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The heart of the Torus Torah field

Yes we live in the heart of the Torus Torah field thats why 32 is the state of grace and 23 is the Twin Bi Bull/Bulb/Ball/Bell DNA strands that keep us in flesh Taurus is our Torso thats why TOR Glastonbury is the heart/earth chakra of earth... Taurus is Europa or Eris,

Alderbaran Fixed Star has an orb of 2°30′ 23/32 Taurus is le vache qui rit because taurus is a COW feminine earth our heart chakra or ISIS Ishtar/Easter.. the wicked witch of the EAST but in truth its the west way gate one of the four fixed stars or Muskateers hence Elon Musk/Lone skum is the last D'artagnan LOUP Loop Lupiac is the closing of the ZoDiac 4 tune last corner closed... The Bi Bull labyrinth the elctromagnetic pulse of our hearts is in our village Aignan/Arignee the etoile of the spider web heart frequency... Lot's wife Charlatons web BULL worship is simply the fake philosophers stone the round table of Arthur Merlin keeps us under a spell... not for nothing G7 is in biarritz this September Autumn equinox 6 months after easter this year because 32 + 32 is when I AM 64 Biarritz is of course 64th department and the end of the last 2 200 age of Pisces Water EUROPE ... IsIs is the half Moon of the Bulls Horns Venus rules Libra Omega and taurus isis feminine in taurus and Masculine in libra its been inverted and perverted... Bull worship is much deeper than just these horrible sacrifices ... Our village Aignan still kills Bulls every Easter its all about killing the Torus field HEART ley line to TOR Glastonbury...Funny enough today is a new moon BLACK Moon on the Bulls eye exact.. Aldebaran means sun and moon are conjunct on the fake bulls eye ... South West France is the home of the PI Rats and this is why Bull worship is so prominent here not for nothing a Bull is infront of wall street the BI Bull is the labyrinth Pair of balls parables of the two sides of our coin 32/32 23/23 our HEART and every time a bull is killed the HEART is touched and HER Love dimmed 🥀🎯🥀

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1 Comment

Jesse Thomas
Jesse Thomas
Jun 26, 2021

Thank you for this.

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