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Lilith the Weaver

LILITH is crucified sent out of EDsDEN for she dared to protect innocence .. Venus rules Libra the hidden wisdom.. and became Lucifer/Omega.. Lilith became Lucifer.. we fell from GRACE.. Gene of ISIS Genesis is the story we LIVE NOW.. and man created WombMan from the rib of Adam Stepford wives.. Free Martins.. The NEGATIVE CHARGE is eliminated so the LOST BOYS could create Dystopia Alpha OMEGA .. 007 BondAge is PP 360 RING closed in Positive/Positive Lord of the Flies is only Possible if we kill the female womb.. Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman will be the CHARGE used to pump up the volume.. wait till the women wake UP it will be too late.. our granddaughters and sons will be A sexual sterile mignons worker BEES.. The new ARMY is INDIANA/INANNA JONES .. EVE is the EVE of destruction MR and MRS JONES... INANNA is Lilith The Spider Arignee Aignan.. The Labyrinth of GRACE found.. Through the female portal out of the cave.. Charlotte the Weaver, Spinner of the WEB the true WISDOM of ALCHEMY Doorway through the womb closed.. lost ..Lots wife turned to SALT/STONE we enter the Matrix MA TRICKS OVERLAY Fake AI Positive Positive, Pete n Paul, the Live forever never EVER gang .. The Positive IRON charge ended the RH Negative Copper Female charge so PETER PAN could rule

There are 4 corners in the 360 wheel... 4 Elements 4 Corners of the Brain the labyrinth.. The Trinity is the Three crosses of the Wheel Mutable Fixed and Cardinal they are Liquid Solid or Gas, Neutron, Proton or Electron 3,6,9 or Salt Sulfur and mercury or the Father Mother and Child.. Catch 22 is the LAST CORNER 2020 The Good the bad and the Ugly meet .. Saturn Jupiter and PlutO .. The Trinity that spins our corners out of the TRAP or crucified.. at 33 .. swallowed by the SNAKE Libra/Omega Tribe of Dan/DNA SCALES in the OrusBorus ATE 8-- The 4 Beatles Microsoft 7.. 007 in Bond Age.. Europe Africa Asia and America The RING closed the NUT CRACKER ... Crane-berried at 46 Stephen Paddocked at 64 ... 32 is GRACE 23 is the DNA trap .. 2+3 is 5 the inverted crucified Flower of Life is the Philosophers sTONE the pentagram or we find the SPIRAL to Eternity, we are the Spinner and the Weavers of this TAPESTRY called Life or we are SPUN into CharLOTte CharLIES WEB or turned to SALT like Lots wife .. WOMB OVER ..

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