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Part III Virgin Mary V's MM/WW Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm MOMO Crash Test Dummies

Next Big dates 23/10 Last of 8 phase Moon between black MOMo pillars GIBBOUS MOON on REGULUS LEON LEO ELON SOL O MON SEAL ... Then 28/10 2nd MOMO catch 22 into 2020 BLACK MOON STAR Back to Black and 31/10 mercury FEATHER and Venus HEART on Libra/Omega the SCALES of the Snake Tribe of DAN/DNA JUDGEMENT and Moon Crescent on Jupiter on the 13th sign Ophiuchus as Mercury begins a 4th RetrO from 7/11 2018 to imitate the 28 cycle of the MOON to attempt to create ORDER Fraternity Equality Liberty out of CHAOS to CLOSE you in the TRI ANGLE 3 6 9 the line Broke the Monkey GIBBOUS Moon got Choked... We enter High cardinal EARTH end of 2020 you just gotta get through the next 14 Months of the TEMPEST

gets the bigger Picture of the MoMo VirgO High priestess Ritual, Jupiter currently in ScorpiO and 13 sign Ophiuchus before entering Sagittarius Domicile this Xmas ... Age of Aquarius is an MM ♒️13/13 26 is 8 The GATE or ATE in 8 the passage into The Twin peaks Aquarius/Capricorn Air and Earth ruled by SATURN its NOT FIRE and ICE ruled by Judas John SON Jupiter and MARS RA RAM ScorpiO is an M ♏️as VirgO is an M ♍️where the MoMo dub LL/77 Black BJ Pillars have just held this Trip L Charmed Black magicK ritual when we should prepare to become High cardinal Capricorn Earth but Merlin's gang The magicians of OZ prepare to trap us in 3 6 9 The Dub LL MM's of tesla 3 6 9 is 777 LLL .... Thats a Triangle Not a FOUR TUNE SPIN to become the 13/M/W See here MM/WW Song By Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Test RUN Dummies They tell you the same story as me Miranda is replaced by Jack PAN the Baphomet using the MOON magick and Mercury RetrOs as its wand.. High priestess Whore of Babylon The three sides of HER not the 4 Tune spin you need SOURCE to be the 4 Tune or you are CHARMED ...

Part III takes us through the MM/WW Aldebaran Taurus Bulls EYE West Way opposite ScorpiO Antares Wicked Witch east... the 13/7 31/7 13/9 31/9 EXPLAINED

The MOMO Greta BJ Dub LL Black Moon again and....

also Mercury ruler of jack gemini 9/11 and Jill VirgO Notre Dame 23/32 DNA strands 21 777 day retro journeys from 7/11 2018 to 31/10 2019 and the added last 7777 retro 4th 28 day 7777 TUNE FAKE TRAP of mercury as he retrogrades Over 1) Antares then 2) Fomalhaut Then 3) Sirius then 4) Libra Omega Tribe of DAN/DNA JUDGEMENT Mercury AIR Feather and Venus HEART Earth Scales of the Snake judgment to open the doors to the TEMPEST Wild is the WIND ...

Its all in there and its fun to observe the as above so below Musical we live

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