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Sol O MOn Seal is doomed but they are trying... VideO to come

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

OK Mercury goes RetrO on the 7/7 in Cancer on the 31st July he goes forward again in Cancer ....

The MOON rules Cancer and the Moon has a partial lunar eclipse 16 July in Sagittarius conjunct tail of snake Ketu and sun Conjunct head in Gemini ruled by mercury in Gemini ...

Jupiter that rules SAG is still RetrO in ScorpiO water sign like Cancer making this DEEP cause Jupiter and Mercury are MJ/Jesus Mick Jagger and Michael Jack SON MUTABLE cross rulers of this past 2 200 yr cycle and there time is nearly OVER..... Venus moves out of Gemini on the 27th July into Cancer to meet Mars in Detriment and that is the famous CROP photo you sent me Teri Du Toit Its MARS SUN and Venus all in cancer ruled by MOON after the lunar eclipse but my computer moves at 1 sec per hr and i cant find that pic please send me the one you tagged me on asking me what it was THIS IS IT Mars SUN and Venus in CANCER the 27th...

MARS SUN VENUS!!! in CANCER Nick Bull posts us his latest and dynamic crop circle video on the new and intimate crop circle at Scrubbs Lane, Bishops Sutton, near Winchester, Hampshire, UK. Reported (today) the 29th of June, 2019.😍 (3 freeze frames from the video). Video link:

on the 31st July Mercury goes FORWARD after 3 weeks RETRO in Gemini where RAHU KETU ARE FOR THESE FAMOUS ECLIPSES into cancer

as MARS moves into LEO/LIon Gates into age of Aquarius or stuck in SOL/Sun LEO O MON/MOON Cancer SolOMon SEAL... 1st of August MOON MARS conjunction in LEO...

Jupiter currently in ScorpiO Water Fixed goes forward again after 4 month RETRO mid August too....30/8 BLACK NEW MOON SUN VENUS MARS MERCURY on REGULUS in LEO

Holy FNUCK Sol O MON Seal... they are trying so HARD Will I AM? Sun RA King...

its taken me an hour covered in flies like in a horror movie to write this you have no idea how hard it is to express my self and computer is almost at stand still and key board blocked im hungry now.....that was for you Carol Harris ...I will do my own video on this when i am not in a fly horror movie after 10 hrs cleaning and a computer that breaks down every TAP

TWIN PEAKS MERGING THROUGH THESE ECLIPSES!!! Wow! 🤩The 10th crop circle this year reported in France! This crop circle was reported Twin Terrils, near Houdain/Haillicourt, Pas-de-Calais, France. Reported on the 30th of June, 2019. 🇫🇷Aerial photo by Sylvain Wallart. More photos and information can be found on this Crop Circle Connector link:

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