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The Lion/Leo Gates into the 3rd eye

The Lion/Leo Gates into the 3rd eye when the lion lies down with the lamb Twin Peaks 23/32 Twin DNA strand or 32 state of Grace.. in Auch capital of 32 department...gates lead to Twin Peak Cathedral with the M/13 door out of the wheel.. Lion/Leo BabyLyon is opposite Aquarius gateway into MM ♒ MM is Fake cause 13 +13 is 26 = 8 ATE = Orus Borus TRAP's a G Ateway stuck in the flesh 33rd crucifiction last vertebrae or .spirit grace 32nd vertebrae .... this was built when they knew the truth of entering the kingdom... Biarritz department 64 where G7 is held September 2019 32/32 Is when I AM 64 is the PAN the RAM not the true Lord of the Rings Twin Peak gateway through.. Saturn rules the Twin Peak G Ateway from lead to gold from flesh to spirit....

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