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PlutO Rules Generations

I just checked on Stellarium The last two RetrOgrade periods of PlutO in Leo generation... Because Nearly half the world’s population has PlutO in Fire LEO ... To have the Unconscious subconscious Planet of destroy, PlutO in LEO is a Big DEAL we bring the old ideologies down .. The planet of self transformation, DEATH and REBIRTH It makes us CHANGE by touching our deepest hidden DNA codes activating us weather we like it or not, it's a Rolling Stone, you are forced to change and grow it's slow and subtle but deep and penetrating, ..hidden psychological unknown factors and hidden symbols..Pluto needs no words, it is a master of ancient symbols and reacts always below the conscious realm, we are programmed this way, through Neptune and PlutO... The Magicians that rule this reality KNOW that we are driven by the unconscious drives and they KNOW that the Pluto In Leo generation BURN THE HOUSE DOWN... Leo is Fixed FIRE it is the sign Opposite Aquarius.. It is the age of Kings and Queens and celebrities... They are the Baby Boomers we are born between 1949 and 1968 ... we were given entertainment and FAME because that is what drives the lions EGO... They have pride and power.. determination and Nobility .. but also great confusion and self destructive habits.. they are the teenagers they represent I WILL .. that's why Tavistock MK ultra was designed for us... that's why Woodstock and Narnia and Bob Marley and all the PoP culture was brought in for us..the 60's Hippy s were created to discredit us and kill us off.. as was Vietnam, to make us all into drug addicts... I have my PlutO in Leo the last batch of a 20 yr period, but Uranus in Virgo so I have a foot in each door... While most of my friends born before me have Uranus and PlutO in LEO and my friends just after me have Pluto and Uranus in Virgo... PlutO in Virgo is about creating the new world we enter... PlutO in leo is about destroying the old world we leave.. Those born at the end of the Pluto in LEO Generation, with PlutO doing a last Retrograde into VirgO .. we are particularly asked to work on the collective unconscious and bring the house down at this time... We are the outsiders the Rebels and we can be rather shocking to say the least.. If You are born between 26/12 1967 and 29/5 1968 you are a very important gang right now... the old must come down so our predecessors may create the new.. and the collective unconscious must sway.. we all work in different area's and ways.. we act without understanding to why we are driven by PlutO, when still unconscious, but working consciously will make all the difference and added power.. RetrOgrade people often do find the connection and wake do their jobs on earth.. to do the work of exposing the fake Kings and Queens of BABYLON the age of LEO must now end... so the true gates to Aquarius may be opened.. we are the most attacked generation of all time...we open the doors to TWIN PEAKS or not? we lay down for the LAMB “lion and the lamb shall lay down together” because the Lamb is Aquarius.. and we are the gates opposite that lead the way.. into the 144 yrs Twin Golden age.. Those born between 1/1 1969 and.6/3 1969 you are almost in Virgo in the very last retrOgrade of PlutO in LeO you are here to make a bridge with the PlutO in VirgO gang and the PlutO in Leo gang so we may work together... These last two retrOgrade periods bring us delay and confusion, we don't seem to know but now we KNOW and the correct pathway must be shown.. we have work to do now as Pluto in a Fire sign right Now Sagittarius is tearing down the old ideologies Philosophies religions and belief program's.. 2020 PlutO will be in Capricorn Cardinal earth and we can MANIFEST the final curtain and like TOTO pull the veil back on the wizard behind the curtain ... get ready to lay down but don¡t miss the passage through ..

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