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The Birthing Process

We are all in the process of GIVING BIRTH.. It comes in waves, we began 2012, Venus takes 9 Months to do a cycle we have 9 years to carry our pure intentions through the narrow gate, Eclipse 2017 we were at 5 Months the cycle of the 5 petaled flower Venus makes.. ... 2021 777/21/3 we go into LABOUR .. the contractions become BIGGER and BIGGER they get closer and closer, you need to STOP and start to contemplate and meditate .. to surf those waves, Catch 22 2020 is the PEAK of the strain.. by 2024 we will have given BIRTH as one whole.. to a whole new Baby/AGE to walk into.. you need to PACE yourself and stay above every SWELL, to be in the right place at the right time.. i can't carry all humanity on my back, start BREATHING we need to break the spell, and be in harmonious vision, or we split..we want to wake up on the other side of OURSELVES Not under the BrainROW but safely dwelling in our own ARC/Vessels as the captains of our journeys

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