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MJ 3,6,9 Rahu Twin Spin NeverEVERLand

Venus/Mars is ISIS/RA Jupiter uses Venus in Taurus ...IS and Takes ALPHA ARIES RAM.... RA so to be EL .. IS RA EL... but Only the Lamb/Aquarius/Fomalhaut is EL... Saturn Rules the twin peaks the 23 DNA TWIN Strands from Flesh/Jupiter to Saturn/Spirit..... The Hammer is MARS/ARIES/RA and the Sickle is the Moons Cresent...VENUS/TAURUS/BULL/ISIS The Sickle is The Bulls EYE .. as the Staff of EL Chronos is the Reaper of those that don't pass through the EyE of Time and Space merged God and Man to be G Old

Obviously still alive, They are Archetypes of as above so below and DI and Bowie and Prince ... It Is a GREEK GREASY Bee HIVE JIVE B G TRAGEDY and the sooner u POP the more bearable the unconscious POP will be!!!!

12345 Once i caught a fish alive 678910 Then i let it Go again Two Twin Directions of the WHEEL/WIND/🔄🔃MIND... Or GONE with the WIND ♒️ AIR another one bites the DUST We can be HEROS TWO hands TWO feet Haw Waw ii 👁👁Captain 🦉 POP 👁 🎯 Through the narrow G 7 Gate to GOLD or SETH 7 8 ATE

Neverland is a ROCKY HORROR SHOW Trapped in a system run by the BEAST we are TOLD,,, It seems like there's a perfect storm brewing. 3,6,9, MARCH MAD HATTER??,...but some critics have written that the "damage to Jackson's legacy is irreversible " and that the doc will "turn you off Michael Jackson for good." Rahu/North Node and Ketu/South Node Romulus and Remus...enter Gemini/Michael where they were 18 yrs ago for 9/11 and Sagittarius/Jupiter ... Robson and Safechuck are just two people in search of fame and fortune, 6/7 March Rahu Ketu enter MJ Michael JACK'son MERCURY/JUPITER ... and MICHAEL GOES RETROGRADE 3 weeks is WHY we had the 21 777 day ritual of CLEARS SKYS past month!!!! the BLACK MOON is the Over the Tripple Goddess The Black MOON is on the Viscas Piscis after the half Moon over The BULLS eye on the 14,15,16 FEB RR Romani Ritual.... Now Black Moon is on the 3,6,9, TESSLA SPider TRAP spin....we had the 3/3 Alabama meaning 911 in Gemetria we had IRA the 6 THREE Bombs THREE Men is 6 as we pass over The Tripple EYE of the TIGER some will get stuck some will pass through...It is now unbearable to see how we are SPUN when you see through every NEWS story is connected to whats happening as above so below .....

READ SLOWLY This article there is 46/64 Catch 22 the land of SODOM and GOMORRAH that awaits us RAHU is the BLACK PRINCE Even Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed Tribe of DAN/DNA Judgment TIME His music is too pervasive and influential....."Michael Jackson’s music isn’t a meal," Wesley Morris wrote in the New York Times this week. "It’s more elemental than that. It’s the salt, pepper, olive oil and butter. His music is how you start. And the music made from that — that music is everywhere, too. Where would the cancellation begin?" The FOUR TUNE 4 Elements 322 Skull n Bones four corners continents taken over when I AM 64... A sign of this immovability: Jackson's music still gets more than 22 million streams a month on Spotify, nearly 10 years after his death, CATCH 22 The HEART 2020 Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction and 10 is X Cross OVER suing HBO for £75 million/12 in response to Leaving Neverland 's release. (That number pales in comparison to the singer's estimated annual earnings — in 2016/9 alone he earned £626 million, according to Forbes.)

626 is 266/226 Impossible Coincidences in Jewish Gematria equals: 626:

Strong's #226: 'owth (pronounced oth)

probably from 225 (in the sense of appearing); a signal (literally or figuratively), as a flag, beacon, monument, omen, prodigy, evidence, etc.:--mark, miracle, (en-)sign, token.

Gemini is the CHILDREN the TWINS the Girls and the Boys..."There were no videotapes of Michael Jackson peeing on little girls or little boys,"

The Guardian reported, there were at least 46 lawsuits against him for unpaid bills.... Zombie Irish singer dies at 46 CRANEBERRIED BRAINJUICED BEETLE JUICE when I AM 64

The slaughter of RoseMarys babies 1968/2018 50 YR CROSS OVER Ironically, death is what resurrected Jackson's/JESUS image and his music. His estate has raked in money in the decade since then, as it also allowed people to remember him as the icon he was before the allegations of abuse became public. We could select the moment in time to freeze him in our minds. "[S]ince his death, it’s been easy enough for the culture to collectively push the half-remembered allegations aside and instead simply appreciate the genius of Michael Jackson," the Philadelphia Inquirer 's Dan DeLuca wrote. What remains to be seen is if Leaving Neverland, and the general movement toward believing survivors of sexual violence at their word, will mute our nostalgia for MJ as much as his music. Related: 50 best Michael Jackson songs of all time [Stacker]

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