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The Law of the Mid L Beat

Old Post from 2020 .....

This Mid EL School Reality is held in place by Sound TempO and MOTION The E Motions of our Balance and Sway Chakra system is the 7 frequencies..

The Earth Realm shifts between Lower and Upper beats of the Planets Pendulums that keep us in our unique Tones.. We are moving as a collective out of the LOWER Realm RED ORANGE Yellow to Make GREEN hence why Noddy land keeps you in different zones of Colours, Those who have merged their 7 chakras may place their CORONA CROWN upon their heads and have free movement on the chess Board Those on the HAMster Wheel are Riding the Collective Bicycle into the YELLOW SOLAR PLEXUS REALM the 101 LOL Lucifer land of PEACE at a PRICE of never making the true HEART gateway and finding a whole new frequency...

If we were ALL above the belt harmonised frequencies we would be living a different reel Ali T show but as we make this SHIFT there will be a SPLIT, this whole Change over is a sorting and shifting of who will keep the lower belt conveyor belt of desire and lust turning in the machine mentality and who will jump off the factory Chain to find inner freedom? this is why we are given the Bee Gee Kill Bill Gate way when the 101 gate Way is to find the WISDOM of SOL O MON that moves us into the above belt HEART its a passage not a Peter Pan destination, those who carry HATE are ATE and those who see through the GAME become the as above so below perfect double 88/HH Loop Through.. Even if it means physical death and the Golden Ticket OUTTA here.. If you still cant see through the TRICK or TREAT you keep the BIG WHEEL turning and those who have found their own inner WHEEL no longer need to be HAMsters running after their own tail you gotta go counter clockwise to find the Mid El Beat gateway through, you have to be your own FLOW or frequency to keep a material form and continue or you can return to Spirit and leave all material ego and desire behind, its a choice now, we each have to make and all the Puppets on the Stage are just an ILLUSION

HOW SINGING INFLUENCES OUR HEALTH * Singing communicates to the body the ′′ right ′′ vibes that increase our vitality; * During singing in the human brain, special chemicals are made that help us feel peace and joy; * Singing improves blood circulation in the throat area, which has a beneficial effect on vocal cords, tonsils and numerous lymph nodes in the throat and therefore significantly increases local immunity (in other words, we rarely catch colds); * Improving blood supply during singing leads to brain activity intensification: it starts working more intensely, memory improves, any information is easier to perceive; * Singing is very useful for lung diseases, as it works as a respiratory gymnastics that promotes the development of chest, proper breathing, and significantly reduces the number of acute lung conditions; * With regular singing, the level of immunoglobulin and hydrocortisone, which are signs of good immunity, increase in the body; * Methods have been developed that treat stuttering through singing and help improve diction; * Singing is used even in the fight against overweight: sometimes excessively full people are available when they feel a feeling of hunger instead of eating to sing two or three songs. Attention, girls! Singing improves blood supply in the head area and generally rejuvenates the body, skin condition improves. This is why experts recommend singing at least 5 minutes a day, equating singing to physical exercises. Via AdiDisha Yoga‎

... the 5th chakra is the MID EL BEAT The BFG 5d Spin is your HEART gateway through the TRAP or its the 5g trap into the lineal underwhirl .. Mars RED rules the base Root Chakra EGO Jupiter ORange rules the sacral DESIRE material Flesh The Yellow Solar Plexus 101 gateway to the Heart is SUN and Moon Sol O Mon wisdom The HEART is the Doorway to ABOVE its GREEN Ruled by VENUS and the Throat is Blue ruled by Mercury and the 3rd eYe and CROWN is SATURN the Ultra Violet White Flame of as above so below..The Critical point is when you are in that place between each breath swing and you can remain there in your own Harmony without being swept away by the DiVine CV/VCVincci CoMEde .. Some of us are No Longer keeping the lower realm afloat we have merged out of the Chaos and our order is within us ... Snow White is neutral she has merged her twin jack n Jill DNA strands her 7 chakras and meets her twin Flame Crown in the True Twin peaks

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