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JOLLY OO 77/LL Jacob Jack'Son HO HO MO MO GREEN GIANT Snakes and Ladders ... sWord in the sTONE

We are going through the narrow gateway Many will remain stuck in the Divine DAN T Comedy.... Cruci FICTION of The Shakes SPEAR sWord in the sTONE ... Its Snakes and ladder time ... To climb the DNA ladder to your FOUR TUNE ... The T of the TEMPEST is upon us NOW ....

The HIGH PRIESTESS Whore of Babylon sits between the two Pillars GATEWAY BJ Babylon/Judaism The Babylonian captivity or Babylonian exile is the period in Jewish history during which a number of people from the ancient Kingdom of Judah were captives in Babylonia. BJ Boris JohnSON and MOMO Greta


Bel-Shalti-Nanna or Bel-Shalti-Nannar, named also Ennigaldi-Nanna, was a Babylonian princess who flourished around 554 B.C.E.. She was the daughter of Nabonidus (Nabu-na'id), the last Neo-Babylonian king and ruler of the city of Ur (modern Tell el-Muqayyar, Iraq),[1][2][3][4] and sister of Belshazzar.[5] She served as a high priestess in Ur.[6] She was called the "priestess of Sin" (the god of the moon).[7]

Black and White DoubeLLe OO 77LL MOMO Black MOons in VirgO 28/9 and 28/10 BJ FAKE TWIN PEAK DNA PILLARS .... MERCURY Posing as PAN

Note the Crescent Croissant MOMO ISLAM TORAH MOON as is tonight ... of eLLe Dub Elle OO 7 Chakras hit jack Pot or its BACK to BLACK Babylon LEON ELON Lions DEN

How do you end the Last 2, 200yrs of Mutable Pisces And Mutable Virgo and herd the sheep into a new age.. How do you make the white people into His Story.. How do you get the awakened and asleep to divide completely? You create the TEMPEST Mir And a DAN T DNA Divine Comedy anything but let the people reconnect to the wheel.. alchemy your Willy WonkA Golden ticket outta here....

Shakes Spear sWord in the sTone is DAN T DNA Divine Comedy The TEMPEST

Chronos is Prospero Saturn.. we end The ages of Pisces Jupiter Jesus and Virgo Mary Magdalene Trans MUTABLE CROSS we enter the twin peak FIXED/CARDINAL merged DNA age... 21/12/2020 catch 22 death of the girl Virgo BJ Boris John Son Jupiter Judas Babylone and Judaism FALL with Greta in the mid EL even SO the high priestess of material alchemy as in Jack n Jill you fall or rise .. but you get the people to make the Humpty Dumpty smashing Pumpkins and open the doors to the new FAKE Kingdom so the people think they are hero's... fox n crow stuff flattery make the people think they won.. or we find it within... normally we become one all on our own... however we are herded to manipulate our choices.. for we the imaginative creative force make reality so we are kept in the dark spun left and right like in blind man's bluff and pushed in all directions.. so what do the PR firms do? They manipulate us they create the archytype of as above so below and make sure we are well and truly divided as a collective then they make Greta the bees knees so all the solid GONE push for climate crap change then the division bells ring and they get their problem reaction solution A Brave New Whirl.. Greta is Sweedish and Autistic.. she has brown hair like Laura ingals and represents Europe we move into a brave new whirl and it doesn't have to be that way . It is created by your stupidity to think it's real... they know we have the ability to break out of the mind control and truly live in a peaceful one whirl vibe so they give you bull shit drama.. it's all fake it's all mythology repeated the script UR is written in texts don't feed it . Anymore it's all a lie.. get up and walk away from the crap trap..

Go read the TEMPEST by MOMO Mohamed Ali SHAKES SPEAR the sWORD in the sTONE and work it out please its a divine comedy and YOU are the PAWNS ... Greta is MirANDA DNA T DANTE and The fake father is ProsperO or BabyLon Jesus BJ Bob a Blow Job Trump Boris and Macron... FEAR is the name of their game... welcome to the RIDERS on the STORM of your very own DIVINE COMEDY your thermometer is your TEMPERAMENT those who stay centered are those that make it through into the MID EL 007 MOMO double DNA strands Black Moon happening NOW ... Riders on the STORM 🐥🤓🎯♒️🤣👁♍️😂

Phi Phi pho thumb i smell the blood of an English Rose Mary's babies of the Rose Red n Rose White FIRE n ICE Scorpio ruled by Mars is Fire and Ice... Mary Poppies Popinns

LorenzO.. TEMPEST i tiddly i ti IT pom pom


Caduceus DNA MERCURY Tribe of DAN T Trans muTable Twin DNA sTrands Jack and Jill

"Fee-fi-fo-fum" is the first line of a historical quatrain (or sometimes couplet) famous for its use in the classic English fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk". The poem, as given in Joseph Jacobs' 1890 rendition, is as follows:

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive, or be he dead I'll grind his bones to make my bread.[1]

Snakes or DNA ladders ....

23/32 322 is 64 .... 23 Twin DNA sTrands 32 State f GRACE .... 33 Cruci FICTION or LifT oFF

Moon currently in BJ Borris John SON Bob a Blow Job SCORPIO where Jupiter Judas Hey Jude Judaism is for past 1 year before he hits Home in December for the final TEMPEST Sagittarius for the PARTY FARTY TIME Full blown TEMPEST Jupiter is BLACK JACK J Je SUS Jupiter and Moon kiss of Judas STING or KISS of LIFE and the SUN SON is in VirgO Mary Magdalene JILL... This is a croissant WAXING MOON just after the first MOMO Mohamed HIS LAMB new BLACK moon in Virgo MM Wind in the Willows WillyWonkA Wild is the WINd WW/MM yup WE HAVE A DOUBeLLe OO LL/77 James BOND MOMO Moon is VirgO an exceptional event this month the white and black Darkside of the MOMO MOON .... Hold on tight this is gonna be no ordinary BLOW JOB

Here we have current CROISSANT Moon in ScorpiO KISS of Judas conjunct Jupiter on the Fixed star of Mohamed Shakes Spear MOMO ANTARES Wicked Witch of the EAST WW/MM Wild is the Wind Mary Magdalene whore of Babylon but Bull Shit FAKE Arse TROLL ogy has made it into OPHIUCHUS the FAKE 13th sign HERO That fights an eternal war with the SNAKE of wisdom.. when its your DOOR OUT of the wheel into the TWIN PEAKS ...

The serpent is the WISDOM of Aquarius The water bearer who carries the jack and Jill Pail of double strand TWIN DNA DAN T on his shoulders he is no longer the herO but the MASTER of Alchemy the LAMB not HIS LAMB ISLAM but the true Mary Mary MOMO Poppins POPEYE 3rd eye ThaLAMBus opened ... The Lion lies down with the lamb ....

So tonight NOW the 1st of Mary Mary quite contrary DoubELLE 77LL Black Moons is in ScorpiO as it waxes from Virgin Virgo on the 28/9 and again on the 28/10 its next to BJ Boris Babylon Judaism Judas JEW PETER Jupiter JESUS its a LORENZO i Tiddle i Italian RED WHITE and GREEN RITUAL for those who dont see as above so below... Croissant waxing MOON next to Jupiter in ScorpiO there is No Ophiuchus he is just for the fake heros its the CRAP TRAP

UK weather forecast: Rain warnings in place as Britain braces for Hurricane Lorenzo

FAKE HERO Ophiuchus 13th sign TRAP 13 is the DOOR OUT of the wheel into the TWIN PEAKS DNA merged.....Not Flower pressed in Matter but free as a Spirit as lead to GOLD

Ophiuchus holds apart the serpent which with its mighty spirals and twisted body encircles his own, so that he may untie its knots and back that winds in loops. But, bending its supple neck, the serpent looks back and returns: and the other's hands slide over the loosened coils. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on level terms with equal powers"

Ophiuchus (⛎) (/ɒfiˈjuːkəs/) has sometimes been used in sidereal astrology as a thirteenth sign in addition to the twelve signs of the tropical Zodiac, because the eponymous constellation Ophiuchus (Greek: Οφιούχος "Serpent-bearer"), as defined by the 1930 International Astronomical Union's constellation boundaries, is situated behind the sun from November 29 to December 18.[1]

The idea appears to have originated in 1970 with Stephen Schmidt's suggestion of a 14-sign zodiac, also including Cetus as a sign. A 13-sign zodiac has been suggested by Walter Berg and by Mark Yazaki in 1995, a suggestion that achieved some popularity in Japan, where Ophiuchus is known as Hebitsukai-Za (蛇遣座 (へびつかいざ), "The Serpent Bearer").

In sidereal and tropical astrology (including sun sign astrology), a 12-sign zodiac is used based on dividing the ecliptic into 12 equal parts rather than the IAU constellation boundaries. That is, astrological signs do not correspond to the constellations which are their namesakes, particularly not in the case of the tropical system where the divisions are fixed relative to the equinox, moving relative to the constellations.

There is much debate about Ophiuchus's status as a member of the zodiac. With details about it still unknown, such as its element and its placement among the core 12 zodiac members, it is usually considered to be a pseudo-member.

Yup... Rose Red and Rose White become Red White and GREEN

BiarritZ G7 MircrOsoft when i am 64 322 mega Bits Skull n Bones ends the Holy Grail from Virgin White back to Black ISLAM His lamb.....

The Flag of Biarritz was once RED Aquarius and Black Capricorn TRUE TWIN PEAKS its now Red White and GREEN CRAP

The Jolly Green PAN MAN Climate Change CRAP is TRANS MUTATION Mercury Ruler of JACK and JILL DNA Twin Strands that Fell and broke their Crown 9/11 and Notre DAME came tumbling after

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