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Mercury Moon and Mars

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

AIR/HAIR/HARE/HEIR/ SAF/ARI SAFARI was an attempt by the French government, under the presidency of Georges Pompidou, to create a centralized database of personal data. SAFARI stands for Système Automatisé pour les Fichiers Administratifs et le Répertoire des Individus, "Automated System for Administrative Files and the Repertory of Individuals". This Yellow/Blue New UR/Craine HEAD New Year MC and Orange and White and Black album was a Major preparation into the age of the Child we enter.. 2 Peter Pan boys of 7 and 7 age of Reason TWO TWIN Boys both 7yrs Old DUB LL O7 DUTCH/Orange to GO Dutch means to ride your Freddy Mercury BI/cycle, to share the cost of something, especially a meal, equally

Diana was not a Cancer sun sign Gemini ruled by mercury and her Mercury was conjunct SON and retrOgrade as it will be for the CoronA Tie ON.. /Mercury Twins DUCH .. Dub LL Dutch ORANGE Dutch TULIPS Two Lips I like to ride my Bi Cycle ..Freddy Mercury QUEEN

.Mars Pluto Uranus and north Node on Regulus Opposite Moon Harry/Mars

Sun/Mercury Will I AM on Sirius ...

Ascendant on The MilkyWay Water MelOn GAP... KEY West East

AC ScorpiO/Sagittarius DC Gemini/Taurus

Venus on AlgOl Medusa

North Node Regulus South Node Fomalhaut

Jupiter Saturn conjunction between Sagittarius Capricorn

If you ever receive a letter or card from one of the royal households, you'd probably expect it to be quite a formal affair.

But now a royal fan has shared a snap of a Christmas card from Diana and Charles before their marriage broke down, revealing the late Princess signed the missive with her childhood nickname.

David Butler shared an image of the card on Twitter, which read: 'With lots of love from the four of us, Duch and Charles.'

Diana Charles CD/DC Descendant

Moon and Quick Silver Mercury MM

Trip LLL Goddesses and the Last phase of the Moon the darkside of the Moon

Air boys from Versailles

Funny how they wont teach the basic four seasons Corners essential common heritage, Astrology at school.. funny how they gave you outer space when there is only inner space? funny we are told that st Nick Ola is the Put/IN North when Spring West is the New year whore eyes on? the Ukraine Crane craine Ur Reigne REIN Reign .. funny we are tilted 23.5 degrees off the correct constellations signs and funny that without knowing your humour you can't know who you are... we are there four Dis can we be all 41 and 14 all if we can never reach V/5 the season??? 5th element is when the 5th season makes the Upright Star.. CC/33 Climate change is when we go from 12x30 360 to 5x72 360 According to humoralism, four bodily fluids—blood/Red Air America and yellow/Asia Fire bile, black Africa bile Earth, and phlegm/Europe White/Water —determined a person's temperament and an imbalance led to certain sicknesses dependent upon which humors were in excess or deficit. The humors were connected to celestial bodies, seasons, body parts, and stages of life

To kill The dragon means to split the Milk and Honey right left of the UK Reigne ur craine brain the Milky Way is the closing of the horse/Shore shoe Shell the Bay.. The Bay is your Jelly Fish Medusa DIA FRAME Diaphragm D'ORion Gray .. George is the Gorge throat/Valley of the waters Christos Oil and if we lose our voice we never find our 5th element UR Crane head..St martin de Tours and st George one of many parallel Archetypes, as Robin de Bois is too.. the Fertility Slayer .. Red Cape is not the true CAP

Once you are aware of the kundalini snake as self, then the path to righteousness begins, many continue to feed the snake without enlightening it, the snake is our spine and our diaphragm the meeting point of the horizon and the vertical CROSS we bear bare , its the mid point merging from gut to brain, ignited by the hearts choice, its self control and holding the spiral ready to lengthen and close as our primal breathing force and return to Aeather.. if we are true

5th element the HARP LYRA VEGA the HEAD the VOICE the GEORGE GORGE Valley of Music

There you Go Greenwich the Meridian Central Line, The VERT/ARBRE Vertebrae GREEN/WICH Snake Cut.. The Rose HEAD 5th element removed and only a BEAST/EAST is left, TO LOSE Toulouse-Lautrec TO LOSE the TRECK/TRACK all 41 and 14 All Two ARMS Two LEGS and NO HEAD 1+4 is V/5 headless STANDS 18 metres High OBVIOUSLY the Milky Way snake WHEEL is 360 degrees and HALF is 180 OPPOSITION aka 18 Meters sWORD in the sTONE Cut Off at the Head of the Wheel ...

It’s actually a piece of art by Damien Hirst that was first shown in Venice, where it stood within a classical building, and was part of a collection telling a fictional tale of an ancient shipwreck.

Looking at it in context surrounded by related art in the classical building, it looked amazing, as if it had stepped straight out of a Ray Harryhausen movie — such as Clash of the Titans or Sinbad.

The Cyclopes were a race of creatures which appeared in the 1958 mythological fantasy movie The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.

According to the artist:

“Standing at just over eighteen metres, this monumental figure is a copy of smaller bronze recovered from the wreckage. Ancient Mesopotamian demons were complex primeval creatures that exhibited elements of the human, animal and divine. Embodying a transgressive response to rigid social structures, these hybrid beings could be variously apotropaic, benign and malevolent. One theory posits that the bowl in the demon’s outstretched arm was a vessel used for collecting human blood, conforming to the contemporary perception that demons were universally destructive beings. It seems more likely that the figure served as a guardian to the home of an elite person.”

“The fluidity of the Demon’s hollow, freestanding form is testament to the Babylonian craftsmen’s remarkable dexterity. Bronzes exhibiting a high level of tin, such as this, are in evidence in the region from around 3000 BCE, by which date the lost-wax casting technique had been developed. Whilst cuneiform sources and the attestations of neighbouring Assyrian kings confirm the existence of large-scale bronze sculptures commissioned to adorn palaces and sanctuaries, few remain extant.”

3/3 GEMINI TWINS 3rd HOUSE 7/7 Two Twin Boys 7yrs old age of Eason Gemini/GG g/OLD

The Rose HEAD 5th element removed and only a Hollow EGG/AIG/L BEAST/EAST is left, TO LOSE Toulouse-Lautrec TO LOSE the TRECK/TRACK all 41 and 14 All Two ARMS Two LEGS and NO HEAD 1+4 is V/5 .......

St Patrick splitting the Snakes MilkyWay WisDOME..

Dia FRAME CUT Jelly Fish JFK

DD/44 D Day Donald Duck is not the protectOR of innocence Mother Duck is .... she always was .. StepFord wives is a planet of women that forgot to protect their children from the big bad inner wolf...

Diana and Dodie dancing under Altair Summer Triangle their arms make the joining of Winter/Summer triangles it makes a diamonde DIA/Monde .. 4x4 wheel drive a head DD/44 Range Rover, Romulus Remus, Rovers Return, Rolls Royce RR/18/18 360... Roger Rabbit 2023 yr of Water Rabbit/Lapin LA PIN PINE SPINE 322/223 Flip flop Romulus Remus .. Charles Diana CD/DC Diana Moon Goddess falls under the AC DC .. AC/DC ... A.D. CC/33 MC/IC Charles Camilla is the Spine/Penis is horizontal not vertical The rain in Spain stays mainly on the Plaine Plane Jane.. Sapin/Spain Vert Abre Nile/LINE Polaris bean stalk... follow the White Water rabbit underground and watch the Wood Dragon Grow.. 2024 yr of Wood dragon..... it's a Waltz Disney/Sidney Dance... can you C at the bottom of the deep blue CCC

DUB LL/77 angles North West Westminster Abbey.51.4994° N, 0.1273° W with ROSE Window South.. Burnt and rebuilt like Notre Dame North East 48.8530° N, 2.3499° E Notre Dame isle st Louis North East so North to West and North to East is the New Vertical Pole and West East Axis.. The ROSE/Pink Line .. 1066 Battle of Hastings Guillaume Conqueror Flood NZ Land Hastings.. The Dam fell..

The Westminster ROSE Window has 8 central petals and Notre Dame 12 petals in central ROSE the wheel opens and shuts the UM brella from 12 Notre Dame to 8 West Minister... back to the Templars Cross..

What year was the Cathedral of Notre-Dame built? Construction began in 1163 on Île de la Cité, under the reign of King Louis VII, and the cathedral was largely completed by 1345, The Templars, though relatively small in number, routinely joined other armies in key battles. They would be the force that would ram through the enemy's front lines at the beginning of a battle, or the fighters that would protect the army from the rear. They fought alongside King Louis VII of France, and King Richard I of England.[3] In addition to battles in Palestine, members of the Order also fought in the Spanish and Portuguese Reconquista.

Notre Dame 12 petals

Westminster 8 Petals

The Wheel goes from 12x30/360 to 5x72/360 The Umbrella opens and Shuts

Elizabeth Line BES Eliza Mac BES BETH Game Match and SETH

Ophiuchus Kills ScopiO Fertility Life Death Portal the AIG/L Eagle

The OWL can fly Horizontal and Vertical.. 360 degree Vision

Milky Way CUT

Closed UM BRELLA JL Pierre Paul and the Moon in the MID L dub LL/07