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The Scissor SistAs

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Ive made such a pretty boudoir Summer season home, moved my desk to the light bedroom and made my sitting room a cosy place for company...

I was just thinking to remind you, the idea is to FACE the fact that Winter Summer Solstice and Autumn Spring Equinox is all there is, The Toros field May Pole and the two Bulbs BAALS

the CROSS the WHEEL the Four Corn her legs Angles Seasons so to get through the spirituality door 12th house Pisces to make and merge this TIPPERARY Right left SWINGER Game in Harmonic Procession, you need to see the two ends and aboves and belows plus the humours of the seasons so to BEE the 13th CORE to C both ends of the Stick, SEE SAW SEA SHORE C WHORE HOARSE HORSE

Pisces/Mutable Water Nuns Nurses Preists Monks Hermits Doctors high class prostitutes Saints and Martyrs Gangsters maffia and mer maids and Men and Sagittarius Mutable Fire Gurus Prophets Racing car drivers Lucy Fer Zeus Philosophers Professors Healers Shaman poets writers university students teachers TRAVEL Gypsies Nomads Bohemians is the two expansion houses fire of the mind Sagittarius and Illusion and spirituality of the spirt Pisces ruled by ZEUS SEUZ means the HIGHT of Desire bull shit illusion must be DEALT WITH EARTH Female and AIR Masculine using Female Water spirt and Male Fire sprit Hot Dry Cold Moist and BastA PastA .. So to know that as soon as you FACE your biggest FEAR full on, you can intellectualise your emotions and find consciousness and roots the spell of L is broken from the INSIDE Out The breathing DIA FRAME between above and below can at last stand up straight an inner to outer IMPLOSION that can meet outer directed explosion in true harmonious balance between AC and DC is FOUND you are FREE to conduct and make perfect plasma waves of air and earth you become the story TELLER of Fire and Ice you hold your own PILLARS UP

Feminie Axis Water Mutable Pisces Spirtual Ocean Sea Shore Whore Horse Sea Shells Oil OctOpussys Bi Polar Moon Stars Waves Tsunamies Cults new Age Religions Churches Hospitals Asylums Schools Hotels Fairies

VirgO Mutable Clay earth Tangible gardens herbs Rosemary and Thyme Earthquakes Practical Bi Polar Analytical Research and Crafts and healing and Yoga and food and holistic High Preistess Huts Hobbits Gnomes Gnostic Harry Potter Thumbalinas ...

Sleeping beauty Snow White Rose Red

VIRGO Practical Pisces Crazy

Water Axis Mutable Water feminie MM Mer Maid

Four Elements

Earth Axis Mutable Earth VirgO Feminie MM Mary Magdalene

VirgO Pisces Merged makes ... Mutable Clay

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