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Passing Thoughts

Catch 22 is designed by the Sheep herders... They are allowed to REAP the TARES .. as the Looking Glass gets closer its easier to distinguish the filtering of souls.. They TELL us every step of the way where we are... as the Division BELL is Rung as it is NOW it becomes more and more ridiculous and in our FACE The mirror is merged and still many MOST are not ready to walk as half man, half God on earth.. Mid EL earth is a place we cross paths, we all need time to grow and learn, we decide, where we go next, we are the GODS of our own experience on earth.. it is done on PURPOSE because its the only way that the Wheat can be separated from the Tares...One of these Mourning we wont be here at all THE MISSING is coming...The Parable of the Tares (also known as the Parable of the Weeds, Parable of the Wheat and Tares, Parable of the Wheat and Weeds, or the Parable of the Weeds in the Grain) is one of the parables of Jesus, which appears in Matthew 13:24-13:30. The parable says that during the final judgment, the angels will separate the "sons of the evil one" (the tares or weeds) from the "sons of the kingdom" (the wheat). It follows the Parable of the Sower, and precedes the Parable of the Mustard Seed. According to the common interpretation, the good seeds are the spiritual children of Jesus Christ and the weeds are the rest of the population of the Earth that are the spiritual children of Satan.

Anger/MARS is our Bunsen Burner to Hit GOLD i have watched too many GENEROUS LOVING KIND people Be drained and sucked of their life force because being POSITIVE Bull SHIT enabled Vampire Humans to suck off their PURE spirit, only a small percent of people are Genuinely GOOD the rest suck of others Goodness... Luckily i have Mars in Aries otherwise i'd be a goner by now... ANGER channeled in a Positive way, with out any spite or hate is POSITIVE but pleasing others for the sake of THEM is NOT without proper protection and boundaries from the WOLVES we are all victims ... Sadly until we face the true BEAST of our collective denied reflection, we will experience injustice... so many people have to suffer to find their inner Bunsen Burner RAGE and simple will to LIVE... The story of Life in this Mid EL LimbO we live ... Smiley Fnuckers Rule in this perversion inversion, selfish ME ME Life suckers of our basic Human LIFE FORCE ... ROAR like a Lion and Live like a Lamb Know thy self and Thy N A ME

There is nothing to be afraid of, total CONTROL of our lives THE PURGE is HAPPENING.. However it is a necessary purification process for those souls still in slumber land, it is the ONLY WAY we can self filter into the experiences we have chosen to LIVE, this is why the dark side have no SHAME they know they have the right to treat us at the level we are at... They CAN NOT leave the material realm but we still CAN that is our strength ... i see the whole god damn PLAY in action now NOTHING is veiled for me, according to my personal depth... i see more deeply daily, but the process is obviously continual... Scary stuff has to happen to help us individually go POPOV and yes there will be a collective POP event, we are slowly programmed subconsciously through our lives to guide us to make those choices and all of us are in contact with our higher expression and our lower expression, the idea is to discover YOU so you can follow only your two sides of YOUR coin and slowly but surely center yourself to do the RIGHT thing for YOU within the ALL.... all will be ok because this is a VIDEO GAME and we are collectively in the same SEA but we don't have to be on the same BOAT just respect that we have all chosen different destinations for essential reasons of our collective tapestry..

5g is how we are purged ... 5th wave 5 Pointed Star 5th element .. Its fear Porn to POP us ... There will be a POP event simply because some people will stand the higher frequencies and some wont and 5g will get the blame then all those stuck here will think the MISSING were popped OFF/OV when it was just the break in the TUNE and everyone will be rounded up so fast we cant say POP its distraction because the NET is about to GO Over us and the RUG pulled BY... SS sWORD in the sTONE . Yes some of us are the 5th wave and they want us killed off but i think in truth we will POPOV those left that can not take 5g will be killed off... there will be survivors and a FAKE Alien Bull SHIT and you will kill your only chance to escape, those of us with copper blood will go POP.. Those of us that see through the BULL SHIT will become the enemy the under ground tunnels the elite have made is where they can hide and watch us kill each other off as they push the plasma lightBOLT nucleus/Nucleur buttons... The elite already have Picnic shooting parties where they make children run and then track and shoot them with dogs and guns they will get rid of us and watch our children kill each other, keeping only the most ferocious .

All our DNA has been mixed now...MARIO is not MARIE they stole the secret of MARY That was the aim of the past 2,200 yrs to get enough RH Holy Grail neg blood .. The lost Boyz wanted the female power of heart felt orgasm because that is the true gateway to being the ARC of the covenant when you find the TWIRL and the WHIRL through heart felt conscious desire to pass through the bonding of loving connection we make it through and become the ElectroMagnetic Iron/Copper ARC how we make GOLD... 5 D is a new age term to become four elements merged 4 corners attained of perspective and the ignition of our temple 7 chakras because we crossed the LINE through the HEART/Venus/Copper the heart is what connects us from the lower chakras of EGO/MARS/IRON DESIRE/JUPITER past the SOL O MON Plexus and through the HEART VENUS the 5 g of our being and then we ignite our Vocal VOICE/Mercury is the Sulfer S–S Caduceus bonds we need to get past to merge up to the Pineal gland through the neck VAGUS nerve as messengers and we work from our own CROWN/Saturn we lost sexual desire we turned Lead/Saturn to GOLD/Saturn we Lose selfish EGO that is ruled by FEAR ... The RH negative blond blued eyed humans have copper blood/VENUS and were able to naturally open their HEARTS they were naturally connected to their electromagnetic labyrinth and lived mid way they held Heaven and held earth... they knew how to SPIN left and right swastika and to not walk FLAT against the wall... Sodomy is the religion of the beasts that never want the female HEART to be known to the collective so women were either locked up as in Islam or sent out to be men as in Western worlds today... BLACK/WHITE is EARTH/WATER FEMININE ... we enter the age of AIR/FIRE MASCULINE energy and they want to wipe out the female SPIN completely... The FIVE pointed star is VENUS Venus is masculine in Libra/Omega AIR...but in her essence she is a FLOWER a pumping round flower labyrinth that is whole not FLAT nor pointed the Cresent Moon is ISIS Taurus female Earth also ruled by Venus She is the Trinity of the phases to get through the CAVE of this projected camera lens to POP the 3rd EYE through the phases of the waxing to the waning MOON...To prepare the shift of ages the copper blood line had to be taken by the IRON man Moors BERBERS BARBARS BaBa Black Sheep and Mary Mary quite contrary they want to keep us in the low Sodomite energy and 5 g will be the FAKE Heart beat that will control mans consciousness and not allow Brave HEARTS to SPIN its a NET and its aim is to keep humans in the flesh through owning the RH negative Bloodline as their own and to keep the masses stuck FLAT and Robotic... 5g will be activated as the 5th wave of FEAR is peaked on earth,, we are purged so to create the SPLIT and all those who remain as IRON will be caught in the NET FLIX energies are merged and most will remain stuck in the 3 6 9 snake Coil not pass through into the PULSE of self made the ages shift we are asked to find our inner heart spin and to rise above the FEAR of the FLESH EGO

It really is a stage honestly, it takes a long long time to let the mirror merge, to slowly decompress the pressure cooker.. because we are being boiled real slow, to a climax, and you can abandon ship to sail alone anytime, otherwise we go POP that's why we try to help you, for there is only our REFLECTION... whatever you fear you get the SAME through the looking glass, one has to imagine the worst so to mentally imagine how you would cope in scary scenarios, once you can do that without being afraid you bust the SPELL... thats how we do it, but if we dont know we cant be ready, its like losing something it really pisses you off then you get over it, you learn how to cope with LOSS and even MAKE the Wave sign or you are left to SIN at SEA. As soon as you merge, we are the captains of our experience and we really do get exactly the tone we are AT. we choose all kinds of horrendous scenarios because we were not afraid when we chose our roles here... we knew it was a video game, you play games on your phone but this is the GAME we are in the game to remember its a game or NOT??? then we are UNTOUCHABLE because we hold our OWN we become the beholder of our inner visibility, that's why clamp down is NOW ...because as soon as everyone gets it, the mirror SHATTERS into millions of pieces and you walk THROUGH.. its a divine show, Peer pressure and follow the leader baba black sheep, swan lake Black White above below The LINE keeps us stuck in Peter the WOLF, once we see the line we can get a foot in each side and stay stable you wont go mad i promise if you go slowly... and surely on your OWN path the life around you changes according to your perspective and that happens step by step....... we are keeping the whole shabb bang going ourselves through FEAR ... as soon as we all lose fear, it collapses the vapour on your bathrooom mirror fades and you see clearly, but its not instant, This is what 5g is its the SHOCK of when the mirror comes down people will go MAD thats all it is clockwork Orange and then they SUCK of our battery in full VAULT we are Charges to keep them alive off us, the whole pack of cards come down thats why they PREPARE for this time and keep us in the cods wobble .

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