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New VideO AB FAB ABU Bakr Alpha Omega Baghdadi Cafe

This Video covers The coming Trip LLL 777 Up Full Moon Phase and the last JOKER TRUMP card MOON/MON Key L/7 or L/J 11/11 12 /11 13/11 Which is the crowning of 39 JM 3 is Gemini and 9 is Sagittarius, 6 Virgo is out the picture Death of the GIRL... Sirius Gemini where Rahu and ketu were for 9/11 and Notre Dame Tries to Crown himself King of the Jungle Planet of the Apes.. Clock Work Orange time T REX Scotty Crocodile NIle AMMIT Judgement and into the Cup of T emp est/EAST ... ICH DIEN The three Austrian Ostrich Feathers merge with Babylon BAGDAD CAFE is ABU BaRAka BaghDADI ... Alpha Omega merging and Birth of the West is Best/Beast/East ... Antares Scorpio and Aldebaran Taurus prepare to become One Power and the 26/12 The Lord of the Rings The Baphomet is crowned as Jupiter enters Sagittarius to Join Saturn and PlutO .... Sirius is CYRUS the GREAT The DOG/GOD RA STAR RASTA LION ZION IRON .. As always this is joining dots with you as i work my way through the as above so below..

Video Link Here

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