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The Black PRINCE

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The Black Moon of 7 March is on the Jesus Last Super point NOT Fomalhaut its a trick to take over Fomalhaut, to stop us making it through, they will start to clamp down on us spreading real truth, now, big time...Mercury goes Retrograde on the 7th too i didnt mention in video... very important to note, mercury is the Trickster Joker

Important to take note is that the 7 March Black Moon is not on Fomalhaut exactly but on the vesica piscis the LOOP/LOUP/WOLF 33 is 8 Monty Python is Montgomery is the capital of Alabama, ALLAH BOHAMA Sickle/Bow and the Hammer/Arrow I WILL I AM Isis/Venus and Mars ... Alpha BETA is lineal we have to get through the spiral womb ,, so the black Moon is NOT on Fomalhaut the true EYE but on the Visca Piscis,, its a gateway not a Den to Fomalhaut....

Basically the end story of today is we are going through the Visca Piscis womb but for many it will be the 8 3/3/3 Triple Goddess dead End, we are literary going through now, we merge the black white Pisces/Virgo Mirror we do the 3,6,9 and ,,,,12 spin we dont get STUCK in the Tigers EYE Visca piscis we use the FOUR TUNE spin the last corner FOUR TUNE spin to not get crucified we must spin our own Tapestry through.... we had the 777 21 Luke 21 clear days the calm before the storm and we prepare the last 7 this 7 march as Rahu ketu enter Gemini Sagittarius Mutable cross.. We are Currently in the transition of lead to Gold phase, PlutO Saturn Conjunction, the 7th March we complete a 777 Black Moon journey from, a 007 in November and December to the last Black jack 7th March... The North and South Node Rahu and Ketu Tweedle Dee or Twiddle Dumb, How Waw ii Captain the PI Rats PI Lots.. move as the Swastika in two directions right left Brain South North after 18 Months of Capricorn/Cancer CC is 33 and on the 3/3/3 we had Alabama/Aldebaran The triple Goddess The vesica piscis merging of two halves and a whole. we leave Cardinal GAS cross onto Mutable Liquid Cross Thats why we have PI Patel in a Gas Station in Alabama Alpha Omega Abra Cad abra, this is where we can get caught in Hive Five Inverted pentagram or we merge through the Mirror of our other half, we turn lead to Gold, The Vesica Piscis is before Fomalhaut its a gateway the 72 year period of passage through the Womb, we will give birth to our fruits and 2020 is the peak, not a 3,6,9, TESS Trap for we need to spin the Mutable cross ourselves to not be SPUN in the TRAP, its a 3,6,9,12 NOT three we need the FOUR TUNES and the two halves, and the 7 our our Chakras of lead to Gold ....if we are in Fear over this time we can fall in the den we must get out of this Low Sheep herding state and see from outside of the wheel... The 21 day Clear Blue Skies, is Luke 21 please read my BLOG here to catch up and join all these dots presented here, This video must be watched with a view to reading the blog on my AlchemyAccordance Blog and also for booking readings, if you so feel inclined, LOve xxx Luke 21 21 Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those in the city get out, and let those in the country not enter the city. .... 21 Days Ritual 14th Feb till 7 March 777 LIBER? Pure BLUE skies? 21 June is the summer solstice before 22/6 226 and WILL I AM b Day.. Half Moon Three Goddess Ritual 13, 14, 15 February Valentine day half moon on the BULLS EYE ALDEBARAN 14th Feb till 7 March is 21,,, ... Catch 22 V is 22 V is 5 VENUS ... 7 March Black Rahu/Ketu go in Gemini TWINS and Sagittarius Moon and mercury goes RetrO.. Uranus/Eris/Mars conjunct in Aries...

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