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Game of Thorns

Black Horse is Jupiter/Sagittarius Flesh Matter .. But to merge with expansion, The Horse, the rider is Saturn Spirit ... Without Bridle rider and horse become one.. They do want to merge us back with beast so we never leave the half Horse half man complex, God/Dog and CAT/TAC the horse has his spirit and so do we .. we came to be half God again as Above so below... dancing with the invisible is dancing with the stars .....

A Theory Regarding 'Game Of Thrones,' And The Lord Of Light Dani Di Placido!!! Tribe of DAN/DNA/ADN Peau d'ANE 😂🤓😎🤪😔🐥🦋 always the SAME script... I can not reduce myself to reading this my head is already so shocked by the Daily NEWS Stories ... I cant FATHOM how you can not get through the mirror at this late stage in GAME OF THORNS its all ASTROLOGY its Dark Vader and Luke Sky walker... THEY ARE NOT LORDS... DUMMIES they are the notes that get you spinning into being YOU

Luke The Lord of Light The FLIES, LUCIFER Shere Khan is about expansion and outer material Flesh and Outer SPACE he is ZEUS and he wants to keep you split that means never going through their BULL SHIT BLACK MIRROR watching it all and never, looking above as below just Right Left like Traffic warden Telliee Tubbies... join the dots, its a JUNGLE BOOK GREEK tragedy run by the Cobra Gangsters and MARIO rules this joint!! Saturn is Dark Vader/Bagheera and he is restriction and Time and your spiritual release from this Divine COMEDY ...

MID EL 11 EVEN or 10 in the X DEN/TEN

people tell me that game of Thrones and Black mirror and After Death resembles what i write about.. all stuff i would never watch because i am not gonna get into the NET flix for the age of Pisces FISH if you watch it join the dots we are TOLD but they always keep you in GOOD and BAD when they are the two sides of your TWIN DNA strands MERGE and BREAK FREE ... through the deception and as Alice did, i went through the mirror its a never ending dream... Jupiter wants to keep you worshiping LORDS of FLESH NEVEREVERLAND a TRAP ...SATURN rules Death of the Material realm and losing our FEAR of CONTRACTION you have to SHRINK like Alice did and get Big again in the authentic sense, be HUMBLE to lose arrogance and GROW WINGS its metamorphosis, that takes DEATH of the programmed you first...

to accept and LAUGH at how we have been FOOLED we came to be as a child rose bud again innocent with petals that open and close and Thorns that work to protect your ROSE BUD ARSE,, Be BUD/BUTT WISER you are kept always looking up to some HERO and fake STARS ... I am shocked at how people need TV SHIT when i am watching YOU in GAME OF THRONES daily!!! Navigators sail their own vessels to their own astronomical observations because they are the compass to the inner YOU .. You have been denied the ability to KNOW THY SELF because they put a Black Mirror a TV in front of your nose they gave you MEDIA and entertainment and you, never took the black hole through the narrow gate YOU ARE TOLD by every series Video game and film and news story you have every read... you will be shocked its child play, its Gypsy dance turned into BALLET and its simplicity turned into complex microcosm when we live in the macrocosm its ONE of the same side of the coin... The mirror is merging and those that refuse will remain FLAT like a PAN CAKE CREPE CREPESCULE is Game/Isis Match/Horus and set/SETH ... GAME OVER!!! <3

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