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Just as the ritual KILL the BILL aka Capricorn is taking place now in England... Rachel BlackMore is the International KILMORE PIE of the PIRATS ....

I should decode this film but i just dont have time darlings .... MOMO the Irish man FROZE 39 Asians because the GREEN MAN PEG IN THE LEG is at the GOLDEN GATE DAWN aka between Sagittarius and Scorpio ISIS DOOR opposite Taurus Silver gate between Gemini where MERLIN sits ... Taurus is Black and ScorpiO White where they have put the fake PEG in the LEG to stop the cycle of HER toGETher 13th sign Ophiuchus in the masculine GAP Yellow Asia/Red America … 39 is the 360 degrees of the PIE aka the WHEEL the PIE RATS are the skull n Bone MUTABLE signs ages 3 6 9 12 …. They will FREEZE you in the wheel like Leo di Vinci aka VirgO/BLACK LeO/YELLOW black yellow BEE/13 sign WHORE on the SHORE HORSE of Babylon cause VirgO can NOT swim as her opposite axis Water the FISH CAN for she sold her VOICE … In the Film International Velvet Sarah Brown the niece of VELVET BROWN aka who won the Grand National Liz Taylor in National Velvet, now goes across the ATLANTIC as MARY MAGDALENE VIRGO stands on the Rocks looking out to the Atlantic where G7 was in 64/46 department of Biarritz It’s the END of the White Black AXIS … In the film International velvet the new PIE is Born AR/RA ARIZONA PIE in TEXAS where the BULLS eYe of the two eclipses Cross overs meet 2017 to 2024 in 2024 JUPITER the JOKER is going to make LA MARIANNE aka LUCY FER RISING MOMO the new MAYPOLE MAYDAY M’AIDER Empire Paris Olympics the BLUE star Spica VirgO merges with Yellow Asia and America becomes their land Red Air .. Rachel back to BlackMORE MORE is the MID L May POLE Path that has been shifted to the new TIPPERARY TILT BLACK Rachel the BLACK SHEEP eWe is a 31yr old and Diana the White Moon Goddess LAMB died in PARIS on the 31st cause 31 is 13 31/13 aka MM Mary Magdalene the FAKE Kingdom in the film the PIE International VELVET she is shown a FINGER the MID L finger cause that’s SATURN the twin peaks they CUT IT OFF …. You are being CUT OFF from spirit KILL MORE where Blackmore is born in Ireland and Kill More is also found in Victoria OZ in ZiOn on the 144 000 latitude where PICNIC at Hanging Rock was filmed … KILMORE means to KILL the MID MOR L PATH HOME the film MORE from 1969 is about being BLINDED by the LIGHT on an eYe land Ibiza …

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