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Fake Busting and ASTROLOGY, promoting my Readings and Work and connecting everything going on, as it is always connected to the movement of the luminaries, the organs within are orchestrated by the bodies without, Planets, Plants, a plane of ET's, we are a reflection of above, we play out unconsciously or consciously our tunes, effected by every beat from within, everything always comes back to the constellations, the transitions, the currents, the constant waves of sounds flirt with your natal imprint and our collective song daily and nightly, we are of the four seasons, the four elements blended and mixed to make our unique expression.

The music, the rhythm, the beat, the vibe, of the cosmic egg, it's all about becoming the conscious breathing, in and out contraction, expansion, there is no time to waste anymore, the ancient knowledge of our universe is a bulb of blossoming and closing cycles, everything is orchestrated through sound and Temperatures the Temperaments the Tempest comes form the Hot and the Cold the Wet and the Dry ... like a rose there are layers of Russian dolls within another, breathing, spinning back to spirit, or turning slowly to stone. Frequency means getting past Saturn, becoming whole again, not reaching for one side or the other but going inwards and outwards and upwards, not outwards, downwards or to the right or left, but becoming your whole self, integrating light and dark, owning both opposites, taking the meridian middle path, and recognising the LIE. Chaos always happens as we reach the place between each breath, when the bulb closes and another opens. some are swallowed and some implode, some will panic because they didn't find it first alone, zero point is alchemy, it's an inside Job ....

I have been doing lots of medical astrology at the moment, i evolve with each reading so i am never the same astrologer i see more deeply every day, please reach me here choose your reading, book a date and time, look through all the Soul sessions, there are three sets of options, with lots of options of readings, go to "MORE" to see quotes and feed back from clients ... LOve

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