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MM Mary Magdalene Untitled

Everything going on in the exterior is a reflection of the WHEEL The PI Astrology but they dont tell you that, they keep you dumbed and numbed ... MM is Micky Mouse Marylyn manroe MARY MAGDALENE or the Age of Aquarius sign cause they dont want you to make it into the TWIN PEAKS so they have filled your minds with CRAP ♒️ its a MACRON Old MAC RON ALD DONALD TRAP MM Madelaine MCCAN is 32/23 Scottish Skull n Bones 322 RIGHTS of your FLESH because the FULL Moon has been in Virgo MM Mary Magdalene opposite Pisces JESUS Crucifixion the AGE WE END over this Spring Equinox... The child is alive and being used in pedophile rings as a sex slave this is what they want for all our children they are just ELLO YOKO ONO EGGS to the sickOs that keep you as HUMPTY DUMPTYS

Equinox Full Moon 3 days in VIRGO Mary Magdalene MM

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