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Labyrinth Black Magick Eclipse Preparation

We are ending a one month Lunar cycle that began as a black Moon on Aldebaran Bulls Eye 3rd June, Now we approach a new Black Moon cycle and its going to be in Gemini on the Dog Star Sirius, This time it will be a Solar Eclipse as we set of the new cycle of the Moon, I woke up at 4 am dreaming about the Labyrinth 🎯The Labyrinth is in my village on the Church so i wasnt surprised to see the almost Black Moon getting close (exact at 6pm tonight) to the Bulls eye Aldebaran again and Venus the ruler of Taurus also on the Cresent Tusks of Isis the Bull right now ... We are living the calm before the next storm this new eclipse 2nd July as we begin a new Lunar cycle in Gemini where the head of the Snake is, Rahu opposing Saturn/Pluto, both RetrO at the mo, next to the tail of the snake Ketu in Sagittarius... really a time to review and go over the stuff that has come up these past months, of Jupiter ruler of Sagittarius, in Scorpio.. intimate relationships and Money issues, also our constricting beLIEf programs Sagittarius, and question everything we thought we knew or be dragged further into the magicians wand as Venus will move from her home Taurus into Gemini and onto merlins wand for the 2nd July Solar eclipse and new moon ... Mars ruler of Fixed Water ScorpiO where JACK Jupiter is now retrO just entered cardinal Water Cancer so these past months of that sting will go deeper and Family and emotional stuff will go deep for the next month as mars and mercury ruler of Gemini where the eclipse and new Moon is taking place are both in Cancer... wow expect TRICKS of the mind with loved ones, some people will experience deep healing and deep communication, others will experience turmoil, depends on where you are at, but lots of family shit will come to the surface before August , Things will only get going again by the end of August, matters of the HEART right now and lots of Black magick going on to prepare for this eclipse probably why i woke up at 4 am to check out what was happening

Eclipse 2nd July

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