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Rahu Ketu Return

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

My divorce began like this 18rs ago exactly where Rahu/ketu are right now i was 33 it went on 8 yrs i was so scared, i was cornered it was a plan yrs in the making i exposed it and the SHTF all my heritage stolen framed set up it was a real sting of Judas i had zero knowledge of the outside world, no money no where to turn to, i went through real war fare and i won, now i get my retrograde, crazy how it really does make us live the same experience twice, but now i know why... it was so terrifying and scary, but that's how i bust my bubble and became the intuitive warrior i am, i saw in an instant how it had all been planned so meticulously i turned all the tables i told the lawyers what to do, when they refused i left them, i turned all the tables around from completely innocent to being respected by them, no one thought i would survive, i was up against the most scary evil people, try to murder me too, they never thought the lil English girl could get back on top i got through all the lawyers 5 of them they stole papers all kinds of shit and all the tricks of the trade played on me, as my mum was dead i had no one in my family who knew what my mum had done financially with my ex nor did i, but with a few miracles, some incredible friends and my inner strength i came through, those 8 yrs of that fight was getting ready for this time, i see my whole life journey was for NOW, this is why i am so winded, the trauma has come back, but now the whole of humanity must get through this ordeal of life and death upon us all.

When i went through this experience.. my only thought was I must warn humanity how evil this world is.. now I know most people do know.. but I was pure and naive and I wanted to protect the whole world.. that feeling of trying to steal my innocence and joy is what english people don't get.. we are the heart chakra and we are the poppy the English roses.. we are envied for this and just as this is the death of the girl it is the death of our joy... we are living a plot and the aim is to steal our hearts through shock.. we were put on a pedastel plumped up and given fake superiority for the whole fun for parasitic phsycopathic people is to pull the rug from under the feet of those standing tall ... don't let them.. be prepared and we can get through this very sick plan to steal our flames 📷

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