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pulsing onion rings

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

We are layers of the web holding gateways open for new webs as we detach in ripples of pulsing onion rings coming undone like DNA strands ...people are gonna unreel now.. we change role .. I will now start, to focus on purely helping humanity stay cool.. we made noise, but the story is a bad one.. now a mass layer of onion is gonna get it, but it will be too late.. time to help the collective frequency cope with the mass conscious shift coming through.. and the RIFT it will cause .. we help the waves flow.. it's time to be the collective web we have become and encourage and guide those who begin to unravel so we temper the beat and the tempo ... so we don't go Mary POP ins, as they want us too.. we have a major role to keep it cool now ... We can do this here and in our communities.... it is the time to be very centered and to hold the frequency of the calm in the storm.

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