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Classic heterosexual peer pressure has meant that natural experimentation is crushed, the whole pack of cards is about to come crashing down...

Apocalypse is just before the new born blossom when LOVE beats all ... generations of LIES and RULES and hiding is at a designer peak... Our Puppet baphomet Elite obsessed with sodomy and hidden secrets, means that our children and their children will now be pushed like the blocked mane of water from eons behind a pent up DAM, Notre DAMN has been released now, our children have the chance to burst out and beyond to rise above the LIES and to crush through the PR LGBT Bull shit of football pansies and transgendered ballet dancers... take your children OUT OF SCHOOLS, let them PLAY freely outside, take away the tools that steal their JOY, Love will conquer ALL and slowly people will learn to kiss and Love and touch and feel as children do when they are without social boxes and religious belief programs...

Its gonna be one big Nymph ORGY and then we will go POP and we will begin to rise above the sexual HOOKS and CROOKS and the whole pornographic industry of LUST and Gluttonous control ... pedophilia is when people lose INNOCENCE so they steal a childs right to learn freely through Purity, children are programmed into whirls when children have enough imagination to make the sexual ladder to heaven all alone without being told what to be like or who to BEE HIVE as, frustrated binary duality robots...

in nature children play to grow and learn they dont watch media and films or look outside of their own inner WHIRL, they dont watch HellyWand films to be programmed to want to be as such and such, they dont sit infront of screens like empty shells, playing twisted war games... thats where it all went wrong, before being put into schools of FISH children danced sung and played out their fantasies with out FEAR they spent their teenage years experimenting before reaching sexual maturity now they are locked up and let out as craved and denied sexual maniacs or even worse as mind controlled sexual minions and pawns, they are VOID of any true imagination or basic human contact...

stop lying and start loving and all the entities that feed of the lower SEX DRIVES will STARVE and we will walk into heaven without chains or concepts or ideologies that are inbred twisted perverted and inverted ,, no one would need to change sex Hide n LIE or be castrated, no one would care to be bare or not if the journey was primordial, true and Honest

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