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The Mutable Cross

Pisces Sagittarius Ruled by Jupiter and Gemini Virgo ruled by Mercury They are the Mutable CROSS Binary Code Mercury is the child of the trinity, Salt, Sulfer and Mercury.. MJ rules our 23 TWIN double helix Duality code that has put a latch to keep us stuck on the 33 inch record stuck in time that is the DAM to block the flow of our rain drops water ... The Polaris becomes The P of above and below the ARC wheel Peter and Paul ... they have BLOCKED the wheel so we are crucified ... on the Aries/Libra Alpha/Omega Alef/Tav Equinox.. we are 1,700 yrs off in a 23,5 degree earth crap tilt story.. now is our time take the Peg out of the wheel of the PIE Rats and the PI Lots and we all learn how to spin the 3,6,9 to 12 to become a higher frequency again... the mutable cross has kept us divided as it is BINARY BI BULL code

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