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The Bolsheviks ultimate whirl wide aim is to create the POP OFF ... Top of the POPS we have been programmed to go POP, from POP eye 👁 till now... go look up and see how many POP events are out there, ORANGE even call the launch of 5g as primary POP and secondary POP ... French radio have a new show called POPPOPPOP and POP music and POPPERS are all about UR/YOUR ANUS.. go check out how many POP events and i Pod apps there are on Google...Uranus goes into ARIES NOW as it did 84 yrs ago for WW2..

POP is a Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) are a group of chemicals that are very toxic and can cause cancer and other adverse health effects. POPs are persistent in the environment and travel vast distances via air and water. POPs are organic chemical compounds which bioaccumulate in animals and humans. Mary POPins is the Virgin VIRGO Poppy Opposite Pisces ,, we leave the age of Water/Earth Pisces/Virgo into an age of AIR WAVES and Poppy day was always a ritual for the main POP event many of us have opened our 3rd 👁 the event is to blast off those that still refuse to see... Tesla is the 3 6 9 Mutable skull n Bones CROSS its the triangle closed in the BOX when the swastika was always the SPIN of the 2 directions of the wind HOW WAW ii 👁👁 322/223 FOUR TUNE G7 will be held in 64 Biarritz and yes Microsoft 7 celebrates the seven seas conquered and the Four corners of our brains and continents and realms 32 Mega bites TWICE is 64... 5g is how we will go POP and its all about moving into a new Age that the PIE RATS/PIE LOTS want to overtake The Jew Pete ARYANS Dont want us to make it into the twin peak age of Saturn Aquarius/Capricorn is the 144,000 follow the lamb, follow the innocence and your common sense

Radio GAGA by QUEEN of the BOW/ARC Hemian RATsodomies

..Alexander Stepanovich Popov (sometimes spelled Popoff; Russian: Алекса́ндр Степа́нович Попо́в; March 16 [O.S. March 4] 1859 – January 13 [O.S. December 31, 1905] 1906) was a Russian physicist who is acclaimed in his homeland and some eastern European countries as the inventor of radio.[1][2][3]

Popov's work as a teacher at a Russian naval school led him to explore high frequency electrical phenomena. On May 7, 1895 he presented a paper on a wireless lightning detector he had built that worked via using a coherer to detect radio noise from lightning strikes. This day is celebrated in the Russian Federation as Radio Day. In a March 24, 1896 demonstration, he used radio waves to transmit a message between different campus buildings in St. Petersburg. His work was based on that of another physicist – Oliver Lodge, and contemporaneous with the work of Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi had just registered a patent with the description of the device two months after first transmission of radio signals made by Popov

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