKER .. we Got It And here is MOMO the Irish Man The SHAM Rock that stole the last L'EGGS EGG MAN HEAD HAINE Breath N aka VV M AIGNAN all you needed was the Fourth petal Last LEG EGG to find the FIFTH HEAD EDD cause there are always THREE 2 arms a Head above and TWO LEGS EGGS below ... the Trinity is NOTHING without Two LEGS thats why you KNEEL NEIL Its all about the SPINE NIEL LINE "young clover".

The shamrock is a symbol that we commonly associate with St. Patrick's Day and with Ireland. ... Sometimes, the shamrock is depicted as a four-leaf clover, but this isn't quite accurate. Traditionally, a shamrock is a three-leaf clover.

369 is the TRAP you need the 12th door LAST LEG out we have had 3 x 22 is 66 and they want to make a last DUB LL/77 V/V 1/1 for Victory to be the 14 pieces of Osiris instead of the 1+4 is 5

This is the UPside down hang man Jake the PEG in the LEG

The Black Madonna LA MARIANNE and the new AIG L Baby Mercury this is NOT the Mother of Christ ..... Look at the COCK SPORTIF FEET FFF French Federation FootBAAL is 666

The COQ/EGG SHELL She Sells Sea Shells by the sea SHORE WHORE HORSE of Babylon the AIG EGG Last LEG FFF LA MARIANNE

LUCY FER Black Madonna

777 is 21 the RetrO of Trickster MERCURY 777 is the TRI ANGLE made by 77 front to back and 111 or VVV is the M or the VV aka 22+22+22 66/99 the TRAP as we see here ....

The 5 STAR Man turnes into a Ramses VI pointed STAR the CHI RHO

The Last PP Pete and Paul JUPITER ZEUS/SEUZ sWORD in the CHI RHO sTONE 3/3 CruciFICTION in the FLESH

The LAST LEGG D'Artangnan Puss in Boots the Ginger Bread man Chesire Cat has got your 5 th body Member HEAD EDD ...

THE 3 by 3 to make 66 369 keeping you on all FOUR LEGS closed into the Philosophers Squared CircEL Circeuil Coffin TRI ANGLE

The 777 is made from the front to back 77 aka the AILS/WINGS LL's of LUCYFER

The extra LEG PEG and the Missing last LEG ANGLE ANGEL


TRIP eLLe Goddesses

One time when walking down a lane As night was drawing nigh I met a colleen with three flowers And she more young than I "Saint Patrick bless you dear" I said "If you'll be quick to tell The place where you did find those flowers I seem to know them well"

She took and kissed the first flower once And sweetly said to me "This flower comes from the Wicklow hills Dew wet and pure", said she "It's name is Michael Dwyer The strongest flower of all But I'll keep it fresh beside my breast Though all the world should fall"

She took and kissed the first flower twice And sweetly said to me "This flower I culled in Antrim fields outside Belfast", said she "The name I call it is Wolfe Tone The bravest flower of all But I'll keep it fresh beside my breast Though all the world should fall"

She took and kissed the first flower thrice And softly said to me "This flower I found in Thomas Street In Dublin fair", said she "Its name is Robert Emmet The youngest flower of all But I'll keep it fresh beside my breast Though all the world should fall Then Emmet,Dwyer and Tone I'll keep For I do love them all And I'll keep them fresh beside my breast Though all the world should fall"

The last LEG 7 V L 1 SEVEN and 11 makes 777 111 VVV LLL

We Are The MID L SEVEN 7 so Harmonic Process ion is 14 and Acid Alkaline is 14

1+4 is 5 and 77 is 14


It's very simple we are the 5 petaled flower they want to make an above the horizon below the horizon 6 petaled fleur de Lyss Lucy FER aka RAMS/MARS/WARS SES V1 ritual on the bulls eye Voice passage 4x4 wheel drive CHI RHO ritual we are the 5 we are the last leg angles Pisces mermaid White Europe Yellow Mellow Asia spin she sells C Sea shells L's on the Sea Shore horSe and she merges with Virgo quite contrary how does your garden grow and red America and lorry yellow submarine masculine axis Cupid and Valentine so we rise above the SUEZ/ZEUS sewers.. it's the Tight Right Rope of Romulus and Remus it's the Plank of the Captain Hook deck it's the breaking of the Waves on the Sea Shore Whore of Babylon Black earth Virgo and White Foam of Mobys Dick to be the break even point to find your head Edd .. they wanna make 66 aka dub eLLe fleur de Lys "young clover".MoMo the Irish PAT N RICK Jake the Rolf/Wolf Harris Haines 88 peg in the LEG 77 22/V 22/V 22/V you need the Last L aka V/22 To have the 4x4 wheel Spin Easter day Bunny Tail spin... the ScareCrow is the Top HaTTed Hearted Fool on the Hill... Last L'EGG is the EGG head last body member RE MEMBER your Fifth Body Member its always been a SHAM ROCK Rocka Fella SHAM find your EDD HUMPTYY DUMPTY..

The Correct FIVE Petaled Flower Gateway

What comes around - Goes around

YT Alkymisk Astrologi

Breaking the waves and harvesting the CroP is Bess PISCES VicTOR Mermaid Rose WHITE WATER Europe Water Mutable adaptable Feminine .... and CoronA Tess VirgO Rose Red Sleeping Beauty BLACK Africa North America Australia is VirgO VicTOR NZ / Earth Quakes Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water/Pisces SEa C Cockle Water Waves coils Shells and VirgO/Earth Pretty Flowers all in a row Earth Mutable adaptable Feminine

The WAVE is simply our U up U down Jelly Fish BREATHING aka UN is the VV aka M/W up down SWAY ....... Dont lose your Spirit of the SEA C HEAD EDD you gotta get through the last LEGG EGG Home 12th door spin spine sin sign wave ....Can you BREATHE through the BREEZE

The Wheel Goes from 12 x 30 degrees 360 wheel to 5 x 72 degrees 360 degree wheel cause we find our HEAD 5th body member we merge as above so below our heart/FLESH SOUL/SOL/SOLE is not heavier Than our Consiousness/Feather/Knowing/Spirit

Pisces White Madonna She sells Sea Shells England and VirgO France La Marianna Black Madonna .....

LEO LION LEON Sinking of the TiTanic Last LEG Air/Water makes the spin but LEO beomes the MERLION MERLIN TRICKSTER IMPOSTER .... The GREEN MAN

The NAIL CLIPPERS G7 aka JL CUT in POP CORN WALL 77 VV The BENT Angles to KNEEL NEIL LIEN NILE and HOW WOW Hawawii 50 ... 47 is 4 x 7 Legs to make the LAST LEG ... KALI CANCER last UP DOWN 69 CUT Can you see the Nail Clipper can you see the 77 can you see the 50 05 can you see the 4 x 7 last 4x4 wheel DRIVE Tiger Woods Crash TYGER TYGER burning Bright LUCY FER WINGS /77 V for Victory ...... Can you see the JF JL // CUT JELLY FISH DIA DORION GRAY FRAME YET?????? Can you see That Kali has 6 arems and legs?? can you see that CARBIS BAY is CB aka 23/32 23 Twin Pairs of DNA and 46th president is 46 chromosones and 47 th G7 is J7 is 77 is JJ JF Jane Fonda and JF K Last KEY CHIRON LAST the JOKER