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Liber 777

Black Moon 7 November in Libra/Venus 7 December in ScorpiO/Mars Black Moon 7 March as Rahu moves into Gemini Twins and Ketu goes into Sagittarius Religion foreign countries, is the Liber 777 ....

Prince of WALES .. BLACK PRINCE ... Mohammed Ben Salmane, le prince noir Please PAY Attention start to JOIN DOTS Humanity!! Paris MATCH front cover today is…/Mohammed-Ben-Salmane-le-prince… HIS STORY Repeats we are STUCK on a 33 inch record of BARBERS The ENGLISH ROSES are in BIG trouble This is DEATH of the GIRL..and Birth of the FREE MARTIN .. WAKE UP Oranges are the MAFFIA symbol of DEATH... The SULTANS of Swing have put you on an island and They have waited a long time for this time...He was named after his birthplace. During his lifetime, Edward Plantagenet, eldest son and heir of England’s King Edward III, was known not as ‘the Black Prince’ but ‘Edward of Woodstock’...The sobriquet ‘Black Prince’ does not appear in written records until the 16th century, nearly two centuries after his death, though as a nickname it may date back to his lifetime.

The origin of the term is just as obscure as the date it was first used. It may stem from Edward’s habit, when jousting, of putting aside his royal coat of arms in favour of a black ‘shield for peace’ decorated with three white ostrich feathers.

Some historians believe he also wore black armour, while others have suggested that the name may have been derived from the French habit of referring to a particularly brutal commander as a ‘black boar’.

In truth, we do not know for certain. Victoria Cotton

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