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The ROSE is the TORSO TAURUS TORAH TOROS field TOR Glastonbury HEART/EARTH The MAN CHEST UR can SPIN like a TORSO as the Sultans of Swing Cobra Gypsy SPIN You have THORNS to know before you can place your Crown or you are cruciFRIED by your own THORNS .... BLOOM in the BRUME like the ROSES you ARE The Bi Bull was always a Corona CROWN COW ... Its a Game of Thrones and Thorns find the Snake on the Pole THE WISDOM of PhiloSOPHIA is Lucifer the Light Know both ends of the POLE Saturn BLACK and Jupiter WHITE and Bust through the BLOOD of the ROSE into the Blooming BUD Rose Lips CROWN your self the ROSE, The COW and the Thorns ....

Manchester means COTTON LINEN/LENIN items for the home made of cotton, linen, etc., such as sheets, pillowcases, or tablecloths:


The Gypsys rule this WHIRL and if you cant SPIN like a Morris Dancer T rex SCOTTY Piccadilly Circus you will be HYPNOTIZED by the COBRA ... Your Crown is when you get out of FEAR because you joined the DOTT COTTON Chromosomes are Spaghetti RED WHITE and GREEN BowHEAMIAN Rat Sodomy junctions where you WHEEL your chormosones back in TIME CHRONOS and you merge upright not upside down as ONE 7 chakras to hit your POT of GOLD .....

All the planets are on the Mad hatters T POT Sagittarius and the fun has began 22/3 322 Mars hits Jupiter and 30/3 mars hits HIGH CARDINAL EARTH CAPRICORN TEA is the EAST INDIAN SULTANS OF SWING they want to trap any solid Gone Ballou Balaines Whales WALES in the NET FLIX CRAP TRAP

The Bronze Serpent …8Then the LORD said to Moses, “Make a fiery serpent and mount it on a pole. When anyone who is bitten looks at it, he will live.” 9So Moses made a bronze snake and mounted it on a pole. If anyone who was bitten looked at the bronze serpent, he would recover. Wales has confirmed two new cases of coronavirus, taking the country's total to six.

It comes as Boris Johnson is expected to tell an emergency COBRA meeting on coronavirus that tackling the outbreak requires a "national and international effort".

Public Health Wales said: "We can confirm that the two individuals are not linked to one another, and that they both travelled separately back to Wales from different parts of Italy."

It comes after a man in his 60s died at North Manchester General Hospital yesterday, making him the third UK death from the virus.

The total number of coronavirus cases in the UK now sits at 280, a rise of 74 since Saturday.

Monday's COBRA meeting will assess whether the UK should officially move from the "contain" to the "delay" phase of the government's plan to deal with coronavirus.

Cottonopolis was a 19th-century nickname for Manchester, as it was a metropolis and the centre of the cotton industry.[1][2]

The Manchester warehouse which we lately visited, was a building fit for the Town Hall of any respectable municipality; a stately, spacious, and tasteful edifice; rich and substantial as its respectable proprietors, the well-known firm of Banneret and Co. There are nearly a hundred such buildings in Manchester; –not so large, perhaps, for this is the largest; but all in their degree worthy of Cottonopolis.

— Lowe J, A Manchester warehouse, Household Words 9 269 (1854)

2nd VIDEO ... 7 Noahide laws 7th Sol O Man SEAL Corona or you place your OWN crOWN

The true CROWN is when we hit the Thalamus and enter the Twin peak house of Saturn.. The new Equinox is Capricorn Aquarius but the Cult of The New Age Golden Dawn RAINBOW crap trap is Noah Noahide law ... The flood was the age of cancer aka the MOON and we end 5 ages of the Moon and before the flood we had 5 ages of the Sun worship... mars rules Aries RA and was the Lord in the age of MOSES .. RA wants to remain the Lord of the Rings... Mars is also the ruler of ScorpiO Isis Water.. ScorpiO will be the new Solstice ISIS the two SistA Chromosomes Chronos or the Scissor SistAs 322 cut the REUBEN Ribbon the 369 the line broke the moon KEY got choked ... Coronavirus is the first step towards Order out of Chaos... 1982 RR Ronald Reagan signed the National Day of Reflection: April 4, 1982 National Day of Reflection .... NOAHIDE LAW The rainbow Jupiter is the 42 symbol 2022 is 24/42 42 yrs later 1982/2022 and thats when we have solomon/man SEAL Noahide Law DECAPITATION after The Chaos the signing of the 7th SoloMon/Man RA MARS SEAL Ohh PS dont forget that OLD Ronald MACDonald had an ANIMAL FARM eeeieeeiOH!! Lord Hee HAW RONALD REAGAN signed on the Spring Passover equinox 1982 when the Good/Jupiter the bad/saturn and the Ugly/PlutO and MARS/RA were in VIRGO Mutable EARTH as they are NOW all in Mutable FIRE Sagittarius!!!! about to move into CARDINAL EARTH THE MATRIARCHAL MOTHER the MOTHER CAPRICORN Opposite Cancer Winter Summer Solstice becomes the new Equinox passover ruled by CHRONOS SATURN RR Romulus and Remus The Ronald Reagan ROMAN REPUBLIC REAgan aka Rhea Chiron was on the 33rd degree of Sheraton ARIES i say the solstice in Video bit its Chiron.... North Node on Sirius South node on Altair in 1982 Like for 2001 9/11 18yrs after North Node again on Sirius and again 2020 NOW for Corona Virus aka CV aka 322 skull n Bones ... READ HERE By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation Savant said: “They [Noahide Laws] are tightly interwoven with Chabad Lubavitch, one-world government” The so-called Noahide Laws, or Seven Laws of Noah are Talmudic Jewish Laws originating in ancient Babylonian times. The laws proscribe practices such as idolatry, sexual immorality, theft, murder, blasphemy, eating living creatures, and promote the establishment of new courts. The definitions of these prohibitions can include: Christianity, practically any religion other than Judaism; stealing a loaf of bread, atheism, homosexuality, adultery or eating certain live foods, such as oysters. In each case, only one witness is required to convict, and in every case, the sentence is death by decapitation. i.e. the power of life and death would be given to all. The greatest authority for these laws is a new Sanhedrin court, established in Tiberias, Israel in 2005, after 1600 years of absence. A House Joint Resolution 582 in the USA claims the United States was founded on The Seven Noachide or Noahide Laws. This is false. House Joint Resolution 104 states: "these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws" This is false. The American people did not know about it. Since Ronald Reagan, every President of the USA has spoken in favour of the Noahide Laws. The Noahide Laws are gaining favour at the UN too, where some NGOs have already pledged to uphold them. The United Noahide Council (UNC Inc.) has declared its aim to take their movement to every country in the world. They further state that it is incumbent up on them to these Noahide laws on all gentiles (non-Jews). If the USA and UN jointly back Noahide Law, they could enforce them on virtually the whole world as a new global legal system. Always, the penalty is death by decapitation. The Noahide Laws are, according to Wikipedia, “a set of imperatives which, according to the Talmud, were given by God as a binding set of laws for the “children of Noah” – that is, all of humanity. According to Jewish tradition, non-Jews who adhere to these laws are said to be followers of Noahidism and regarded as righteous gentiles who are assured of a place in the world to come.” That seems ok then, especially as the laws themselves are like a slimmed-down Ten Commandments. I mean, even though the penalty for every transgression is decapitation, I can forego the temptations of blasphemy and the worship of graven images. However, the views of Rabbi Schneerson, the Noahide Movement’s founder, give me pause for thought.

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