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HAL Odyssey 2001/2019

We have had our wholes lives to get ready, right now i am ready for nothing in the exterior whirl, but my mind, body and soul is ready, this mercury RetrO in Pisces is a place that i live permanently, scary for many, but now everyone is living what i live daily... you get it, mercury retrO means STOP thinking so much, fumble in the dark and feel your heart, we are passing into not only a new age but a whole new beginning, obviously catastrophic events await us, be it natural or faked, what ever happens we will naturally be where we have to be, where we chose to be, getting ready is great but who is ever ready when the time comes?

no one is...

322/233 Skull n Bones

When I AM That I AM 46/64 3/14

I just wished my loved ones knew how lucky we are to be the chosen cross over people, people look to be happy but happiness is simply appreciation to be the ones of this time, here all of us, far from my children grandchildren and friends i no longer worry about distance, however a certain preparation is needed always, those that do know are licking their lips to see us stripped naked, helpless and terrified, that is what we need to get ready for, no more boundaries but helping your fellow man in need, we will make new families far from our own and i just want all the people i know to GNOW how humbled i am to have known my reflection through yours... we are so very lucky to all be part of this tapestry right now, My heart is so full of appreciation for all the loving gnowing ones among us, i am touched by the whole cinema of life and every soul among us

HAL Odyssey 2001/2019 is here and when the hive mind takes over we are FNUCKED its an inside job to detach we have the Cresent Moon passing over Aldebaran right NOW ...

We are at the last steps and its simply a SHOW to see who will get caught in the NETFLIX ... Its a Trap wrote this yesterday..regarding the Google doodle of yesterday, Not a good sign Cresent moon passing over Aldabaren 3 days...

WWW 30 yrs is 12/3/2019 after Alabama 3/3/2019 skull n bones flag 322/223 cross and 911 in gemetria date 333 today is also a 333 number... W is 23/32 letter... WWW is 69 .... 1969 to 2019 is 50 yr X over... MMM is 36 .... 369....

I am feeling we are really 5 mins away... to POPOV events... 30 is the cycle of Saturn and the Ministry of Jesus.. my computer won't let me FB share... so on my mobile that I never touch normally....HAL Odyssey will be fast and furious... take over....todays news stories are as creepy if not creepier than normal.

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