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Ground Control to Major TOM Chakra Third Eye BLAST OFF

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

In Order to HACK the System of AI Robot humans that follow belief programs.. Ground Control to Major TOM Chakra Third Eye BLAST OFF to TRANSMUTE the MUTABLE AGE you need Ignition Focus and Balance...

Then you are a Fixed master and a Grand master FLASH Cardinal You have free movement on the chess board you become UNTOUCHABLE when you MUTATE but you can only begin the journey with your VOICE To rise the OIL up your Jack in the bean Stalk Ladder Stairway to HEAVEN FOMALHAUT 3rd EYE into your BRAINROW RAINBOW for you are the ARC of the CONVENANT its your FLASH GOLDEN/GORDON .. We have to find our VOICE so as soon as you have something to say, BE IT become it, authentically YOU... never will our MESS AGES be more different for we are in the MESS AGE MERCURY Ruler of the 23 caduceus Twin DNA strands That make the 32nd State of GRACE electromagnetic LABYRINTH BULLS EYE EARTH/HEART VIBRATION... Your TICKET out of MATTER FLESH into SPIRIT GOLD Virgo Jill and Gemini Jack are ruled by HERMES MERCURY PAN They rule Transmutation the VAGUS nerve is in our throat the VOICE as Las Vagus separates the Twin peaks NA SA North America NA Star Fomalhaut Aquarius Fixed GIZA and South America SA Cardinal Capricorn Red/Black opposite South Star is Regulus SPHINX LEO Babylon Sol O MON Seal when you speak YOUR TRUTH we bust the system from the INSIDE OUT and we create/IMPLODE a NEW ... We BUST OUT OF THE CRAP TRAP

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