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Today is How Wow Huawei Hawaii 05 ii Captain SAY TEN day 5/5 The NAIL CLIPPERS aka le Petite PINCE PoP CORN WALL G7 JL CUT of the claws of the CRAB Cancer KALI 69 She SeLLs C Shells on the sea Whore Bitch Beach and the HORNS of ODIN OS IRIS is at 50.2660° N, 5.0527° W aka 55 MC North and West AC Carbis Bay is CB/32 There will also be a huge police and security operation, with fencing erected in key locations. More than 5,500 55 officers and 100 is SAY TEN police dogs will be on duty in Cornwall during the summit. Its the day the LUNAR pillar is Killed and the Solar Pillar takes over when they are the JJ Jelly Fish DIA FRAME we no longer need 101 SOL o Mon guidance we can C through the Deep Blue C SCENE its all a Jolly Jude Pete n Paul Bat man Show ....

May 10 aka May Day SAY TEN /SATAN is the day the French after 8 Months are allowed cafes again cause its a Give Take game for mass narcissistic mind control … Black Moon Aries on ALGOL 11 May ... Currently JUDE PETE and PAUL aka Jupiter is in the home of SATURN he will be on FORMLHAUT the Thalamus true third eYe For G7 POP CORN HER WALL 11/13 JUNE the stone the philosophers REJECTED cause they can only count to TEN Jupiter is FIRE and ICE he is the 5 ages of FIRE SUN Pillar and the 5 ages of Water MOON Pillar aka Asia FIRE ELO Sagittarius and Europe WHITE WATER Pisces MELLOW YELLOW Melody Nelson Column is about to begin A NOUS LES PETITES ANGLAISES …. Here we have MARS on SIRIUS aka keeper of the 4 CORN HERS CYRUS OS/BONE IRIS .. SAY TEN rules the Medusa of the deep Blue C PI C Pisces PI SEAS The last V for VicTORy and SATURN rules Aquarius and Capricorn CORN WALL HER and Jupiter is currently in Aquarius on the LAMB theLAMBus Thalamus and he will retro back to CAP RI CORN ….. For G7 on the nail clippers of ODINS HORNS of the Petit PINCE CLAWS The Lunar Pillar England shall be Given to FRANCE JUDE PETER the SOLAR KING the Waters of HER shall become the Hidden FUEL aka the English Roses and ALL common wealth Lands are SOLD to the empire aka OVER ROVER… The SUN and the MOON are our SOLAR PLEXUS they rule our DIA FRAME UN the Jelly Fish Medusa is under Parental Guidance only you can make it up the ladder and OUT of the THORAX TORSO TAURUS TORUS FIELD SPIN to find your VOICE again or trapped in the FLESH FOREVER …

SATURN is NOT SAY TEN Saturn rules the 11 and 10th House the TWIN FLAME PEAKS of NASA North South America where the wheel should now GO as we find our 5th wave body member HEAD they are making the last 5 SOLAR again and killing HER the water pillar …..

Mercury the GREEN MAN ruler of Gemini where MARS sits on Sirius in Gemini the true Baphomet SATAN is on Aldebaran BULLS eYe conjunct head of snake Milky Way tip Silver GATE Lunar Pillar and Tail South Node is on Antares ISIS true Golden Gate ScorpiO … Making a semi square to PlutO in Saturn at home in Capricorn and Jupiter will be direct on the Thalamus Fomalhaut for G7 11 June … Venus at Home in Taurus making a square to Jupiter an exact 90 degree angle … THERE IS A YOD a finger of GOD pointing to the tail of the snake South Node in ScorpiO Moon conjunct Uranus in ARIES Mars rules Aries and ScorpiO on SIRIUS OS IRIS and SUN on ALGOL Medusa YOD is working between Uranus/Moon and MARS in a semi sextile and pointing to SCORPIO FINGER OF GOD/DOG ….

Jupiter will return to Capricorn BLACK making the BEE Yellow Jupiter to take HER ENGLAND CAPRICORN as HIS yup KILL the BILL is HER ENGLAND Billy Goat so to rise ASIA MERLION MERLIN … English people will be thrown out of FRANCE and the war with the eYe LANDS will begin JUPITER will DANCE until December back in Capricorn and the dance is the last DANCE for ENGLAND cause the Solar King always OWNED the PI C SEAS WATERS of the eye LANDS …. Cause JUPITER is the EMPIRE and they NEVER want you to find your INNER ISOLATED POWER SATURN again EVER they want to keep you KNEELING on your 77 90-degree angle…. CHIRON LAST ending journey in Pisces takes 47 yrs to do a cycle and this G7 is 47th obviously … ERIS aka IRIS the fake Queen they are bringing up as LA MARIANNE LUCY FER when she is your personal LIBERATOR of TYRANNY …. Last chance to STAND UP on two legs and find your HEAD EDD…..

so here is the 5/5 RITUAL spent 2 hr writing a post that FB just deleted i didn't copy it or write in word as i normally do as all my posts are deleted if not.... so much time and energy wasted cause you just cant C SEA NOTHING refused to post so ill be brief this time Yup 200 yrs cerebration of the BARE BEAR N NORTH POLARIS that the MAFFIA NAPLES N APP L POLE A LIE N

Alef Tav own the SPIN of the naked BARE BEAR M PER ROAR Mer LION LIN ... WILLY I AM WILL Willy the Conqueror ROAR aka GUILLAUME the NORMAN Got the Last LEG ANGLE ISH Covenant gang to do all the Killing for them LAST LEG SPIN of the LN AIL HAINE HELEN have a NAP sleepy BEAR N'APP L POLE LION on the LIBERTY IRIS ERIS POLE died in St Helens on an eYe Land obviously May the 5th the HIDDEN HAND is death of the LUNAR PILLAR and the SUN KING is risen as LUCY FER with LA Marianne ... Old MAC RON is OVER ROVER France and Spain is the new BULLY JUDE PETE n PAUL laughing at the IGNORANCE of humanity at how they PLAYA the BITCH .....

Note the Hidden HANDS Obviously .....

The news of the death of Napoleon on St Helena on the 5th May 1821, arrived in St Ives on July 7th. The news had been received in London on July 4th and was carried by the Morning Post on the 5th. A generation of people in West Cornwall had grown up during the series of wars between the old enemies, England and France, culminating in the Revolutionary Wars in the 1790s and then the Napoleonic Wars of 1803 to the battle of Waterloo in 1815. To them it must have seemed that the wars were now truly over.

On this Day 5th May 1821

The Death of Bonaparte

Although many of the confrontations and battles took place abroad, the wars had a considerable impact on people’s lives in Cornwall. England had been forced off the gold standard and suffered some inflation. Taxes were high and food prices rising and to survive, many men volunteered for the army; many were conscripted. Being a busy port with many employed in the fishing and coastal ships, Penzance was a likely target for the navy and when a man o’war arrived in the Bay, for example, young men in Newlyn hid in local mines to escape the naval press gang. On the other hand a naval career was very attractive to some and a local man, Pellew, became an admiral and colleague of Nelson (not to mention a major character in C.S. Forester's Hornblower series)
In and Around Penzance during Napoleonic TimesParish councils had to deal with numerous injured men trying to make their way home to West Cornwall. The deep fears of the British government that revolutionary ideas would spread from France to Britain, led to laws restricting any rights of working people. Spies were imagined everywhere, so that the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall gave instructions that anyone seen walking on the cliffs with no obvious reason, should be investigated. This may have caused some confusion, as richer people from up country, unable to holiday in France, were beginning to form the tourist industry in Cornwall.
There was a strong fear of invasion all along the south coast and Mounts Bay was surrounded by gun batteries, whose ranges overlapped and covered the entire Bay. In the event, the only French seen by the people of Penzance were on a ship coming home from the war in Spain that stopped in Mounts Bay, bringing prisoners of war. Small boats took large numbers of local people out to view these fearsome enemies from a safe distance.
By 1821, however, although the death of Napoleon marked the end of an era, it is difficult to know how notable it was for the people of West Cornwall who were suffering from the post-Napoleonic depression, as the economy tried to adjust to the change to peace. Political changes were underway through the first serious plans to do something about the rotten boroughs in Cornwall and elsewhere and the introduction of the Corn Laws. The old system of poor relief was under great strain while the improvements in health led to an increasing population. Everything seemed to be changing.
Just two months after his death, came the amazing coronation of George IV, who – despite the fact that Napoleon no longer existed – spent a fortune (or ran up tremendous debts) on a spectacular occasion, specifically designed to far outshine Napoleon’s own coronation some years earlier, even copying and improving his robes.
The long shadow of Napoleon is still with us, buildings, streets and other structures named from our success, such as Waterloo Bridge in London, and Wellington Place in Penzance, built in 1815. The houses of Parliament are lined with huge paintings of our victories, which have recently – and embarrassingly – been shown proudly to a visiting French president.

St Mars Tin Tin St Martin de Tours is st George or Ophiuchus or Odin or Osiris or the snake charmer the slayer of ISIS scorpio they kill her and use her fuel to kill you...MARTIN is Mars and Jupiter rulers of the below the belt Arse hole they are sodomites and they rule your reel ALI T Rocky horror show ... St Martin de Tour is the 13th sign Tartuffe Joker they come to harvest all the sea Men still ruled by FEAR .. the name of nurse and this bloke both Martin jokers yup it's code name .. You are being killed off yup the virus has only just began cause they want your children they don't want you they want a slow death that makes them as much money as poss...

14 Pieces of Osiris St George the Dragon Slayer is St MARTIN they TELL YOU but you are BLIND DEAF and DUMB

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