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Jazz in Marciac / Michael JACK'son MJ/JM Mercury Jupiter rulers of Mutable CROSS 42 is JACK JUPITER

Sting, les frères Jackson,... Jazz in Marciac dévoile le programme de sa 42e édition

Funny cause i used to live in the 8th in paris in Rue JEAN MERMOZ no 32 now i am here in Le Gers 32nd department State of GRACE or trapped in the Pisces Twin Fish Duality NETFLIX.... MJ is Mutable CROSS that we end NOW.....

MJ or JM Jazz in Marciac 32nd department or 23 DNA Strands MERGE 32 is the state of GRACE thats why D'Artagnan is here and the labyrinth and the Lion LEON BabyLYON Gates into the 3rd eye North star stands in Aquch the capital of the 32nd department

Michael Jackson JAZZ in MARCIAC or Mick Jagger/JUGULAR is the 322 skull n Bones Mutable CROSS that we leave PISCES into the Twin peaks NORTH ruled by SATURN

So Funny to watch LIVE as above so below ...

As you now KNOW 23 September Fall equinox we have when I AM 64 BIARRITZ G7 in 64th department That means MircrOsoft SEVEN Chakras Four Corners Labyrinth 5 petaled flower closed 4 TUNE found within or go without as we move into the 5th TWIN PEAK element from Mutable 322 Skull n Bones CROSS into Aquarius FIXED AIR masculine Cross and Capricorn Cardinal EARTH Feminine Cross we enter the merging of the Twin 23 Double DNA strands Tribe of DAN Peau d'ANE so to celebrate Marciac International Jazz concert is celebrating its 42nd edition in the 32nd department ... 32 + 32 322 is 64 and 42 is the symbol of JUPITER it is also HALF of the RAINBOW/BRAINROW... Those who dont make it through the MIRROR reflection remain trapped in 42 degrees Half of Rainbow OZ we also have 8th ORUSBORUS LOOP LOUP Diac LUPIAC edition of the 4th Horseman D'Artagnan this year PAR HAZARD bien Sur!!! to mark the closing of this age ... Stuck in the Loop or through the Mirror ....STING is playing tomorrow night and Jackson 5g B Hive also Of course ... Check out all the symbolic coding in this article 25 July is 7 and STING 15 is the number of Gemini MERCURY and Jupiter is retrO inScorpiO that is the MJ Michael Jack'SON Mercury/Jupiter rulers of Mutable Cross last Sting betrayal of JUDAS/JUPITER Flesh trap Jupiter in ScorpiO next year we have Jupiter the Good Luke sky walker Saturn the bad dark vador and PlutO the Ugly in Sagittarius another last chance to keep us trapped in the flesh before saturn the CROW takes back the reins of the TWIN PEAK Golden AGE and Jupiter the FOX will Fall

42nd Festival Obviously ..... Powercut on the 24th 42/24 through the Mirror 20/20 Saturn Jupiter conjunction 21/12/20 approaching ...

Power Cut ... Fans went dead ... No light at all up here on the hill .. so i went down to the village as obviously no phone no internet no idea where my mobile is in the dark ... lucky i had a torch handy ... Only to find it was an instant overall power cut, as the village celebrates fete de sardines sarDIGN/DJIINia EYE land of the Pie Rats home... which is like NETFLIX one two three four FIVE once i caught a fish alive end of Mutable PISCES CROSS party and STING plays for the 42nd marciac festival tomorrow 25th is 7 and 42 being the symbol for JUPITER and we are the 24th 24 is like a 42 SAME THING so i checked the stars to see what was happening and low and behold JUPITER has just made it back as he RetrO in ScorpiO to touch again the claw of the STING in ScorpiO from the Snake of Ophiuchus ... Jupiter rules desire and is currently making a trine to mars EGO in detriment in Cancer also Water like ScorpiO the Sun is in Cancer and mercury JACK's Judes Jupiters Judas's Kiss STING to SON conjunct to the SON/SUN as Jackson 5G are also playing at Marciac mercuy is also RetrO ...

Jazz in Marciac / Michael JACK'son MJ/JM Mercury Jupiter rulers of Mutable CROSS 42 is JACK JUPITER... Jupiter is Happy when mercury is in cancer as its his Jacks, favourite place to be to expansion HEAT WAVE both M and J are RETRO Sun Mars and Mercury in Cancer and the Moon is in Pisces also WATER domicile of Jupiter conjunct Eris The Liberator and Uranus is in Aries ruled by Mars as mars also rules ScorpiO

So ICE/Water Cancer Pisces and ScorpiO and FIRE ARIES and Sagittarius DESIRE/Jupiter and EGO/Mars are HOT tonight ...PlutO Saturn and South Node still retrO in sagittarius also ruled by Jupiter as Jupiter rules the SARDINES PISCES THE FISH opposite North Node in gemini ruled by Mercury MJ Michael JackSON tricks... Jupiter will begin to move forward again and trace back over Ophiuchus 11th August when the JackSONS play at Marciac... Venus and Sun will be conjunct and mars will ALL be in LEO making a square to Jupiter on that dateBabyLYON LEON ELON NOEL wants to trick us into the SOUTH door REGULUS Sphinx LEO LION DESIRE/EGO underbelt when we need to move into our 3rd Eye The LAMB Formlhaut North Star GIZA Pyramids Aquarius, Above belt HEART MIND and SOUL .....

Ophiuchus holds apart the serpent which with its mighty spirals and twisted body encircles his own, so that he may untie its knots and back that winds in loops. But, bending its supple neck, the serpent looks back and returns: and the other's hands slide over the loosened coils. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on level terms with equal powers" .

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