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May the Sex 56 Corona Thai Tie ON .. 322/223 Flip Flop Be With You

Hello Darlings,

I've just Published 3 articles, on my Site/blog, which I am STILL adding to and working on so i may prepare myself for the day and time, hopefully before the 5/6 Coronation date, it will be 56 yrs 2024 Paris Olympics since RoseMarys baby's were Born 1968 to 2024 May/5 the 6... and 56 yrs that plutO was in CETUS, the whale in the Victorian era when this New Eliza Mac BETH Line/Nile age was brought into place, by the Theosophical society the Lutherans.. These articles are PURELY for my use, so i can collect the SWARM of connections, i will be bringing to you with VideOs, when i find a way to bring my VOICE to you. My Face Book account was also taken down so i have to string my journey back together again and its a lot of work for me, I've had to cancel all my readings, those people who have been waiting since the flood and the submersion of my daughters home. Currently my VOICE is being slayed at the GEORGE GORGE/THROAT SIRIN/MERMAID loses her Song and the ALARM is SETH/BES LIZZ a BETH and SETH Game SET Match Mad Hatter CR CHI RHO Chiron's Last T REX Party Begins .. The Three Sisters TRIP LLL/777 Goddesses, replaced and the Last phase of the Moon is kept as the new Hidden Hand.. fertility Taken... Fertility God is Born, as st George kills the Milky Way Water MelON snake, Ophiuchus slays ScorpiO, so his Phoenix Altair, Summer Triangle may Meet with ORION the Winter Triangle and close us in the DIA MONDE.. Their Falcon rise instead of ScorpiO becoming the MC AIG/L EGG AIG/AIN TREE ENTRY .. ScorpiO the Eagle that carries the wisDOME again.. LiverPOOL is the THROAT GORGE and Scotland the HEAD, we lose our 5th element head at the Valley of the WATERS Throuat GORGE .. ST GEORGE St Martin de Tours St HUBERT of the HUNT separate's SPLITS the Milk and Honey in TWO Hence the Alarm before the Corona TIE ON Thai ON Coronation Street ... I've bought a SECOND brand new computer, since losing mine, in Storm Gabrielle at Pihas Rock PIC/PEAK de NICK OLA's OLE wave was struck by the META MATAD'OR ... Hopefully Ill be back with a video soon in the mean time, Please dont think you can possibly string this story toGETher from these blog articles, if you haven't been following me these past yrs.. For those of you who have, you may well see the story unfold, piece its self into one big INANNA Web of connections, PICTURE DIA FRAME the four corners reunited is the Crowning of your ability to be above the Jelly Fish Diaphragm DIA FRAME, you hold the FRAME and you take the Picture of this REEL ALI T show .. CorONation Street Soap Opera...

Here I am, trying to get back working after 6 Months away...

I did up my home and November/December all works were done in 1 Month it was very hectic. I was due to leave for New Zealand to see my daughter and Grandchildren in December, I had not seen them for 6 yrs 2017/2022/23 I had not been to new Zealand since 2016 Article on old blog here/..

This Post ill be putting on my Blog, covering from last Video Eye of the PI eYe of the Tyger here .. to Now, just after the Total solar eclipse to Coronation of Charles lll 777 LLL MM/WW Mi... Because i Cant Communicate.. below explains...

Closed OM MoMo UN brella.. Milky Way Medusa snake opens and shuts..JFK jelly fish kut Dia Frame . at the knights Templar Maltese cross...... RR/18/18 360 wheel...Romulus Remus under the Louvre She wolf is the under whirl Dome.. Rovers Return Over Rover.. Coronation Street... Victor and Corona ...VC/CV 322/223 flip flop...Only 3 corners visible of the Frame Boxing ring Pool Table Cue ... PQR codes

Man walked off with my keys Friday.. just picked them up walked away, someone saw him, once I realized my car and house keys had gone they said they saw a man take them ... waiting for optic Fibre to be installed May 4th May the Force/Fourth be with me...

The PQR code i was given to collect Optic Fibre Box was the square the last L Leg....

It seems I can NOT communicate. .. recordings jump sound speeds voice breaks just AI complete take over.. i have done everything with my technician, New everything, new micro new computer and pumped up.. but since my trip away life will never be the same im on the radar and all mermaids castrated now..The SIREN/Mermaid that screamed everyday at midday in our village was turned off, has rung everyday since WWll and stopped for the gap passage..and the Clochet/Church bell broke too, Obviously all copper has been removed and The Light/Lucifer Optic Fibre is all that remains Copper/Venus gone and Iron/Mars replaced with plastic and the Fibre optic looking glass Light installed, the little mermaids/Copper/Pisces lost her Voice/Taurus for legs/Sagittarius thighs... Virgo/Mercury voice of the child, that's the 322/223 CV/VC flip flop as Pisces falls below horizon and VirgO La Marianne rises, we have all lived this passage into a new age Dawn.. and the Coronation is the May Day Liberty Pole Circus opening, before 2024 Paris Narnia Olympics... Closure from 1968 to 2024 is 56 yrs May/5 Six/6/Sex .. life under the dome belt in the hollow egg earth .. I can't express how frustrating it is, just cause I want to be there to work and make content but I'm just not able too.. it might be internet it might be direct attacks. Gonna try in someone elses house today to see the difference, but it seems it's really just my equipment that is under attack.. my technician has done everything possible upgraded new computer new Micro etc etc etc and still I can't make videos my voice breaks and speeds up its horrendous, nor hear clients... I have far tooooo much to explain in writing but will at least try to make a blog post so people know a bit what's happening, ... I've lost all my Vibe it's just been impossible to make any progress ... I will get there... Mercury currently retrO over my ascendant in Aries and .. obviously Mars in Gemini typical..Saturn opening my 12th house where ALL my planet's are I only have 12th 6th house planet's, that is the lil mermaid.. SplashED out, l'histoire d'O/eau

The SIREN/MERMAID ALARM 23 2023 223 that went off in England yesterday

23 April st GORGE GEORGE Day .. The day the Little Mermaid MilkY way snake is silenced The VOICE the new ALARM...

The Dragon Milky Way snake slayer the Line the fertility, the O/eau Lord of the rings but he is the BOXing ring squared circeuil, Kills the Passage way through the GORGE the VOICE the V for Victory, is the Valley through her and through her Throat Deep GORGE Throat .. .. St Martin de Tours FREE Martins are 70 percent of women in a Brave New Whirl , St Nicolas, st Hubert UBER and 13th fake sign Jaques and the Mr Bean stalk all the same archytype Joker GG Green God Jolly G Giant .. the imposter is Ophiuchus, the 13th sign Ophiuchus that kills scorpiO the Snake to rise as the God of Fertility he takes her WATERS The Three sisters Trip LLL Goddesses

MeteOR Mata'D'OR The WEST End Boys WEST MINISTER New Ministry of Sound

For The Corona Tie/Thai On, 5/6 May 6th a METE'OR Shower meteor shower Aquarids is bang ON Fomalhaut true 3rd eye, as is Ruler Saturn they are conjunct.. that falls onto the Horizon, on the true King FORMLHAUT rejected by the Philosophers for the Philosophers sTONE, Aldebaran , we have METE'OR Shower RAIN REIN REIGN MATA D,OR META shower Aquarids as Venus will be on the Wand of the Mata D'OR... Although the short-period comet 1P/Halley, the most famous comet of all, will not return to the inner Solar System until 2061, THATS 2061 aka 21/6 216 Summer Solstice if you look out for some shooting stars in the pre-dawn sky courtesy of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, you might see some of the debris Halley has left behind over the eons it has orbited the Sun. The shower is named after the brightest star of the constellation, Eta Aquarii. The Eta Aquarids is one of two meteor showers created by debris from Comet Halley. The Earth passes through Halley's path around the Sun a second time in October.

HAPI APPI APP/L God of the NILE/LINE Flooding Fertility God .. Mars was on Aldebaran for the Falling of Notre DAM 2019 and 6 days later for ISHTAR EASTER day the sacrifice of my Dog HAPPY 2019 aka 216 Summer solstice flooding Mars was also on Aldebaran Nic/OLA BULLeye for the Floods in NZ 13 14 15 February VALENTINES Lupercalia Fertility Festival 2023 and for the death of the Queen, Mars was also on same spot for Date of CORONA Birthday 8/9 September Mars as Jupiter was also on the Whales Tail both MARS/JUPITER MAR/TIN went retrO and returned in 2023 for NZ Flooding..

The annual flooding of the Nile occasionally was said to be the Arrival of Hapi.[1] Since this flooding provided fertile soil in an area that was otherwise desert, Hapi symbolised fertility. He had large female breasts because he was said to bring a rich and nourishing harvest. Due to his fertile nature he was sometimes considered the "father of the gods",[1] and was considered to be a caring father who helped to maintain the balance of the cosmos, the world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system.[1] He was thought to live within a cavern at the supposed source of the Nile near Aswan.[4] The cult of Hapi was mainly located at the First Cataract named Elephantine. His priests were involved in rituals to ensure the steady levels of flow required from the annual flood. At Elephantine the official nilometer, a measuring device, was carefully monitored to predict the level of the flood, and his priests must have been intimately concerned with its monitoring. The flooding mars the NEW Z LAND .. aka the new summer solstice on the N flipped to a Z whore Izon eyes ON... NEW Z LAND is the North Polaris N/star Flip Flop

Hapi was not regarded as the god of the Nile itself but of the inundation event.[1] He was also considered a "friend of Geb", the Egyptian god of the earth,[5] and the "lord of Neper", the god of grain

We are approaching the WW May Pole Day Dance the Disco Queen D.I.S eye C.O Baal Balaine/Whale Ball Haine/N From NL Nelliee to LN Helen.. Milky Way Water Melon Fertility Trip L Goddesses Scissor Sisters 3 Waters/one hidden phase 50/Hand of the Moon Key ...Full throttle T Rex Scotty T party steam a head 4x4 wheel drive.. 4 page boys for Camilla and 4 page boys for Chi Rho, sWord in the sTone, Charles CC/33 Vert Abre Vertebrae, Spine/Pole Corona Tie ON/Suits and Thai Ribbons.. Charles 44/DD all41 and 14all.. 1+4=5/V ... Gone with the Wind Whirlpool Wind in the Willows Wombles of Wimbledon 322/223 flip flop to MM 24hr de Le Man by Man Mile by Mile Mickey Mouse..2024 Olymp"iA" May Day M'Aider...

May Day

Julia Margaret Cameron

1866 ... Same as 1968 PlutO in VirgO ROSE MARY baby and 1986 PlutO left Rose Mary Baby .. Now PlutO is in Capricorn aka EARTH last Leg 07

Victoria & Albert Museum, London

This image focuses on Cameron's house-maid, Mary Ryan, surrounded by others. It comes from Victorian Visions, an exhibition of photography mounted in 2007 at the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight, Wirral

5 Pointed star REVERSED with the Imposter at the North EAst corner...

Man CHEST on the Whore eyes ON ...

OLYMP IA/AI 1111 Whore EYES ON Breasts WHITE/WATER and Flowers FLEUR de LYSS Upright Black/EARTH ...

My Village 322/90 The Upright Pointed Star Home of the Labyrinth INNANA

Home is where the heart is Aignan d'Armagnac AA/11 Altair Summer Triangle... Altair is the brightest star in the constellation of Aquila and the twelfth-brightest star in the night sky. It has the Bayer designation Alpha Aquilae, which is Latinised from α Aquilae and abbreviated Alpha Aql or α Aql. Altair is an A-type main-sequence star with an apparent visual magnitude of 0.77 and is one of the vertices of the Summer Triangle asterism; the other two vertices are marked by Deneb and Vega.] It is located at a distance of 16.7 light-years (5.1 parsecs) from the Sun.[15]: 194 Altair is currently in the G-cloud—a nearby interstellar cloud, an accumulation of gas and dust

Once i manage to get set up, have had to buy a new computer 2nd one since losing my old one in NZ Floods, then I will be doing a Video to cover in detail my observation of my time in New Zealand until now, including living through Storm Gabrielle that submerged our home and left my daughter homeless, luckily we were saved on the night 30 mins before we were completely underwater VideO here... All this information will be in a video i hope to release soon and I will sell it on my site Accordance Community, the information is not for the general public its only for those truly able to follow my work and story ..

News Clip of Our House shown My Van i slept in, PURE was covered by water, Water went to top of 2nd floor window, we were evacuated 30 mins before house was submerged, but the N.E.W.S story came 4 days after when water had gone done slightly .. We were saved just our lives ..

Our Home the Morning after went up above my Van to top floor

Music of the PAN Flute .. APP/L Yard college 1900 Valentines Day Fertility Festival 13,14,15, InOZ the floods 13,14,15 Lupercalia Fertility Festival, The DAM broke and we were submerged at LIONS Rock where the Virgin stands on the Rock Risen.. we didn't go Missing... Four Victorian Girls dressed in White/Black and only THREE SistAs rise to the PEAK/PIC as one leg is always under the WHORE EYES ON ,The old Lady and the Mermaid/Miranda never to return, Irma returns dressed in RED no longer a VIRGIN The Cherry on the Cake the ROSE ELIZA BETH LINE .. Irma arrives to bid farewell to her classmates, who violently swarm her, demanding that she reveal what happened on the rock .. the TEMP/EAST Miranda is swept away MISSING The TriP L Goddesses 3 Sisters Miranda/Pisces falls under the Horizon (actually the PEAK Vertical PIC NIQUE at hanging ROck Capricorn/Pisces Fish Goat Gone so MER/LIon can rise in Asia..

At Appleyard College, a girls' private school near the town of Woodend in Victoria, Australia, students are getting ready on the morning of Valentine's Day, 1900. One student, an orphan named Sara, has a deep connection with her elder roommate Miranda. The school's austere headmistress, Mrs Appleyard, has arranged a picnic to a local geological formation known as Hanging Rock, accompanied by the peculiar mathematics teacher Miss Greta McCraw and the young French teacher Mademoiselle de Poitiers. Mrs Appleyard keeps Sara and jittery teacher Miss Lumley at the college.

Buggy operator Ben Hussey gets the group to Hanging Rock by mid-afternoon, where they picnic at its base. Mr Hussey notes his pocket watch has stopped at the stroke of 12, as has Miss McCraw's. With permission from Mlle. de Poitiers, Miranda and classmates Marion, Irma, and Edith decide to explore Hanging Rock. The group is soon after observed crossing a creek by a young Englishman, Michael Fitzhubert, along with Albert, his friend and coachman for the Fitzhubert family.

After exploring the rock for a while, Miranda, Marion, and Irma remove their shoes and stockings. Near the summit, seemingly under the influence of an unseen force, the four collapse and fall asleep next to a monolith. Everyone at the picnic spot is apparently asleep as well, except for Miss McCraw who looks at a geometry textbook and up at the Rock. The four awaken synchronously and, as if in a trance, all except Edith move up into a crevice. Witnessing this, Edith screams and flees down the Rock in terror.

When the party returns to the college a few hours late and hysterical, Mrs Appleyard notes that Miss McCraw is absent. Mr. Hussey explains that they all woke up to Edith's screams and, along with the three students, Miss McCraw was nowhere to be found. Sara is especially devastated by the disappearance due to her connection with Miranda. A search party conducted by the local police finds no trace of them, although Edith reveals that she witnessed Miss McCraw climbing the rock in only undergarments, as well as an odd red cloud. Michael Fitzhubert is questioned and informs that he briefly saw the schoolgirls, but can provide no clues as to their whereabouts.

Michael becomes obsessed with the mystery, deciding to conduct his own search of Hanging Rock along with Albert. After finding nothing, Michael decides to remain overnight and begins searching again the next day. He too eventually collapses, hearing bits of conversation from the picnic and having a vision of the girls going into the crevice, up to which he drags himself. Albert returns, finding Michael nearly catatonic. He gets help and Michael is carried down to a carriage. As he departs, Michael passes Albert a fragment of lace he had clenched in his hand. Albert again ascends Hanging Rock and discovers Irma unconscious but somehow alive.

Mrs Appleyard advises Miss Lumley that the mystery is devastating the school's reputation, bringing to her attention that several parents have withdrawn their children. Unrest spreads among locals about the mystery and school. At the Fitzhubert home, where Irma is treated for dehydration, a medical examination strangely shows only minor injuries. A servant girl notes that Irma's corset is missing. Irma tells the police and Mlle. de Poitiers that she has no memory of what happened.

Mrs Appleyard notifies Sara that her presence at the college is endangered, as her guardian has not been keeping up with payments or communication. Increasingly despondent due to this and her loss of Miranda, Sara reveals to a maid that she was in an orphanage with her brother before being able to come to the college through her guardian, describing how she was abused by the matron. She also tells Mlle. de Poitiers that Miranda knew she would vanish forever.

During an exercise class, Irma arrives to bid farewell to her classmates, who violently swarm her, demanding that she reveal what happened on the rock and where the missing girls are. As everyone exits crying, Mlle. de Poitiers finds Sara feeble and strapped to a posture correction board. Afterward, Miss Lumley gives notice to a drunken Mrs Appleyard that she is resigning. Mrs Appleyard goes to Sara's room that night and informs her that, as her guardian has still not paid her tuition, she will be returned to the orphanage, then weeps in her office while Sara leaves her room.

The next day, Albert reveals to Michael that he had a dream in which his lost sister, revealed to be Sara, visited him. Meanwhile, Mrs Appleyard claims that Sara's guardian came to pick her up early that morning. The students then depart for their holiday, and at dinner with Mlle. de Poitiers, an unhinged Mrs Appleyard spitefully rages about Miss McCraw and Hanging Rock. In the morning, Sara's body is found by the school gardener in a small greenhouse, apparently having plummeted into it from the school's rooftop. He goes into Mrs Appleyard's office to inform her but is rendered nearly speechless as she is in full mourning dress with her possessions packed, unresponsively staring.

During a flashback to the picnic, a police sergeant states in a voiceover that Mrs Appleyard's body was later found at the base of Hanging Rock, apparently having fallen, and that the search for Miranda, Marion, and Miss McCraw continued for several years without success, their disappearance remaining a mystery.

Salamander lizard is a symbol of FIRE Alchemy for the Corona TIE ON Andromeda In ancient Greek mythology, Andromeda was a beautiful daughter of the king Cepheus and queen Cassiopeia. When her mother bragged that Andromeda was better-looking than the famously beautiful Nereid sea nymphs, the sea god Poseidon sent his pet sea monster Cetus to destroy Cepheus' kingdom. Though they both have similar body shapes, lizards are reptiles (along with turtles, snakes, crocodiles, dinosaurs, and yes, birds) while salamanders are amphibians (along with toads, frogs and a weird and rarely seen group called caecilians)

It was said, however, that sacrificing Andromeda could save the country and its people. So, the loving parents had their daughter chained to a rock by the sea, so that the sea monster could get her easily. Fortunately, the charming prince Perseus flew past on his winged horse Pegasus and fell in love with Andromeda's beauty. He killed Cetus and married Andromeda. The two lived happily ever after.

The Victorian fort complex at Wight's western tip is home to two gun emplacements where engrossing displays reveal how the site was established in 1862, served in two world wars and then became a secret Cold War rocket-testing base. Walk to the battery along the cliffs from Alum Bay (1 mile) or hop on the open-top tourist bus that runs twice hourly between battery and bay.

The whiff of gunpowder seems to linger still at Old Battery: shells and powder kegs lie around, uniforms hang on pegs. You get to pinpoint ships' positions with the rangefinders, then scramble down an ornate spiral staircase, along an echoey 60m tunnel to a searchlight post with close-up views of the eroded cliffs.

In the 1950s the batteries staged top-secret trials of Black Knight rockets; built at East Cowes they were later used to launch Cold War surveillance satellites into space from Australia. In the tiny underground bunker at New Battery, exhibits invoke how this remote location and existing fortification proved ideal for keeping clandestine activities away from prying eyes.

THE TRIAD ... Upside down Jelly Fish DIA FRAME ...

MM/WW Way of Water

Poseidon and ALTAIR Jude Pete and Paul Rise Lucy FER

The next few Months ill be working on setting up Alchemy Accordance Community, with a Membership for all those who have had a natal reading, that will allow access to my content and to community zoom meetings Q n A and much more..

For now I've been busy trying to work again, we really have lived the flip flop these past few Months .. of the Four Corners the squaring of the circle... WE are in a new Time Line reel ALi T and the Coronation and the Paris Olympics close this journey from 2017/2024 Pier Paul JAQUES and the Bean Stalk Mr Bean MC Orion flip Flop..

Genesis 19:26 19 is 10 is 1 aka 19/ 126 is 126 621 prince willy b day Sun is on the Wand of Merlin 21/6 Summer solstice is the Jordan Pete's SON.. NILE/LINE Liberty pole . ..6x6x6 is 216 72+72+72 is 216 777/21 and 6/9 Corona began in 2019 216/9 ... 2nd house Taurus 10/1 house Capricorn and 6th house VirgO 216 is Trip LLL 111 777 Goddesses the Three Needles Waters and the last leg L/7 Plan Plomb Lead Led d'O eau ... the garden of EDEN Head/IN or Put/IN?? The flesh, the cherry the virgin the Fertility.. it is the Fruits the flowers the fleur de Lyss Lucy Fleur and guess who the Gardener is for the Corona Thai Tie On.. Men in Black.. ?? Being there Pete Sells Her Cellars Sellars the PortO BellO 10 downing street.. PlutO has entered Capricorn not Aquarius its the last Earth Sista... The dark side of the Moon.. hidden 50 hand ...

26 But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt. Vesica Piscis 37/73 eye of the tyger passage 3773/ELLE .. Hell/N .. from Nellie NL/LN .. Have you seen the otherside of the looking glass... The screen is polluted, it's gotta be completely pure intentions..don't look back... turned to Salt SEL she sells C shELLE's on the C shore...

I'm itching to explain to you, but I'm taking time to organize the story with New Zealand to the coronation cause boy oh boy it's a long story to construct to the big coronation date..Prince Williams birthday.. 21/6 6x6x6.. 3 degrees of sun 72+72+72 216 2nd house/sign Taurus 6 house/sign virgo and 10/1 House/Sign Capricorn Trip L'Goddesses merged for fourth Moon phase for hidden hand Moon Key obviously.. coronation King Charles 111 Venus on the Wand of Orion then Venus goes retro 21/6 from cancer to leo SOL O MON then Venus retro over regulus obviously 101!!! Coronation Venus will be on Wand of Mer/LIon , I've already seen it all inside out.. trying to gather info from last video 6 months ago to explain it all with NZ Land . I'll do an astrology one too just for this.. Coronation is crazy Mars in Gemini twins on Pollux aka MoMo LORD of the boxing Rings squared circle obviously, and Mercury ruler of Gemini/Pollux is retro blinded by sun conjunct SON 10th house also conjunct to Uranus and head of snake North node and Vesta and Jupiter !!!! and chiron Last ending his cycle in Pisces to Aries... Venus on Wand of Orion PlutO retro in Capricorn..FULL moon in Libra entering ScorpiO Moon bang and south node in libra ruled by Venus.. Saturn ON true third eye Formlhaut Aquarius at home on Giza .. Neptune fully in Pisces... it's so ridiculously perfect.. for crowning of MC Orion... I'll get to it soon May Day 6 May .. May the SEX be with you.. ... West Minster CC/33 Charles Camilla and Kate/ROSE Mary Tudor ROSE..

Bay of Plenty Whales Tail Tell Tale Pilot Bay PB/BP