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Part 2 January 5th Solar eclipse Black New Moon and 21st Jan Lunar eclipses

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

I correct myself and add lots of important infO...

7th March Rahu/ketu leave Cancer Capricorn into Michael Jackson Mercury/Jupiter... Rahu North Node in Gemini and Ketu South Node in Sagittarius

I make just slight mistakes this time nothing major..

We enter the 6th French Republic so the 5 petals inverted into the Pentagram f Lucifer ... LIBER 777 is the 5th element taken. toGETher .... 5th January Closes the 5th Venus Flower.... inside the Fake Material Fibonacci sequence, is material, not spiritual the Bud of the Rose is the gateway through....

This is very important info the trine to the 5th January solar eclipse is the 3,6,9, TRAP its The TRIANGLE you need the 4 TUNE spin to be the GOLD Fortune Wheel HERO ...not get SPUN.. The 2nd Lunar eclipse is in a GRAND SQUARE the image we see from above my chart is a Pyramid in the BOX on he PI/RAT PI/LOT. skull n Bones Mutable CROSS. you need the 12th house to spin out of this TRICK or TREAT... I think the water Trine, on 5th January eclipse is the ICE i think we will get a taste of the mini ice age ICE QUEENS Me Too Fake Feminists, we will know extreme heat and COLD to represent the WHITE/RED cross Over 7 seas merged 4 continents realms makes 11 EL EVEN headed BEAST White/Europe/WATER/ICE into RED/AIR/5g/AMERICA ... PINK PANTHER is FAKE

Here comes MICK, Mercury, ORANGE Jack'SON 5 ... V is for Venus the 5th Republic taken over into the 6th.1,2,3,4,5 the ROUND POINTS is her flower made in the sky .. Yellow Sub MARINE ou Les insoumis?? Both JUPITER disguised again to TRAP us last corner CAN YOU FEEL IT ? Alef/Alpha/Aries/MARS Liber/LIBRA/TAV/OMEGA/VENUS ... V is 22nd letter OMEGA .. 5 petals of Venus closed in the FLY TRAP Morocco PACT is the flower of life made into the 5 pointed pentagram of LUCY fer .. BREXIT .. Les ROSES Pop POP Mary and the POPE POPPY

See VideO here ....

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