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Lord GraffalO The Good Life or Liberty and Glory 77 G7 LL LOL SETH SEPT 7

Updated: May 12, 2023

OMG That is a STUNT fake fall to crown the TOP CAT Tom Cruise CRISP Mer/Lion Aqua/LUNAR Man no 54 is 9/Sagittarius taking 11th door 9/11 Aquarius cause Jupiter/Empire has no AIR they make AQUA/MAN ..Solar Lunar pillars for the Full Moon Corona Thai ON Eclipse Cat on a Hot Tin Roof MERLIN MER/LION stands in Singapore.. its all marketing for subconscious programming.. a Fire Man in the Lake Solar/Lunar Pillars.. Todays MARKETING Subconscious programming is so ridiculous here TC TOP CAT Tom Cruise Tom Crisp a FIREMAN aka a POMPIER has a FAKE stunt Fall on his horse LIBERTY and GLORY in the Lake FIRE/WATER JUPITER Solar/Lunar Pillars JB/BJ Boaz Jachin during the coronation Lunar full moon Eclipse so that everyone saw the MAN/LION/CAT swimming in water the MER/LION TOP CAT what a Joke sponsored by MARS and BP/PB Paddy Bear obviously

Lucinda 'GREEN' 6 Times winner of BADMINTON Unheard off to win so many times 6/9 LG speaks to TC Top Cat who fell on LIBERTY GLORY LG/GL Seventh Seal Talking to AKA AQUAMAN!!!!

Tom Crisp rides Liberty Glory they FALL




The Seventh Seal.. 7 Beefeaters walk away South West corner North Gate never shown on the tracing BOARD.. only South West East.. .. The Grimm Reaper, TWO CORNERS and SETH/SEPT SEVEN in the MID L is DUB LL O 7 .. 777/21 the four phases of the MOON is 28 NOT 21 the trip LLL goddess and the darkside of the MOON 7th SEA/L LION MERLIN/LION in the North, Saturn at home in Aquarius North, on Fomalhaut for corona Tie On .. is Seth BES Cyrus Keeper of the four corners... Pandoras Box the DIA D'Orion gray Frame, the boxing Ring is the squared CirCeuil /Circuit/Circus/Circle... it's truly a game, not to be taken to heart, Uranus enters Taurus 2024 to 2032 then we have closure next 7 yrs, just like during WWll last time Uranus entered Taurus 84yrs ago.. and for the Black Plague harvest of the dead souls... The Seventh Seal (Swedish FLAG NORTH always one corner missing on the Masonic Tracing BOARD CHESS GAME only YOU can find your HEAD .. Last LEG CORNER.. Blue Yellow showing the merging of the cross on spring equinox blue/ yellow ur craine UK REINE and The Pute in makes the green heart gateway..Det sjunde inseglet) is a 1957 Swedish historical fantasy film written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. Set in Sweden[3][4] during the Black Death, it tells of the journey of a medieval knight (Max von Sydow) and a game of chess he plays with the personification of Death (Bengt Ekerot), who has come to take his life. Bergman developed the film from his own play Wood Painting. The title refers to a passage from the Book of Revelation, used both at the very start of the film, and again towards the end, beginning with the words "And when the Lamb had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour".[Rev. 8:1] Here, the motif of silence refers to the "silence of God", which is a major theme of the film.[5][6]

TWO CORNERS and SETH/SEPT SEVEN in the MID L is DUB LL O 7 .. 777/21 the four phases of the MOON is 28 NOT 21 the trip LLL goddess and the darkside of the MOON 7th SEAL LION MERLIN/LION

Madeleine McCann’s EYE shows the same axis as BeefEAters the Q.. PQR code MM MC CANN /TIN Life in a Tin Can Jupiter

JC John Cleese who is in fact also BC Billy Connelly he plays both roles.. Is now giving English people the right to Laugh at the Hierophant/Elephant BIG EARS in the Room CR lll 777 King .. The English will now be teased rotten as the whole show comes tumbling down the changes are going to come very fast, its a farce to pull the RUG from under the BRITISH Publics FEET all those Pompous enough to take it seriously without seeing the alchemical Musical comedy we are in Charles Corona TIE/THAI ON opened Gipsy KINGS Coronation Street is the COCKS KNEES ..

The Golden COCK Sportif EGG is Paris Olympics.. Paris is EAST Latitude... Longitude 48.8566° N, 2.3522° E London is WEST end Boys Longitude 51.5072° N, 0.1276° W West MINISTER BOHEMIAN Rhapsody the WILD is the WIND ONES the Mad hatters T REX Scotty Party .. and John Cleese is confirming this SHIFT to come here.. Miss Havisham did not Pay for PIP's education, the CONVICT financed Pips education Thats the Oeau/LIVER TWIST to come..

To the Manor Born is the unveiling of the Gangsters T Rex T Party.. CHARLIES L's ANGELS.. The O/EAU/LIver twist to take the Mary Scotts HEAD is LiverPool MAN CHESTERS FRAME is cut off at the throat before we reach the PEAK/CAP of the true 96 vibration Scotland is the true HEAD.. and she is SCorpiO WATER O/eau ... Not the OX ROSE TudOR Elizabeth Line

The queen was brought DOWN 10 downing street PortO BellO Pete Cellars/Sells HER the head is 96 true crown frequency not 69 May the SEX/6 be with you .

John Cleese in hysterics over King Charles’s Coronation - ‘It was a Monty Python sketch!’

AD/BC and John Cleese in the MID L

TOP GUN is the VOICE Passage at the GORGE GEORGE THROAT Last passage O7

50 yrs agO, 50 hidden HAND, during PlutO in VirgO 1973 The Good Life came out, a series in England, British Comedy, it showed two couples living different life styles, one couple just as this couple, chose the GL Good life and the other stuck in the Mundane whirl of the not so Good Life.. .. This weekend RC Ros Canter won badMINton during the Crowning of the Gardener CR Charles Rex CHI RHO Chirons Last the Centaur Mr Tumnus, on a horse called Lordships Graffalo LG Good Life reversed.. .. This couple that i enjoy watching as i loved The Good Life as a a child.. G7 or GL is GG/77 and 77 is the dub LL that makes the TRI ANGLE to make 777 the Element of LEAD/LED Z7 or 777 Lead to Gold.. Uranus will enter Taurus May 2024 for the Paris Olympics for 7 yrs.. and the Lamp of Narnia Mr Tumnus is LIT with Lucy's fur by his side.. PlutO is in Capricorn now for 20 yrs activating the 1968/1986 PlutO in Virgo, generations to activate their healing and holistic and DIY and gardening skills .. The Good life is the next 7 yrs 2024 to 2032 of Uranus in Taurus to make DUB LL O7 and find that Last Leg Egg through the GAP.. Last time Uranus entered Taurus was 1939 to 1947 the time people had to grow food last and the time That the Magicians Nephew Narnia was written...


This is where we are the closing of the MUTABLE cross the gap and Pandora rises to close the four corners, the CHEST holds the Breast FOUR TUNE the passage, the high priestess, White/Moon Confronts the ROSE, when fertility is taken, innocence lost, Milk taken .. The star of David, 6 pointed star above her not, the 5 star Gate ... Air/Fire/Water/EArth Merged .. gives the Golden Plasma, .. RA/THEA Aretha/Earth/Heart/Aether Franklyn Aether FranC and Lin.. all 41 and 14 all gives you the 5th element .. first we have to know it and face her... Milky Way closure Honey/Milk Pituitary/Pineal Glands.. open the EYE.. PP

LIN/Milk A condition in which abnormal cells are found in the lobules (glands that make milk) of the breast. This condition rarely becomes cancer. However, having LIN in one breast increases the risk of breast cancer in either breast. Types of LIN include atypical lobular hyperplasia and lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS). Also called lobular intraepithelial neoplasia and lobular neoplasia.

Franc/Gold/Honey franc, originally a French coin but now the monetary unit of a number of countries, notably Switzerland, most French and former Belgian overseas territories, and some African states; at one time it was also the currency of France, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The name was first applied to a gold coin minted by King John II of France in 1360, which bore on one face the Latin legend Johannes Dei gratia Francorum rex (“John, by the grace of God, king of the Franks”). Because this coin also carried the figure of the king on horseback, it was known as the franc à cheval to distinguish it from another coin of the same value later issued by Charles V of France. This latter coin was called the franc à pied because it showed the monarch on foot standing under a canopy.



MEN in BLACK MAN/ON de sources.. Man on the MOON Cat on a hot tin roof Cat Woman AniMA ANiMUS Fine young CaniBals .. 7th album when EARTH/BLACK is feminine Taurus and ScorpiO Fixed cross Water White/ScorpiO MC Taurus/Black/Earth is the new AC/DC Alternating and Direct current.. the MC/IC Aquarius/AIR/RED and LeO/Yellow/FIRE is the true AC/Aquarius/DC/LeO Put/in Ur/Craine reversed N.E.W.S North East South West.. always one leg under the Whore/Pute/izon eyes on Equinox is MC IC Vertical is the AC/DC HorMonAL Isa... wheel opens and shuts and turns and whirls from 12 to 8 through the 5 star gate...12 x 30 becomes/360 becomes 5 times 72/360 to be the 5th element.. in ZION inOZ Taurus is the new SOUTH Not North Back in BLACK ...

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