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Round A bouts are for Venus

Venus makes

e flower of life in the sky.. What we see in France at the ROUND abouts is because Venus represents Circles Roundness Venus is feminine in Taurus and Masculine in Libra this is a RITUAL to make Venus in Libra ROUND/Female and to kill the Spinner and the WEaver spirit of true WOMEN stealing the Power for LUCIFER/VENUS/MALE/LIBRA/OMEGA She is ending a cycle of retrogrades in 2023 and ending one right Now as she ends a petal in Libra/Venus/Lucifer/Wisdom on the Pole/Scales of the Snake.. Judgement 22 DEC she finishes a Petal... Venus is an eternal spiral unless we are still not able to SPIN we will be SPUN into Matter.. Venus is used By Jupiter with Mercury to try and TRAP us in the WEB the FAKE flower BAPHOMET is the Aldebaran BULLS EYE the Philosophers Stone is Venus in TAURUS and LUcifer in LIbra OR The WISDOM The snake on the Pole is SEEN found and the spell is broken.. Venus will end her 2018 Petal on the 22nd DEC the same day as MJ are conjunct in Libra after a 007 double BlackMoon in 7/11 Libra/ 7/12 ScorpiO .. The Gillets Jaune is about creating the last problem REACTION solution before Jupiter is removed played out by Macaroni and replaced with a Tyrant in the Image of Saturn .. Saturn is personal liberation from the WHEEL as Spirit.. But Saturn if you dont pass his barrier personally you are recolted by his contraction and FEAR you have to get passed FEAR to embrace SPIRIT this is the last petal before 2023 CLAMP DOWN .. 2020 is Catch 22 .... The Round Abouts are used as a RITUAL to enforce this Black MagicK ... Fomalhaut is the true 3rd eye, The Stone the philoSOPHers TONe SOphia REJECTED.. The Pyramids of GIZA/Sphinx is your 3rd EYE the correct Equinox we should be on now... Not The BULL/Taurus!!! Twin peak age of SATURN ruling Aquarius and Capricorn.. This is all Jupiter TRICKS to create the Tyranny that Jupiter wants, to get us all inside the JACK in the BOX. Half Beast Half Man Baphmet that is Jew Petes Tsar/Jupiter NOT SATURN .. Trapped in the FLESH FIVE TSAR PENTAGRAM ... The flower of life is a SPIRAL when you can SPIN again and activate our own BRAIN/LABYRINTH

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