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here is your A LIE N QUEEN B/13· of FAKE HEAVEN ... ERIS ...

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Yup NEIL KLIMS under Whirl is being RISEN and no one has a FUCKNIN clue cause NO one can FEEL NATURE deeply enough to read the long Lost wisdom of the BREEZE here is La MARIANNE ERIS L/N HELL N AIGNE HAINE AILE/L AIGN/N here is your A LIE N QUEEN B/13· of FAKE HEAVEN The pre sexual Girl merged with the Light Bearer LUCYFER get ready gang ….

Full Moon in VirgO as we see in Lucy Fer Rising here comes ERIS aka L/N A LIE N HELEN of TROY Full Moon on SPICA the BLUE star illuminated by Arcturus the Yellow star makes the JOLLY GREEN GIANT HERO 13th sign QUEENSLAND B/13

Like Odyssey 2001 RED MARS on Aldebaran HAL as for 23 march Spring equinox Mars was on Aldebaran cause on the 25th October for Autumn equinox Andromeda/PISCES MARS/PERSEUS was in Pisces MARS Killed MOBY DICK CETEUS LEVIATHAN and the PIE RAT took HER The WHITE MOON goddess MerMaid ANDROMEDA The Nave Andromeda incident took place on 25 October 2020 in the English Channel just off the coast of the Isle of Wight

LILITH is SCORPIO when the Sun fell in Libra Lilith was replaced with the presexual girl VIRGO aka EVE and now again LUCY FER RISING Libra the scales of wisdom are being merged with Mutable CLAY EARTH VIRGO the 16yr old girl and ERIS is being Risen as ISHTAR FAKE QUEEN when SCORPIO is the true MC when merged with AIR masculine Libra again... Libra is the WASTE Kidneys SUEZ SEWERS ... Taurus is the feminie Venus VOICE This is the narrow passage into the UNDERWHIRL for those who get HARVESTED with VIRGO RECOLT

she ScorpiO is the true energy when merged back with High cardinal Libra she becomes the AIG/EGG/LEGG aka AIG/L Eagle again as she was before Sun fell in Libra, ScorpiO is KILLED so ISHTAR the Fake IS RA L replaces the last legg Pisces, you gotta dive below to get through the MIR ROAR of Narcissus Libra, all those BIT shall LIVE Libra is being merged with immature VirgO to avoid going through the dark black mirror of HER its all about toGETher

Arcturus is a fine big yellow star, easily seen if one follows down a little from the curved sweep of the Bear’s stars (the handle of The Plough, or Dipper), and one may continue the sweep down to the horizon to meet the all-important Spica, Ishtar, Queen of Heaven. The two stars are almost conjunct by longitude, leading the Arabs to see Arcturus as her protector: Al Haris al Sama, Protector of Heaven, and Al Haris al Samak, Protector of the Defenseless One.

ERIS conjunct SUN Rising MOBY DICK Cetus Leviathan MOONSTAR MONSTER MOON TSAR eYe from the underwhirl of the deep JUPITER/ZEUS/SEUZ and VENUS IN DETRIMENT in ARIES home of MARS yup here is LUCYFER RISING and mercury PAN conjunct Sun and ERIS too MOON is on Alderbaren YUP one big massive CRAP TRAP

Now for the SPRING Equinox The EVER GIVEN GREEN HERO Jolly Green GIANT of the SEWERS Underwirl SUEZ Rises as Mars is on Aldebaran In March 23 2021, the Suez Canal, one of the world's busiest trade routes, was blocked for six days after the accidental grounding of Ever Given, a Golden-class container ship. The company said that the 400-metre-long (1,300 ft) vessel had been buffeted on 23 March by strong winds, knocking it off course.

SPICA Blue star of VIRGO Harvest TES Mixed with Arcturus a fine big yellow star

BLUE SPICA and Yellow Arcturus big yellow star makes the BFG Jolly Green herO fake 13th sign To the Phantom's back the Crown is near, but by his head mark near at hand the head of Ophiuchus, and then from it you can trace the starlit Ophiuchus himself: so brightly set beneath his head appear his gleaming shoulders. They would be clear to mark even at the midmonth moon, but his hands are not at all so bright; for faint runs the gleam of stars along on this side and on that. Yet they too can be seen, for they are not feeble. Both firmly clutch the Serpent, which encircles the waist of Ophiuchus, but he, steadfast with both his feet well set, tramples a huge monster, even the Scorpion, standing upright on his eye and breast. Now the Serpent is wreathed about his two hands – a little above his right hand, but in many folds high above his left

The Nave Andromeda incident took place on 25 October 2020 in the English Channel just off the coast of the Isle of Wight following the suspected hijacking of the Liberian-flagged crude oil tanker Nave Andromeda. When the stowaways grew violent, concerns were raised for the safety of the ship's 22 crew members and military assistance was sought to bring the incident to a safe end. The maritime special forces unit, the Special Boat Service (SBS), subsequently boarded the vessel and safely detained the stowaways

In Greek mythology Andromeda is the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of ancient Ethiopia. Her mother Cassiopeia foolishly boasts that she is more beautiful than the Nereids,[3][4] a display of hubris by a human that is unacceptable to the gods. To punish the queen for her arrogance, Poseidon floods the Ethiopian coast and sends a sea monster named Cetus to ravage the kingdom's inhabitants. In desperation, King Cepheus consults the oracle of Ammon, who announces that no respite can be found until the king sacrifices his daughter, Andromeda, to the monster. She is thus chained to a rock by the sea to await her death.

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