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The Selfish Jolly Green Giant

I've just Published 3 articles, on my Site/blog, which I am STILL adding to and working on so i may prepare myself for the day and time, hopefully before the 5/6 Coronation date, it will be 56 yrs 2024 Paris Olympics since RoseMarys baby's were Born 1968 to 2024 May/5 the 6... and 56 yrs that plutO was in CETUS, the whale in the Victorian era when this New Eliza Mac BETH Line/Nile age was brought into place, by the Theosophical society the Lutherans.. These articles are PURELY for my use, so i can collect the SWARM of connections, i will be bringing to you with VideOs, when i find a way to bring my VOICE to you. My Face Book account was also taken down so i have to string my journey back together again and its a lot of work for me, I've had to cancel all my readings, those people who have been waiting since the flood and the submersion of my daughters home. Currently my VOICE is being slayed at the GEORGE GORGE/THROAT SIRIN/MERMAID loses her Song and the ALARM is SETH/BES LIZZ a BETH and SETH Game SET Match Mad Hatter CR CHI RHO Chiron's Last T REX Party Begins .. The Three Sisters TRIP LLL/777 Goddesses, replaced and the Last phase of the Moon is kept as the new Hidden Hand.. fertility Taken... Fertility God is Born, as st George kills the Milky Way Water MelON snake, Ophiuchus slays ScorpiO, so his Phoenix Altair, Summer Triangle may Meet with ORION the Winter Triangle and close us in the DIA MONDE.. Their Falcon rise instead of ScorpiO becoming the MC AIG/L EGG AIG/AIN TREE ENTRY .. ScorpiO the Eagle that carries the wisDOME again.. LiverPOOL is the THROAT GORGE and Scotland the HEAD, we lose our 5th element head at the Valley of the WATERS Throuat GORGE .. ST GEORGE St Martin de Tours St HUBERT of the HUNT separate's SPLITS the Milk and Honey in TWO Hence the Alarm before the Corona TIE ON Thai ON Coronation Street ... I've bought a SECOND brand new computer, since losing mine, in Storm Gabrielle at Pihas Rock PIC/PEAK de NICK OLA's OLE wave was struck by the META MATAD'OR ... Hopefully Ill be back with a video soon in the mean time, Please dont think you can possibly string this story toGETher from these blog articles, if you haven't been following me these past yrs.. For those of you who have, you may well see the story unfold, piece its self into one big INANNA Web of connections, PICTURE DIA FRAME the four corners reunited is the Crowning of your ability to be above the Jelly Fish Diaphragm DIA FRAME, you hold the FRAME and you take the Picture of this REEL ALI T show .. CorONation Street Soap Opera...

JOLLY GREEN Jour G JJ GG Giant Fertility Festival He took the Spring Chloe

Chloe is a feminine name of Greek origin, meaning "blooming" or "fertility." It is derived from the Greek name Khlóros which translates to "greenish-yellow color"—referring to the shade of springtime shoots.

circles with-in circles: 55+5 = 60 ~ 50+10 = 60 ~ 45+15 = 60 ~ 40+20 = 60 ~ 35+25 = 6 & 6+0 = 6 ... round & around in circles ~ stuck in patterns ~ divided minds

The ProtestantReformation was a religious reform movement that swept through Europe in the 1500s. It resulted in the creation of a branch of Christianity called Protestantism, a name used collectively to refer to the many religious groups that separated from the Roman Catholic Church due to differences in doctrine.

OMG Im so distracted trying to get working again.. ill be talking about this when i eventually am able to function again properly and get the work I'm preparing done, for the CorOnation Street , but yes WOW everything in PrepA for CorOna TI/THAI TIE ON !!! Im busy still collecting images and preparing video series on past 6 months but i will do a Coronation special too and THIS is the line up for Hitlers Birthday 20 April TOTAL Solar Eclipse with Uranus exactly where he was 84yrs agO opening of WWll...... SUN/MOOn conjunct aka a Black New Moon in Aries, conjunct HEAD North Node Milky Way snake With MERCURY Stationary before his 3 week RetrO where he will be BLINDED by the Sun in Aries for Coronation Party .. Mars in Gemini on SIRIUS and Venus on BULLS EYE and LOOK AT THE TIT BREAST OF VENUS over Asia OZ NEW Z LAND Holy wow this is everything ive being preparing in my work to come, coming exactly as i said it would.. Jude Peter Jupiter right in the V for Victory in Pisces but from down Under it will appear to be on the PEAK of the V Mountain that Jupiter does not have a CAP only a CAPE and he has no AIR so he fakes the HEIR down Under.. Jupiter conjunct CHI RHO CHIRON last square to MARS the SQUARED Circle ... Mercury/Mars in Mutual reception Mercury in Mars home/Aries and Mars in Mercury Home Gemini That's M n M power for you MM/13/13 26 no of Horse that won AIN/N/HAINE/ANU/ENTRY/TREE CR Charles REX CHI RHO Corach Rambler .. PlutO now in Capricorn and preparing to go RetrO for CoronA Rhythm of the Night TIE ON squaring Jupiter Sun/Moon North node and CHI RO/RO ON .. I will have to do VideO its just getting crazy ... Mars square CHIRon SATURN on GIZA true 3rd eye Aquarius as Jupiter aims to become South American POlO star and crown JAQUES Pierre PolO et JACK the Green Man BEAN stalk Mr BEAN ... Neptune home now in Pisces Aqua Man is rising Way of Water and Man by Man Mile by Mile 24/42 hr de LE MAN ..

Coronation Street is set for an explosive new year as the Underworld knicker factory will collapse killing of a much-loved character in scenes that will air in March.

Weatherfield will be rocked as locals discover what they think is an accident is actually the deliberate work of a new 'super-villain' - an established character set to reveal themselves in the coming months.

Speaking at a press event on Monday, show boss Iain McLeod revealed: 'We're knocking the factory down in a colossal stunt and it will at first appear to be an accident and then be revealed to be some sort of criminal enterprise that caused it all to come down – and somebody will be dying in that collapse.

William Blake TYGER TYGER on st POlO TIT Breast Bull eye Venus ... 37 yrs since 1986 Year of the Tyger Tyger

216 21/6 Summer solstice 216 6x6x6 and 2nd house 10th house and 6th house EARTH signs trip L goddesses..... Trying to relate New Zealand to the Coronation cause boy oh boy it's a long story to construct to the big coronation date.. Prince Williams Will I AM Willy Whale TELL Tail Tale birthday.. 21/6 6x6x6.. 3 degrees of sun 72+72+72 216 2nd house/sign Taurus 6 house/sign Virgo and 10/1 House/Sign Capricorn Trip L"Goddesses merged for fourth Moon phase for hidden hand Moon Key obviously.. coronation King Charles 111 Venus on the Wand of Orion then Venus goes retro 21/6 from cancer to Leo SOL O MON then Venus retro over regulus obviously 101!!! Coronation Venus will be on Wand of Mer/LIon , I've already seen it all inside out.. trying to gather info from last video 6 months ago to explain it all with NZ Land . I'll do an astrology one too just for this.. Coronation is crazy Mars in Gemini twins on Pollux aka MoMo LORD of the boxing Rings squared circle obviously, and Mercury ruler of Gemini/Pollux is retro blinded by sun conjunct SON 10th house also conjunct to Uranus and head of snake North node and Vesta and Jupiter !!!! and chiron Last ending his cycle in Pisces to Aries... Venus on Wand of Orion PlutO retro in Capricorn..FULL moon in Libra entering ScorpiO Moon bang and south node in libra ruled by Venus.. Saturn ON true third eye Formlhaut Aquarius at home on Giza .. Neptune fully in Pisces... it's so ridiculously perfect.. for crowning of MC Orion... I'll get to it soon May Day 6 May .. May the SEX be with you.. ... West Minster CC/33 Charles Camilla and Kate/ROSE Mary Tudor ROSE..

HAPI APPI APP/L APES God of the NILE/LINE Flooding Fertility God .. Mars was on Aldebaran for the Falling of Notre DAM 2019 and 6 days later for ISHTAR EASTER day the sacrifice of my Dog HAPPY 2019 aka 216 Summer solstice flooding Mars was also on Aldebaran Nic/OLA BULLeye for the Floods in NZ 13 14 15 February VALENTINES Lupercalia Fertility Festival 2023 and for the death of the Queen, Mars was also on same spot for Date of CORONA Birthday 8/9 September Mars as Jupiter was also on the Whales Tail both MARS/JUPITER MAR/TIN went retrO and returned in 2023 for NZ Flooding..

The annual flooding of the Nile occasionally was said to be the Arrival of Hapi.[1] Since this flooding provided fertile soil in an area that was otherwise desert, Hapi symbolised fertility. He had large female breasts because he was said to bring a rich and nourishing harvest. Due to his fertile nature he was sometimes considered the "father of the gods",[1] and was considered to be a caring father who helped to maintain the balance of the cosmos, the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system.[1] He was thought to live within a cavern at the supposed source of the Nile near Aswan.[4] The cult of Hapi was mainly located at the First Cataract named Elephantine. His priests were involved in rituals to ensure the steady levels of flow required from the annual flood. At Elephantine the official nilometer, a measuring device, was carefully monitored to predict the level of the flood, and his priests must have been intimately concerned with its monitoring.

Hapi was not regarded as the god of the Nile itself but of the inundation event.[1] He was also considered a "friend of Geb", the Egyptian god of the earth,[5] and the "lord of Neper", the god of grain

As the storm Gabrielle KALI Destruction the Waters breaking from the dilated Vagina... Gabrielle is the French feminine form of the given name Gabriel (Hebrew: גַבְרִיאֵל) which translates to "Woman of God" and "God is my strong man". Gabrielle.. .approaches to Hit the NIC/OLA/WAVE TESS/L.A. BULL/EYE New Z LAND for this 13th Feb as Mars is on Aldebaran and Saturn enters Aquarius.............2/16 2nd FEB 13/14/15 Valentine's Day is JOKER DAY Cupid/Gemini Valentine/Sagittarius/FLIP/FLOP Lupercalia Fertility Festival Day Saturn enters Aquarius/11th house 14/2 and two days after 2/16 is a BIG 6+6+6 Day Summer Solstice Putting Cernunnos, on the true Winter/Summer SOLSTICE Line rising JAQUES and the BEAN Stalk Pierre/Paul Jude Pete and Paul become JACK GG/Green man on the 16th FEB is 21/6 Summer solstice NARNIA Flip Flop ... It seems France has had a very Mild warm Winter WeATher past few weeks and where i am its been Very Cool wet and cold for mid summer.. Taurus WEST WORLD Orions gate Gemini/Taurus AXIS is the remains of where i live TorO MetAD'ORS Bull Fighting is the heart of my land as is TEXAS as is Glastonbury TOR Line the VicTORia Line flip flop The WHEEL Turns N.E.W.S.. EL/LISA Mac BETH Line on the Wore H'OR Izon/Zion Eyes ON .. West the B/REAST becomes East the B/East B/REST FLIP FLOP in Full Swing .. all since X/MAS when Sun was in 13th Sign Ophiuchus/Sagittarius 9th house in the GG/77 Galactic GAP EAST/Golden gate TRI ANGLE To/Lose Toulouse LeTrec Laur/OR Lautrec.. to The West the KEY W.E Key to West/East the new WHORE Izon Moulin ROUGE Mars in Taurus TorO West Way Wild is the Wind Way of Water Wombles of Wimbledon the WILD WEST is here .... VirgO rises on the WEST Sun in the EAST Black/Earth Yellow/Fire the BEE The Fleur de Lyss Lucy'FUR .. SUN enters 11th house Aquarius on 2/16 that's 216 6x6x6 Summer solstice 21st FEB from 9 Sagittarius to 11 Aquarius 9/11 2/16 Mars Bang on Bull's eye Aldebaran 🎯

The sceptre, or staff of office, is a very ancient royal symbol, going back at least to ancient Egypt. The orb, a globe symbolising the world, and hence authority over the world, is not as old, but certainly goes back to Roman times, incidentally proving that it was common knowledge among the Romans that the world was a globe, or the symbol would have made no sense. In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel is an archangel with power to announce God's will to men. He is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Quran. Many Christian traditions — including Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Anglicanism — revere Gabriel as a saint. God is my strength

God is my strength. Gabrielle is a baby girl name of French origin. A French form of the Hebrew name Gavri'el, this baby name means “God is my strength.” If you intend to raise baby religiously, you may love coming across an abundant name like Gabrielle.

The Four horse shoes of the Milky Ways opening and shutting ascending and descending Lunar Nodes, SKIP with celestial equator and Moons paths .. Lunar North node Rahu and Lunar south node Ketu is The head tail of the Milky Way Serpent, there are 2 North and 2 South Nodes 4 horse shoes, as the Moon dances the cow jumps over the moon Aldebaran/Taurus Milky Way expands and contracts at the tropics and equator its a DANCE the wheel breathes up down in out as does our diaphragm DIA FRAME/ 4 corners as Tides come and go.. The Cow/Taurus jumps through the DNA skipping ropes of the Celestial paths that meet and separate North Node is your destination in this life and South Node is where you came from and where it feels comfortable to be ... Chiron the Key represents the longitude and lateral four corners of the Asc/Dsc Mc/IC crossing points of the Celestial skipping ropes dance with the equator and Moons Paths.. completed at each Spring Winter Summer Fall and at the completion of an AGE ..

Eye SPY the BULL/eye The BAAL Ball Bal/haine/N spinning N/North Polaris DiS C.O BALL Whale 🐳 shot down upside down under whirl monde a l'envers surrealist BALL..The Moon fertility for full moon in Cancer 69 falling down south from Sun in Capricorn 96 keeping you below the subconscious realm under the UN dia frame...3yr Saturn cycle in each sign 3 degrees sun moment is 1degree every 72 yrs... 72+72+72 216 ... 21/6 Solstice Nile/Line Capricorn Cancer tropics is true equinox MC IC Saturn leaves 3 yrs of Capricorn during this full moon for the fertility festival Lupercalia Cupid/Valentine 13/14/15 Feb..


as Saturn enters Aquarius for the LUPERCALIA FERTILITY FESTIVAL Cupid/Valentine 13/14/15 FEB Gabrielle is set to HIT The New Z LAND 13 Feb Tess of the d'Urbervilles TESS/L.A. ... Valentines Day PIC/NIC at Hanging ROCK APPLE YARD Will I AM TELL TALE SPLASH COLLEGE NIC/TESS LA NIC/OLA/WAVE UBER TESS D'URBERVILLE ... MISSING The BULLEY BULLS EYE 🎯 is the BREAST The Mexican HAT The squared circ/L Midnight Express ... Mir/ANDA The TEMP/EAST B/13 EAST BEAST BrEAST Ishtar Gate The Ishtar Gate was the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon .. The WHORE of BABYLON Horizon Whore 👀 ON EYE/ON IZON/ZION Rides the LEON/LIE/ON/ELON/NOEL True New Year is Spring equinoX .. Mars on the BULLS EYE right now as it was for the Queen death ritual, retrOgrade and now BACK for the Lupercalia festival 13/14/15 ISHTAR/EAST/HER RABBIT yr of the RABBIT Fertility SHE WOLF when Mars is in the home of VENUS .. Mars was bang on the Bullseye/Aldebaran for EASTER/ISHTAR day 2019 to open CORONA Rhythm of the NIGHT Darkside of VENUS.. for the falling of Notre DAM 16/4 2019 and Ishtar day 21st April when 8 bulls are killed in my village, My Dog HAPPY was sacrificed to the BULL FERTILITY GOD APPI/AP APP/L Planet of the APPS .. AIGNAN N/ON D'art in 🎯N D'Artagnan home of LOOP/LOUP/IAC Lupiac LUPERCALIA .. Mars BANG ON Bull's eye 13 FEB for Lupercalia FESTIVAL I have chosen to research Lupercalia for my post as the celebration holds some personal significance for me. It is a festival of fertility and prosperity celebrated in Ancient Rome between the 13th and 15th of February (a date which holds much importance to me as it is my birthday). In this blog I intend to explain how it is likely tied in with St Valentine's day. The origin of the name, Lupercalia also known as the Feast of Lupercal, is derived not only from the Roman Fertility God, Lupercus but also from the name given to the cave where Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome were alleged to have been nurtured by a she-wolf. The legend goes that in the 6th century BC the twin's father, King Amulius ordered that they should be drowned as infants in the river Tiber after their mother broke her vow of celibacy. Having been placed in a basket by a servant that took pity on them, they were carried downriver by the river God and were caught in the branches of a fig tree. They were discovered by a female wolf who raised them in her den at the base of Palantine Hill (where Rome was founded) that would later be named Lupercal. The festival of Lupercalia was in itself a very violent and sexually charged affair that was carried out in two separate locations, firstly in the cave itself and secondly in the Roman, open-air, public meeting place called the Comitium. At the Lupercal cave, a dog and one or more male goats, to represent sexuality were sacrificed by the Luperci, a group of priests. Two of them, at this point naked, would be smeared by the blood from the sacrificial knife. As the Luperci priests laughed, the blood was removed with wool soaked in milk. Strips of the freshly sacrificed goats were then cut to form what are referred to as thongs or februa. These were to be used later in the celebration and it's likely to be where the name for our month of February found its origins. The festivities were then transferred to the city of Ancient Rome. Naked or near-naked, the Luperci ran around using the februa to whip all women who were in striking distance. This was a fertility rite, welcomed by many of the ladies present who often bared their skin to be lashed. Location was often important, for example, a lashed breast may lead to lactation. As time progressed, this tradition became more chaste as nudity fell out of favour and women were whipped on their hands by fully clothed men. Next, women’s names were randomly drawn from jars by the men to decide who would couple with whom for the duration of the feasting and subsequent revelry. Many couples would choose to stay together until the following year’s celebration. Quite a number of them would fall in love and often got married. Closer to home, the museum of Vindolanda, boasts a very beautiful betrothal pendant made from jet. Most of the jet at Vindolanda probably come from Whitby in North Yorkshire. Perhaps this trinket was brought up the coastal road to our fort by a man who wanted to present it to his sweetheart, how romantic! Fertility and love was very important to the Romans and we have many objects in our museums that attest to that. At Vindolanda we have a wonderful example of Priapus, who is carved in stone and is very definitely a fertility god and excavations over 50 years have unearthed numerous representations of the male phallus also known as a fascina made of different materials. These were often used as symbols of good luck and fertility and were worn as jewellery, carried upon the person and even carved into structures and buildings. At the Roman Army Museum, you can see a fantastic statuette depicting Venus, the Roman goddess of love which proves just how important it was in Roman society. It is not coincidental that the Christian festival of St Valentine’s day should also fall on the 14th February which is right in the middle of Lupercalia. As is evident in other examples of pagan festivals that were co-opted by Christianity (Yule/Saturnalia becoming Christmas, Samhain becoming Halloween/All Hallows Eve and Eostre/Ostara becoming Easter), it appeared to be easier to the early Christians to simply assimilate the local customs and develop a more sanitised, chaste way to celebrate them as a way to gently control the populace. In the 5th century AD, Pope Gelasius I decided to outlaw the practice of Lupercalia and mandated that that 14th February would instead be to mark the martyrdom of St Valentine instead. Many legends circulate regarding Valentine himself. (Link to Valentine blog) Just how much of the celebration of Lupercalia influences the traditions of St Valentine's Day can be a little vague but genuine comparisons can be drawn with the use of colours. It is thought that the use of red could stem back to the blood of the sacrifices carried out for the Feast of Lupercal and perhaps the contrasting use of white could be compared to the milk used to cleanse the blood from the anointed Luperci and signify new life and procreation. Whatever comparisons can be drawn, it is very apparent that many of our current traditions and practices are still heavily influenced by those of the Roman Empire some 2000 years ago. It proves that priorities of humanity as a whole has not changed through history.

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The WHO BEAR, UBER U/BARE Hugh/Beurre HUE/BAAH ... HUBERT Patron of the HUNT The Deer Hunters, Cause the EYE RAN/RAIN/REIGN IRA/N Keeper of the 4 Corners The GREEN MAN Pat/RICK and MAR/TIN it all comes back to taking HER fertility, that's all this has ever been about... Ridding earth of Copper/Venus for Iron/Mars for Mercury/Quick Silver and Jupiter/Tin the PU/TIN to become ArgenT/Tin/A PolO Apollo/SUN and Pan/Mercury/Saturn .. Sun/Moon YellOw SubMarine.. Yellow/FIRE/Asia Red/AIR/America/India and Middle East PakiStan Stan is Lass The GREEN GOD JACK The GARDENER GARD/N/HER ..Black/Earth/Russia/Africa and White/Europe Slave race 50 shades of GRAY ..Old MAC and Donald had a farm .. Hubertus or Hubert ( c. 656 – 30 May 727 A.D.) was a Christian saint who became the first bishop of Liège in 708 A.D. He is the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians, chicken roasters and metalworkers

The symbol of two snakes on a staff is called the Caduceus. The staff, depicted with wings, is that of Mercury (Roman) or Hermes (Greek), messenger of the Gods and also God of commerce.



7. The crescent as a fertility symbol

The moon’s moderating function may also be observed in the allocation of waters and rainfall, and so it first appeared as an intermediary between earth and heaven.

The moon not only measures and regulates terrestrial cycles, but it also unites them via its activity: the rivers and rain, the fertility of women and animals, and the fertility of plants are all harmonized by the moon’s activity.

The Triple Goddess According to Celtic tradition, Morrígan is sometimes known as The Three Morrígna, or the triple goddess, representing different aspects or facets of the same deity. The Three Morrígna are often referred to as Badb, Macha, and Nemain, and each has her own distinct attributes and characteristics.

  • Badb, also known as the "Crow of Battle," is associated with war and death. She is often depicted as a raven or crow and is believed to fly over battlefields, choosing which warriors will live and which will die.

  • Macha is a fertility goddess associated with childbirth and motherhood. She is also known for her strong will and determination and is often depicted as a powerful and influential figure.

  • Nemain is a goddess of chaos and confusion associated with the frenzy of battle. She is often depicted as a wild and unpredictable figure and is said to cause confusion and disarray on the battlefield.

The Goddess Morrígan's Role in Mythology

The Celtic goddess Morrígan is a central figure in Irish mythology and folklore, and there are many popular stories and legends surrounding her. One of the most well-known myths involving the Morrígan is her involvement in war. According to tradition, she was a fierce warrior goddess who would often appear on the battlefield, choosing which warriors would live and which would die. In some stories, she is a shapeshifter who could take on the form of a crow or raven and fly over the battlefield, selecting the victors and the vanquished.

N.E.M.A Nemain GABRIELLE NEMA .. In Irish mythology, Neman or Nemain (modern spelling: Neamhan, Neamhain) is the spirit-woman or goddess who personifies the frenzied havoc of war. ORIGIN: Ireland The name Nemain means “frenzy.” She is the goddess of battle fury. Nemain is the least known of the Irish battle goddesses.

In Irish mythology, Neman or Nemain (modern spelling: Neamhan, Neamhain) is the spirit-woman or goddess who personifies the frenzied havoc of war. In the ancient texts where The Morrígan appears as a trio of goddesses — the three sisters who make up the Morrígna — one of these sisters is sometimes known as Nemain.

According to the 17th-century Irish historian Geoffrey Keating (Irish: Seathrún Céitinn), the three sovereignty goddesses associated with Éire, Banbha and Fódla were Badb, Macha and The Morrígan. Ériu, Banba and Fódla are also interpreted as goddesses of sovereignty.

Who is the Irish goddess of chaos?

Nemain is a goddess of chaos and confusion associated with the frenzy of battle. She is often depicted as a wild and unpredictable figure and is said to cause confusion and disarray on the battlefield.Jan 20, 2023

Gabrielle God is my strength

Origin:French. Meaning: God is my strength. Gabrielle is a baby girl name of French origin. A French form of the Hebrew name Gavri'el, this baby name means “God is my strength.” If you intend to raise baby religiously, you may love coming across an abundant name like Gabrielle.

TRIP L Goddesses LLL/111/777/VVV Hidden Hand Last phase of the MOON DARKSIDE of the MOON .. PInk Floyd 50 yrs ...... His T"oire ARM OIRE d"O EAU EAUZE OZ Three Waters NZ Plan d"O FRANCE Hidden HAND ....

New Zealand | Portrait of Rangitupu Take (Maori chief), taken by W H T Partington. Early 20th century

Carte de visite portrait of Beti Karaitiana, taken, probably in the 1870s, by Samuel Carnell of Napier. Dated from use of wet collodion process. ...

Indian Captive. Olive and her family headed alone for California in 1850. They were attacked by Indians on the Gila River in Arizona in February of 1852, and Olive and her sister Mary were captured. The girls served as slaves for a year and were later sold to a Mojave chief who lived near Needles, California. Mary...

13 the star nr....the next nr are 37 & 73 EL LE .... the sum ( of the sum of 8).... the magic square of the sun..... the atlantis symbol....cutting by a line ....give the god nr 7..

37 EL LE 73

The Tyger – William Blake

CHI RHO sWORD in the sTONE BB/Betty Blue BB/22 Charles 73 and betty Blue 37 degrees 37/73 is 10/10 X Birth of The MAD DONNA La Marianne Whore MON/AL LISA 44 days of Lisa Truss too CORONA eclipse 25/10 and 44 days till 11/11 4x4 wheel drive a HEAD .. · 3 killed and 7 people shot in ST LOUIS King of the swingers X/10 marks the Vesica Piscis Eye of the TYGER passage...Published Oct. 24, Britain has its third prime minister in two months: on October 25th King Charles III asked Rishi Sunak to form a government. Mr Sunak, a former chancellor of the exchequer, had been declared the new leader of the Conservative Party the previous day. He won a hurriedly organised contest without a single ballot being cast, by becoming the only MP to gather the 100 nominations needed to qualify for the race.

8 Moon phases 8 Analemma Sun and Venus 8yr cycle 5 pointed star ... Silver coins Judas betrayed Jesus Moon/Mercury 30 days ...