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Our Children

Yup.... Watching our children be harvested LIVE daily is not amusing for those of us who still have our marbles in place... Tests to now run in all schools .. masks infected with Live bio tech forced upon our children ALL DAY!!!! Morgellons that breed in moist humid facial nappies that are basically pornographic excitement for the perverts that LAUGH at the gullible millions, imagine covering your MOUTH!!!!! live Bio tech designed to alter the human into a handicapped brain dead slave for life, chemical warfare and live worms that HOOK into the blood stream working with vaccines ... Artificial WOMB is nearly here and only Good smiley fnucker citizens who simply will never see further than their big toe, those brainwashed to be a compliant arse licker forever never finding true isolated inner POWER those who bow down to SAY TEN will be given out babies according to their Willy Wonka gold star collection, as giving birth will be far too dangerous for a spiritually dead human and poor people will simply not be allowed children .. Cities are being prepared for mass disabilities aka Disabled-Accessible Smart Cities cause if you think vaccines from la vache qui RIT has anything to do with HEALTH you are seriously mentally sick already ... sterilisation is in full swing cause your parental guidance Government is a means to fulfil the wet dreams of psychopath’s mentally retarded humans to fulfil their sexual pleasures and HARVEST those who will never have the courage to face their inner BEAST, yup children bred as FUEL for the souls trapped in this realm. They have always told you what they are doing only denial keeps you from seeing past your own REFLECTION of FEAR….

The children who survive will NOT FORGET

Its nothing to be sad or angry about its all part of the process souls /Arse RA/ARSOLES cause the sole/lose SOL is the Feet on the earth it is FLESH get exactly what they came for and its all divine timing... one big MC IC AC/DC Musical Comedy, how ever our job is to keep shaking those who have a glimpse of divine left in them, those who are not confined to be a DOG my posts are designed to help those rare souls who still have a tiny chance to escape the Netflix in time the titanic is almost Sunk and there is nothing we can do about the lost souls they chose to live the under whirl so they can re MEMBER who they are ... In the end its only about your ability to get past the JOKERS cause its an individual labyrinth we are fed information but its always from gatekeepers, very very few people get past them all, they bring out information according to the FISH they want to catch its not an easy journey back out of this cave ... never look for truth from others, truth is within YOU and your ability to see through the whole SHAM cause its all fake all of it and you tube and face book are FULL of PLAYERS Distractions and lost jokers, people ready to go for your jugular if you dare stand up to them, to be equal or if you have anything intelligent to say, it takes immense courage and in the end all that matters is that you don't lose your head cause the mental awareness gang are coming and you gotta stay cool when they let the hyenas out they get off on catching souls .. don't trust ANYONE but your inner compass gatekeepers show you the choices and you make up your own path .....

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