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Lunar/Solar January Eclipse

The Lunar eclipse 21st January that follows the Solar eclipse of 5th January says it all ...End of Mother Father SALT/SULPHER the Rising Sun COCK of the CREPESCULE MERCURY PETER PAN LOST BOYS.. END OF THE ADULT ...a WORLD OF CHILDREN SEX SLAVES Then Deadly Valentine 14th February we hit POP Uranus/Mars conjunct ... September 23 2019 Virgin VirgO Solstice G7 is held in 64/Biarritz!! 18 rs before was 9/11 when Saturn and Pluto were opposite in Gemini/Sagittarius now they are conjunct in Sagittarius/Sultans of SWING Rahu in Gemini TWINS Mary POP ins TWICE... ORANGE To end the age of Pisces/VirgO Europe Four TUNES Realms Labyrinth CLOSED... MicrOsoft 7 when I am 322 Skull n Bones 32 + 32 = 64 Mega Bites 32/64 in the Jack in the BOX ... 7th March Rahu and Ketu enter Gemini/Sagittarius after 007 Black moons Thats 777 Liber Lucy FER MICKEY MOUSE Jugular and Mick Jack's SON Mercury and Sagittarius is 3,6,9 Clock work Orange... URANUS/ MARS conjunction is WARS/MARS Cancer is the PEOPLE ... we are gonna be SPUN so start Spinning it your way....Look at the shape of the eclipse charts we have the Pyramid BOX 21st January Age Ender 21 we have the 3,6,9, spin The 5th and the Kiss of the ROSE/POPpy's Judas 21......Deadly Valentine is nearly here......Rose Marys Babies wipe out

21st January Lunar Eclipse

05th January Solar Eclipse

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